Virgins R Us (29 photos)

  • T

    If 14 is authentic, that dude has won life!

  • TokyoREW

    #8 is, I imagine, a serious MasterBaker.

  • Anonymous

    Bwp’punjab pakistan

  • Danny

    14 is, I saw it in a post the other day. Its made of colored duct tape. It’s wild, but you know there were no bikini-clad girls helping him make sure it looked good that’s for sure

  • Murray

    If you were as rich as kim Dotcom (picture 1) you'll get as much pussy as you want. Bitches love money.

  • stumeister

    Seen bigger arms on a clock! But agreed that shirt is pretty sweet

  • WolfmanJack

    Haha! I don’t care what u say #26 is awesome!

  • Franklin1138

    #3, #9, #22 and #26 are actually pretty cool. That Master Chief vignette is fucking awesome…sure it's nerdy, but that's real craftsmanship.

  • :)......

    #12 gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Johnny LaRue

    #17 looks like a real dickhead

  • Mr McGibblets

    #21 Is that you Tony Robbins?

  • Madi

    #26 is hell awesome!!! I wish my room looked that awesome…

  • farthead

    slanging whips

  • markkens

    The Lord of Darkness wears white gym socks

    My fears have dwindled

  • Roland

    #17 Haha…it's a dick head.

  • SophieWilliamz

    my video

  • m ix ed

    oh,My best frie'nd ,she just has announced her wedding with am'illionair'e young man! They met via Mix ed ‘Sin gle.’.COMit is the largest and best club for wealthy people and their admirers to chat online. …you don’t have to be rich there ,but you may meet one!

  • Dustin

    #27 only weakness….vagina

  • derp

    Sadly, this guy probably has sex with quite a few women because women seem to like douchey attitudes looks, personalty etc.

  • jmjazzy

    all that time spent strategically placing all of that stuff to spell something out and the MATH is wrong! sucks…

  • scott

    Kim Dotcom…world famous in New Zealand – for having the FBI smash the door down of his (leased) mansion and for being a major egg!! well done Chive

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