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    boom headshot

  • Underbaker
  • joe chiver

    30 second ad for 20 second video. Rad.

    • Der_Joe

      exactly my thought too

  • Rusty

    Facial La Fleur!!

  • MoCo

    These ads suck, they need to go

    • adskis suckskis

      I agree, waste of time

      • Pete

        I don't hate ads in general. Hey, the Chive needs to be funded somehow, and not everyone is going to buy Tees.

        But yeah, 30 second adverts suck ass.

    • Lol

      Get an iPad, no ads

  • Old Timer

    Idiots, a water balloon of that size with such velocity could have done a serious injury.

    • ralf davis

      every party has a pooper thats why we invited you! party pooper, party pooper

  • Vic

    ^totally agree….. Doooooshbags! Could have easily ruptured here eardrum if hit her right. Ive seen it happen. Too bad the video didn't continue with her brother or BF kicking the shit out of all three of them.

    • Vic

      *all four of them

  • Otter

    First I thought "That looks like a bottle, not a balloon" then it hit and water went red and I gasped. I realize it was from the headlights, but still.

  • GuinessHangover

    *Advertisement. Comment will resume in 20…19…18… forgot what I was going to say…

  • dong

    i wana kick their punk ass.

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  • guest

    So not funny!! Those brain dead's could've really hurt someone. That you think it's funny says what level you live on.

  • chronic

    hillarious!! only woulda been better if it was filled with mustard

  • http://Thechive.com Luke

    ^^Pshhh, i thought it was pretty funny actually. And im on level: chive.

  • DC22


  • Beeneverywhere

    Only an asshole would do things like that. Deriving pleasure from causing injury or mayhem to others is sociopathic.

  • Crispy

    I really liked the video, but at least do it to a friend. Not some random girl. Hitting girls with water balloons was never good. Not in 4th grade, not now.

  • thejoegrosso

    That girl was probably a ho… she needed a good water ballooning…

    • thejoegrosso

      I base that assumption on absolutely nothing. I was able to come to this conclusion, however, with a simple calculation. Girls + College = Ho. So as you can see one can come to a guesstimate by simply following the the equation above confidently assume that they will be somewhat correct.

      • Smart ass

        Your logic is flawed, clearly your first premiss was girls (plural), however, your conclusion was Ho (singular), for for your logic to work in this situation the aforementioned water balloon would have had to hit all of the girls in college simultaneously in the head. And that, i would laugh at.

    • chief


  • Caleb

    lmao I dont have to deal with ads

  • Haha

    Hahaha I hope it broke her neck!

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