• zthorns

    Find her!!!… (girl in red)

  • FuBaR

    That was the best flash mod that I've ever seen thats for sure, Someones gotta make a show out of this, surprising amateur teams to make theirs lives

  • Cardgunner

    That was awesome. Well done. I'm going to go and but me some Bud!

  • Zach

    We were promised jetpacks "keeping warm"….spectacular song for this video

  • Rockets

    One more reason why I don't drink that horse piss Miller Lite. Budweiser is mmmm mmmm good!

  • Danielle

    I loved that!

  • Anonymous

    True , true

  • mike

    SO sick haha what a great way to make people smile, literally was watching with a smile the whole time

  • EffinMatty

    Definitely had a man tear on this one. What an awesome thing to do! Happy Friday everyone!!!

  • Vicster915

    wheres the like button

  • theloudestchisel

    Seems I got dust or something in my eye.

  • Buckapottamus

    How do I get them to my softball games?!

  • Jason


  • joann

    I just teared up to a Budwiser commerical .__.

  • Tori.Is.Thee.Bestest

    Sooooo what you're telling me is that this was an advertisement for Budwiser, right?

  • Sisco


  • Thomas

    Check this out:

    Improve Everywhere did the same some years ago:

  • Ian

    Ugh…. That was fuckn awesome

  • Yoyoma

    THAT would make for the best Super Bowl commercial ever. That is all.

  • Da Sandman

    even in an awesome moment like this, STILL two of these guys have a reason to start fighting… you completely ruined this beautiful moment… you suck, america

    • Tom Brown

      If you pay close attention to the beginning its in Ontario which is Canada….and no matter what its hockey someone is going to fight…its a part of the game

  • DC22

    chills all over….that was awesome of those people to come out like that. best vid I've seen in a long while!

  • WantaBeee

    Loved it ! What a way to show community spirit and and make a bunch of guys get a"rush" of what it must be like in the NHL . Way to go to ALL 🙂

  • Alexis

    I'm so upset that was a Budweiser commercial…Still amazing

  • randomhero

    Absolutely amazing.

  • Anonymous

    This should have been a super bowl commercial

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