Cartoon girls and their real-life counterparts by Ryan Astamendi (25 Photos)

Via Ryanastamendi

  • Alarkin

    I just have to correct #13, the princess's name in Sleeping Beauty is Princess Aurora, not Princess. Other than that, these ladies are beautiful. Although I didn't realize Jessica Rabbit was a Disney Princess, I'm sure is was just a boner… I mean bonus!

    • Jake

      That’s not what they meant though, the model’s name is princess.

    • Kristi

      No the model’s name is Princess. They are calling sleeping beauty “sleeping beauty”, not “princess”

    • Adam

      Go back to uploading child porn, you creep.

  • http://chive tre

    Ok ahere the hell is ariel??? That would be fun

  • Thomas

    #24 I have Jessica tattoed on my left arm. Could I also have a model that can be her there too??

  • lifesablessing

    Ohhhemmmgeee, can Jessica rabbit please step foot in my life!!!!<3 ahhhhh

  • vajayjaypunisher

    wow photoshop is amazing

  • Cartoon Girls In Real Life « GameFOB

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  • Samantha

    Sleeping Beauty = Aurora

  • jerky

    Bring me Snow White PLEASE
    #6 #7 #8

  • Maynard B.

    Hello! Where's the Little Mermaid?

  • Rick

    #10 Wow!!! #24 who hasnt fapped to her as a kid

  • Jala Meladuro

    I think cartoon Rapunzel is way more cuter than model Rapunzel.. Just sayin’ and where in the heck is Ariel, Cinderella and Princess Tatiana???? Jessica Rabbit doesn’t belong here although she looks awesome!

  • Kris


  • j22

    sooo. cosplay.

  • 13rit_tiny

    This is so cool! Love it! Moar?

  • Dave

    #1 and #7. This is my post, Ive always had a thing for cartoon chicks, the wife just doesnt understand until I show her this post.

  • MrsPatrickBateman

    Princess Sleeping Beauty does have a name, it's Aurora. I know I'm a nerd.

  • Simon

    I think I may have a new fetish!

  • Twigfinger

    Holy Sh*t #10………

  • Robert

    #16 dream girl nuf said

  • Possum

    No derpina?

  • Kat

    Sleeping Beauty's name is Aurora. Just sayin.

  • Ricky

    #23 I could so whack off to this!!!

  • Kris

    sleeping beauty has 2 names, Aurora and Briar Rose

  • Russian47

    My dreams have been realized!

  • Anonymous

    Sarah Jessica Parker as donkey from shrek?

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