Friday Dopamine Dump (45 photos)

  • Matt

    #27 Moar

    • KingAnon


    • ebaum

      Yep, hot as fuck…and I'm not even into blondes-

    • Jason

      FYI, NSFW

  • pnpking_


  • AssClown

    Look at me! I can count to potato!

    • BurnEm

      I can't stop laughing…

    • Grodon

      it's potatoe silly

    • Kodos

      typical LA Kings player

  • Guse

    #18 Hot even then.

  • ballend82

    Jesus break dancing is epic.

  • QuantuM

    #34 ummmmm yes please

    • eB ReAL

      I'll just say what everyone's thinking…I'd like to slide my penis right in the center of all that…good night & good luck out there in Chive land-

    • tadamm

      Photoshop to the rescue!!!

  • BOFP

    Happy African Americans for Barrack Obama day everybody. If you're African American please goto and register to vote for Obama. Thank you and have a nice day.

    • Gord

      Does that mean I have to vote for the white candidate, because I'm white?

      Nahh, I'll do it because Barack seems to think the indefinite detention of Americans is A-OK!

      • Final

        I have read the acts of Gord. The Gord would smite the BOFP., Gord why hast though let us down so low?

    • DeBoh

      Ron Paul All the Way Mo Fo's

      • chronic

        yessir! Ron Paul ftw

        • thrillho

          That would be so awesome, but alas I don't think it will ever happen. That man makes more sense that the last 10 presidents combined.

          • dedubs

            Ron Paul's toughest challenge is getting the support of the republican establishment and winning the primary. Be sure to vote for him in the primary, some states require you register as a republican 30 days before it!

            • ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮

              Ron Paul's toughest challenge is that he's a freaking nutjob that wants to turn the clock back to the Articles of Confederation and thinks that the Almighty Invisible Hand of Teh Free Marketz is always right every time always. Other than that he's pretty cool. I do like his position on drugs.

              • dedubs

                LOL I don't think wanting to repeal one amendment and having sound money equates to wanting to return to the Articles of Confederation. And it is no coincidence that historically the US has been more capitalistic than other countries and also more successful.

      • Diet_Pepsi

        Barack Obama is half white and Black. People forget that and we'll never have a black president.

    • newscot

      No politics on the Chive please.

      • (A)

        ok yeah lets not discuss politics and remain uneducated and dis-informed as fuck. cock bite

    • Althing79

      That's RAAAAAY-CIST!

    • Eddie

      i think you meant to say "if you're gonna vote for Barack, do the nation a favor and go hang yourself!" Actually, "shoot yourself, that way another person can be responsible for cleaning up your mess, thats the Obama way!"

      If that is what you meant, then I agree.

      • Boomer

        Didn't he take over a mess left behind by the previous prez? The shit happened months before Obama was even ellected

    • Eric

      Are you the same nuckelhead that keeps saying that the chive is Raicest? Take it somewhere else!

    • Poontangler

      Is it true that once you vote for Obama, you're a single mother?

  • skeeter

    suddenly i am very thirsty!! #14

    • chronic

      i actually prefer sailor jerrys

      • BentWrenches

        I'll take a single Malt,neat, over Jack Daniels any day.

    • JYD

      Anyone else notice that's not Jack Daniels in the glasses?

      • chronic

        Rum and cokes my friend

        • @tonytouch24kt

          Rum and cokes would be the worst Jack drink ever.

          • Johnny K.

            I'm pretty sure they would be Jack and Coke…

    • chicago

      if "theChive" was printed on rocks glasses I'd buy a set. but noooo they print on the typical session-beer glass instead. need a new set rocks chive -step it up.

      drink to this: 3 count of each; jack d, coke classic, bc 151 rum. you are welcome.

    • tapsnapornap

      No doubt, and somehow #13 is so fail…

  • Hey!

    Thumbs up if you like this!

  • Derp

    Thumb me down. First!

    • chronic


  • kkgolfer

    #9 No

  • EhMountie

    #11 Hahahahahahahaha!

  • Talon


    You think this old man wants a round house kick to the face while I'm wearing THESE bad boys?!?

    • rando


    • mittens

      forget about it!!!

    • Del

      Looks like Cody Zeller…. IU

    • Poontangler

      What a fucking freak! Who wears jean shorts at that age?

  • Yaboisteezin

    #34 dear god……

    • ebaum

      They friendzoned all the guys at the party before making out with each other-

    • CjNut

      you spelled Penthouse wrong

  • chronic

    #21 someone had the munchies!! looks dank

    • CowboyAdam

      I want one of those so bad!

    • Not a fan

      Inmate recipe on lockup raw

  • The Truth

    I would give #18 this #20 Please Find MOAR!!!! of #25

  • Simon


    • Leonel_LyL

      Racy like in a race? We should all run a race, like a 30 kilometer one… Actually, i'm too out of shape to run a 30k. How about we jog to out nearest convenience store and buy a movie of people running? You know what,.. the nearest store is too far. Fine, we'll all carpool to the nearest store and get dinner on the way back. Chinese. Then we'll talk about how fat we all are.

      • Johnny K.

        I have Netflix and pizza pockets… The car is just too far…

        • Leonel_LyL

          We just got Netflix here in Mexico… Not sure if it's worth it.

  • Nate Woodard

    #27 Now that is a smile I'd love to grow old with.

    • eB ReAL

      I hope that's not your pick up line son…

      • Toille

        Didn't know Ron Swanson scrolled the DAR ^^^^^^^

    • lonin

      The tits are pretty awesome too.

  • Maberham

    #10 Spends 5 days and nights in room fapping.

  • brad

    #27 moar.. and where is #30

  • cormacmc

    Does anyone know if there is a UFC fight this weekend? I haven't seen any 3/4 page animated advertisements anywhere.

    • Leo

      So sorry for the free content you are enjoying after you leave the homepage. Do you have NBC's phone number while you're at it? I was watching The Office last night and they kept interrupting the show with these commercial things.

      • boredatwork

        So does that mean there is or isn't a UFC fight this weekend?

    • The_Dood

      What the fuck are you talking about? You must be one of those people still using IE…

  • ChicO85T

    #17 looks relaxing

  • waaaa

    charizard… use to be the tits

  • aciekay

    #21 waaant!

    • j22


      • uihg

        creepy fuck.

    • BloodScrubber

      Would be a rainbow of taste in your mouth! Four hours later….not so much. xD

  • Humphrey

    #34 Mother of God!

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