Cartoon girls and their real-life counterparts by Ryan Astamendi (25 Photos)

Via Ryanastamendi

  • Jawbone

    #4 You found a perfect match for Donkeyface.

  • tagbadger

    #23 Love it! I remember people on here a long while ago discussing who could pull off the Jessica Rabbit look, and I replied with this. Good to see it coming back. Awesome photography.

  • Chode

    Well I can see why he shot her with a closed-mouth smile…

    #3 #4

  • I_Would_plow_obama

    Uhhh #13 is named Princess Aurora, not Sleeping Beauty

    • king

      Uhhh pretty sure they’re not referring to the cartoon princesses name. The models name is princess. No one cares about the details of Disney princesses.

  • Mikey

    Pretty sure that half these girls are porn stars.

    • Millisecond420

      Names to back this claim?

  • philip

    Courtney Black you rock as jessica rabbit!! Love you girl 😉

  • Millisecond420

    Watching movies with my kids will just never be the same again.

  • PartyPooper

    FYI: While the rest appear as though the models were photographed in-costume for their characters, #23 is NOT a photo of Courtney as Jessica Rabbit – it's his 'real life' illustration of Jessica circa 2009. #24 is the only photo of Courtney. I knew I saw that one before!

  • Natalie Ann

    #23 holy wow. I love jessica and this woman is a pretty spot-on likeness. hot damn!

  • David

    Wow this guy is amazing

  • perfectedpixel

    Wow! Those are the amazing photos! The Jessica Rabbit is sooooo freaking sexy!

  • perfectedpixel

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  • Jawbone

    #4 GOD!!!! Never show the donkey teeth and you're golden!

  • Leslie

    You people are dumbasses. Yes, sleeping beauty is princess aurora. We get that. However, the model's name is Princess. Obviously, they listed the models name, and then who she was modeling as right beside it, on every picture. Princess-Sleeping Beauty.

  • Jacqui Marri Burns

    Just so you know – "Sleeping Beauty"'s real name is actually Aurora.

  • commander cool

    i find it hilarious that he used a hispanic for snow white, and a man for jessica rabbit

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