Virgins R Us (29 photos)

  • Mike Hunt

    #17 what the fuck is going on here?

    • Joe

      Umm…it's a guy with a dildo on his head. Just another Thurday.

    • Hunter X

      Just another fuck-head.

      • Don't Be a Douche

        This guy is a real dick head

        • Aznsupastar


      • Idiot

        i meant to down vote that

    • Fun_with_Numbrs

      it's his periscope.

    • frankandbeans

      its a serious medical condition called being a dick head. It usually results from having a position of minor power, like being a manager of a store, or even something called “middle management“ It usually clears up if said condition can result to a promotion to an execute if the promotion occurs within the first 3 years of infection. if it takes longer than that, the condition will asert itself into the spinal column of the victim making it harder and harder to remove the condition, and may even spread to the brain itself, where it can, from there become infectious on a massive scale.

    • NV Dis Dik
    • 8879

      an all Chivers post?

      • B=====D - - --- -


        • tim

          You know how I know you're gay.

    • Anomanom

      You can be a dickhead, but you're not trying as hard as this guy.

    • aussie aussie aussie

      Choda boy from Orgazmo comes to life…

    • geek

      Someone has a strange growth on thier penis.

    • JHL1

      He has the wierdest boner right now.

    • SophieWilliamz

    • SophieWilliamz


    • Nobby

      DICK HEAD 🙂

  • Jason

    As an Engineer, i giggled at #28

    • JB

      Ya because only an engineer knows that’s pi

      • Scott

        Drafters do all the work!

        • Dukeofohio

          drafters and engineers sit in an office telling masons, capenters, plumbers, electritions, and welders things that they allready know

          • Westy

            That's cause they can't read good, or do other stuff good too. Trust me, I'm a drafter.

            • Dukeofohio

              and your job can be done by a 12 year old with a ruler and a copy of the machinist handbook. unless your a u.k. trained engineer those dudes know there shit

            • Dukeofohio

              your job can be done by a 12 year old with a ruler and a coppy of the machinist handbook. (i am not a grammer nazzi but since the above implies a supeior intellect) no one reads good but many people do read well

              • A Grammar Nazi

                I don't mean to rudely interpose, and I know that you prefaced your criticism by suggesting that you aren't a "grammer nazzi," but I don't think that you should allow yourself the prerogative to correct someone else's use of the English language when you cannot differentiate between there and their, and you don't know how to spell the words copy, grammar, or Nazi.

                That is all.

                • Dukeofohio

                  just because i use the word "there" in a utilitarian manner doesnt mean that i can't differentiate the words superfluous forms. "coppy" and "nazzi' are both typos and as for "grammer" that is how the word should be spelled because that is how we say the word. the official spelling is merely academic vanity.

                  • Wark

                    Yew me a grate idea. From now on, I'll just spell however eye think is best.

                    • Wark

                      And know, I didn't want two say "Yew gave me." "Gave" is a superfluous word.

              • Westy

                Uneverseenzoolanderbro? I agree, a 12 year old could probably tell you how to do your job.

                • Dukeofohio

                  no and no

              • Baby-Steve

                I'd like to meet a 12 year old that can calculate the moment and reaction forces on a simply supported beam that has an increasing load going from the left to the right applied to it. No Asians may apply.

                • ebo

                  Fuck that, 2 span continuous with positive and negative moments…
                  And throw in the lrfd live loads…

          • Frank

            No, engineers don't tell all those people how to make things that are not code acceptable and that will ultimately fall apart and harm someone. That's the opposite of what engineers do.

            • Dukeofohio

              the most of construction errors arise from said engineers pushing tradesmen to speed up so he can get his completion bonus and the rest come from contractors, most aren't tradesmen, cutting cost by using cheap materials or hiring laborers to do tradesmen work. remember "those who can do and those who can't, well they manage"

            • Guest

              Doesn't really work because there's already someone commented under me butt….

              ^THIS (skipping a comment)

              • spook01

                stop it!

                • pinky

                  All of you are butt holes. You're welcome.

    • mrcommonsense

      "giggled"??? Really?

    • Hunter X

      Doesn't matter if it's funny or if you get it.
      Turn in your man-card for 'giggling'.

      • manilovefilmsdylan

        Right, because "man-card" is a way better term.

    • MylesofStyles

      You get "pi". You'll never get "hair pie".

    • Don

      I would have giggled too but i had already seen it before. I are not engineer though…just awesome.

      • spook01

        yes you "isn't"

  • tralfaz

    #17 is a real fuck head.

    • ohellzyea

      dick head would have been funnier.

      • tralfaz

        too easy

      • geez

        Or "This man has dick on his mind"

        • Greg

          6 points

    • LOL

      GOOD ONE

    • Dukes

      isn't that………Richard Cranium????? hehehehe

      • Greg

        2 points

  • KyleGoldstein

    #1 i was on a boat bitch

    • Brian from DC

      I think I know this guy…and I do believe that's his wife…

      • 99 Problems

        If he owns that boat, probably.

        • Bob Saget

          Pretty sure he does. That's the founder of

          • junior

            he ain't no virgin…money trumps everything

    • Yo Yo Ma

      He'll be spending time in prison. Does getting fucked in the ass by your cell-mate count as not being a virgin?

    • aleXTC

      that looks like Kim Dotcom. If that is him i bet that is one of his many many mistresses. Guys loaded he is the owner of mega video

      • Nowitzki

        for everybody who wants to know: it´s Janina Youssefian – wannabe it-girl from germany

      • Wedgism

        that is Kim and that is his wife.

  • this is me

    #28 Now, if he had wrapped it around the entire car…

  • Vanilla

    #1 Isn't this that super rich guy (Kim Dotcom??) If so, I'm pretty sure that money makes up for any lack of game with the ladies.

    • HatBomb

      He isn't so rich anymore, assets are frozen and he facing deportation to the US… I'm not sure thats him, but if it is.

      • Cat

        it is him …

    • tehehe

      and pretty sure thats the yatch the fbi took away

      • tehehe

        i miss megavideo 😦

      • Dukeofohio

        they probley took the hooker too

    • flosen_one

      and i´m pretty sure, he is also on #16.
      And btw, it wouldn´t be the first time in prison for him. Before megaupload i think he made insider dealings. That was before his name was dotcom…

    • lonin

      He's getting the wrong kind of sex now.

  • Slick_Nick

    #17 Muff Diving…you're doing it wrong

    • TitoRigatoni

      Now, mount that thing on your chin, and you can do muff diving even better…

  • ThornyDevil

    #7 He must have done that for a bet surely?

    • Surely

      Don't ask me

    • cormacmc

      And don't call me Shirley!

    • guest

      he's on a show called "king of cars" and they call him "the O" or "the ozone" haha

      • ThornyDevil

        More like 'the never gonna get laid with that hair cut" zone.

        • regina guy

          More like "highway to the danger zone" because kenny loggins.

  • morebeer

    #29 Is that a madonna video in the middle??

    • Cat


    • ROK247


    • aussie aussie aussie

      Glad you girls noticed your idol in one of the pics , now text all your girlfriends and tell them too..

  • Dan

    #7 WTF?

  • OhSomeEvil

    #22 is actually pretty badass… god damn it i'm a nerd.

    • Alex O

      rather be a nerd than a tool my friend.

    • AmBush_Steve

      I guess that makes me a retroactive virgin for liking #9.

    • Chivette

      I am a chivette and find this pretty cool, hmm… nerd?

      • OhSomeEvil

        Here is your wedding ring, lets party.

    • SolidusSnake420

      Yea that's fucking awesome hahaha

    • Nerd Chivette

      I so want one of these! Along with a Skyrim version for the PS3, and #26 I just love ❤

    • M.BuffaloSabres

      I would totally bang the guy that has that 🙂

  • AssClown

    #17 The virginity is strong in this one.

    • Fun_with_Numbrs

      He probably just said "fuck it"

      • Greg

        -2 points

    • lonin

      We got a couple of stippers for my cousin's batchelor party and they did this to him and had him fuck one of them with it like that. Fucking hilarious.

  • mike

    #19 just cracks me up

    • that guy

      that reminds me of that ground hog game with the hammer

      • Holmespump


  • kick it

    #2 has a pretty sweet collection….

    if your ears are broken and you have the taste of a eurotrash house/rave music fan.

    • @brewdub17

      No not really.. It's just a sweet collection

    • lonin

      Might be better if he didn't use mega blocks for stands.

  • jasgat66

    #21 Why dude… Why???? And a manly drink you got there

    • tralfaz

      It's the antidote for whatever happened to his face.

      • seattlegirl

        sadly this douche is probably not a virgin.

        • MattKL

          Yep, definitely a d-bag, not a virgin.

          • 6655321

            Only if you count using a roofy as foreplay.

            • Bubba

              sb shitfarted and he was down-wind…and the little beard looks like a talking pussy!

    • AndreLei

      Photoshop dude… Photoshop!!!!

  • Ruzz

    #7 Chaz Bono?

    • cubanitagirl


    • Greg

      13 points

    • Whyuhavefaceframe?

      Hair style created to reduce after effects of swirlies and comfort the application of same.

  • roadkill

    #21 looks shitfaced lol

    • Greg

      9 points

  • jim

    #27 challenge accepted…

    • mattgn

      prince of darkness….white socks

    • Guest

      I assumed the cat was the Lord of Darkness and the kid with glasses his masseuse

  • Randyyy

    #19 Oscar the grouch

    • Oscar

      Shut up bitch I live in a fucking trash can!

  • sdawson22

    #17, look a cock on a cock!

  • jrey81

    I always laugh when i see #5. I was totally unprepared for #17 wtf!!!

  • _ThisGuy_

    #22 I'm not even into games, but that is pretty damn cool.

  • echogeo

    Just don't take out any fellow employees someday when you finally snap.

  • I Am Ginger

    I bet #3 gets laid all the time…that shirt is awesome!

    • bunedoggle

      #14 same dude?

    • the other OTHER Jen

      his arms look like ET arms.

    • No Way

      Thanks! And I do!

  • seventx7

    I’ve got a pi tattoo and a ’10 Mazda 3 so number 28 made me laugh too. And us engineers need to band together. One day we will rule the world. Oh… wait… we already do.

    • Hunter X

      wouldn't that be….'slide-rule' the world?

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