Brand tattoos: It seemed like a good idea never (30 Photos)

  • fred

    media's effect on the weak

    • http://what Holden McCock

      RIGHT, Fred says! GD FOOLS! Just think about the shortsightedness of, say, that sorry excuse for a man …. the. Complete MORON with Ronald Effing McDonald on his back …. for the REST OF HIS LIFE!!!!!!!

  • Brian

    Hahahahahahaha ronald mc donald. What a dumbass

  • MattKL

    I don't want to live on this planet any more.

  • Tom


    is that their belly button or their butthole?

  • blah

    #21….that’s rob dyrdek

  • Jace

    25 is actually nice

    • Wili

      sabrialcruz on September 19, 2011 have anyone of you tried GETFREENEOPOINTS(dot)COM? it works pletrcfey fine here. I got 10,000 neopoints roughly in 10 minutes.

  • iiina

    my ex got #16 with some friends. I facepalmed so hard my forehead hurt for weeks.

    • Skip

      What is that logo?

  • thetech2

    heres to the rebels baaahaaahaaa heres to the falling in the social click not ever really owning anything you pay for track everything i do every second of the day and charge me way too much for it rebels i am weak must do what everyone else is doing rebels …..heres to ya

  • iris

    #26 oh Synyster Gates I’d still do you

  • Joe

    I know #24. She’s a total smokeshow, I’d still do her.

  • Charlie

    #17 Hahahaha the irony

  • nothanks

    Syn ❤

  • Duds

    #10 is a Ref to The Last Unicorn. “The red bull drove them all into the sea”

  • M&M


  • PrplBlckBear

    The tattoo of Snow White is actually really nice. I think it's well done. The rest are just uuuuugh…….except the girl who tattooed GoogleIt on her fingers. That's at least a little cool and tolerable. : /

  • steve

    #26 is the lead guitarist for avenged sevenfold…

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  • DaveF

    Gotta admit some of those Google tattoos looked alright. Gonna be difficult to explain to the grandkids, if there's no google anymore, though.

    Also, #21 I'm pretty sure that's Rob Dyrdek, and has massive sponsorship deals with Monster Energy and D.C. Shoes, so he's making more than you or I will make in a lifetime (again) just from those tats.

  • Boon

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  • boogie

    hahah I know #4.. his names Josh

  • Mythos

    #17 Apple fanboys 'n' girls: That's right, you're a unique individual, just like eeeeveryyone else.

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