Don’t forget to submit those college gems

  • kimmeMOAR


  • Fishy Rick

    South Harmon Institute of Technology!!!!!!!!

  • Danski

    is he wearing a kilt?

  • derp

    Ron Paul

    • Jimmy Page

      ain't gonna win.

  • Garrett

    Yes it’s a kilt and this is Michigan State University. Go Green!

  • Paula_

    All right you lazy fucks:

    <img src=""&gt;
    – the one you love to hate

    • Beau Nerr

      You make me hard
      You make me wet
      You make me wonder

  • Pew T Pants

    Eye Just pewpted mt pant, shorts, couch, mom's floor

  • Dodd Litcoor

    Hay, That's not me licking that dog, even though it's usually me licking a dog's orrifices.

    • Larry Carlifoalian

      Dogs are hairy, try licking a pussy (Cat Saturday) aka Caturday. poop.

  • Cat Thingy

    Dog Sunday, you creepy cat lover! Cats have hair(y)balls.

  • Pew P Pantz

    You people are weird-ass fucks…you shood go aye way soon before we cry aboot stuf…no, not the racist stuf…poo in my underares, but my miommy shouts ;'em out! SHOUT IT OOT! poopy poiuytrewazsxcvbnm

  • J

    Somebody should tell that first guy that he is taking home a mutt.. I heard she is a real bitch too

  • ben

    Isn’t this what is for? Time to move on people.

  • Megs Really, you’re comparing that to the chive? Don’t be silly,Chive wins, hands hands down.

  • Lame

    I love Chive, but if you have to keep reminding people to send in "college" pics, maybe that's a sign that people aren't very interested? I suspect that while many of your older readers look back fondly on their college years, most don't give a shit about lame picks of college kids bonging beers, playing shot battleship, etc…LAME.

    • Julio Juan


    • RHIT

      its called battle shots….

  • flio

    I've never seen this many people making out at a college party, sure this isn't a middle school party?

  • Sophiewilliamz

  • yty

    I don't want to be offensive here, but she looks like dog!

  • @shamslive

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  • lemonDorito

    That poor dog….he's thinkin` "Get off me dog breath!!"

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