Cartoon girls and their real-life counterparts by Ryan Astamendi (25 Photos)

Via Ryanastamendi

  • Tyler

    #23 love dat ass

  • jrh

    You need to find the girl from El Delrado!

    • Some guy

      That's a Dreamworks movie! But I agree, Chel is hot!

  • William Teach

    #18 I never realized Tinkerbell had that big a rack.

  • Doddy

    Where can I buy a print of Jessica Rabbit?

  • Ned Plimpton

    #10 I'd like to poke her hauntus!

  • bkfrijoles

    #11 HOT!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Am I bad for wanting a tink and Jessica rabbit 3 way now

  • Muffin

    #13-sleeping beauty is actually called Aurora in the Disney videos not sleeping beauty

  • Stephen

    #10 and #11 hands down!!!!

  • Sausage_King_Of_Chicago

    Live me some Jessica Rabbit…cartoon or real life. Geez!!!

  • Anonymous

    How much touching up did Jessica rabbit need jeezus

  • UGTP

    #23 ohh my ah-god… gorgeous.

  • Moar!

    I'm sorry, but this is a far better Rapunzel

    • MonkeyMadness

      I'm sorry, but you're wrong. No offense to the girl in your pic, she's cute but she doesn't compare.

  • Jester

    This gives me the weirdest childhood nostalgia boner ever

  • Anonymous

    #13 Sleeping Beauty’s name is Princess Aurora. Kinda ashamed I know that.

  • @MOLA1

    #16 Wow. Pocahontas could get it.

    • @MOLA1

      #11 lol my bad.

  • CP7

    #18…. this is every little boys disney fantasy…

  • PoppaFlax

    Now I feel like a Pedo Bear

  • UGTP

    #2 Pretty sure with those eyes i would just float to the top of the castle mesmorized.. no need for the hair..

  • Anomanom

    #2 looks like Billie Piper in that shot.

  • DeepestBlue2

    The only one that bothers me is Aurora. She’s supposed to be 16. As beautiful as Princess is, she doesn’t pull off 16 or even close to it. On the other hand I’m blown away by how gorgeous Pocahontas and Princess Jasmine both are.

  • JoelGuyPersonMan

    12 her name is aurora

  • @danieljillm

    #24 Hair the wrong color…sorry but you just can't be my Jessica Rabbit

  • Lauren

    #8 #11 #15 beautiful! i love princess stuff this made my day thank you chive 🙂

  • Craigery

    All beautiful, and all good matches.

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