Get a beer, it’s time to reminisce about your childhood (35 Photos)

  • etcrr

    #11 Coleco Football was the brand I had it was a blast to play

    • gometsgo

      taught me to lick 9volt batteries

  • Brian


    • Everclear

      Stussy, bitch.

    • dashete

      Stared at it for a few minutes, then clicked.
      Have about nine doodled next to me now.

    • Doingitright

      Are you sure it does not spell DAR

    • @mattclafever

      Our school made us stop drawing these because they thought that we were making a gang sign with it. I miss drawing the chains of these πŸ˜€

    • DeBoh


      • beegirl

        I still draw these when Im on hold on the phone at work…Im 35. Good times.

    • Specialized

      I drew thousands of these.. Good times.

    • Underbaker

      I'll admit I had no clue what you guys were talking about until a friend at work showed me you are suppose to add lines to make a letter.
      / \
      l l\l
      \ \
      l\l l
      \ /

      • Dirty Dingus

        Still don't get it.

      • mctrippa

        You're doing it wrong.

        • Underbaker

          Then could you show me how to do it right?

          • mctrippa

    • JohnnyDrama

      This has been around wayyyyyyy longer than the 90's. I was drawing that in the 70's.

      • Just Sayin'

        Don't fret hipster, people have been drawing the letter S way before the 70s…

    • Brian

      What a nicccccce letter you have there *boom*

    • tsam waters

      omg haha i remember this

    • Muadieb

      Really hot girl that sits in front of me in my IT 450 class had one of these written in her notebook the other day. It was epic.

  • Niclas


    • BiGGyT

      so close, try again.

  • AJ

    #12, played some pretty hardcore dunk contests on these, “I’m Shawn Kemp!”

    • C.Brown

      #12 + NBA JAM = HE'S ON FIRE!!!

  • etcrr

    #6 I loved the first Home Alone movie

    • Andrew

      I always wondered what was he screaming about in this scene?

      • Jprecks

        The after shave burning like hell.

  • LiquidMuff07

    #12 Can i still buy this?

    • xDV8x

      Yeah, my kids have one

  • mike

    oh man that was awesome. #29 looks familiar…. where is it from??

    • 6655321


    • Art

      Krang from the TMNT cartoon

    • dashete

      Uhm, heroes in a half-shell, Cowabunga, pizzaphilia. Anything ring a bell at all?

    • ipunchedababy

      jane eyre, duh

    • beds

      shame on you mike

    • vicster915

      r u serious???

    • Moe Livi


  • Mad Hittman

    1,44Mb of pure awesomeness lol

  • Wet_tosti

    #26 prototype of the fleshlight!

    • Christy

      Really? Makes sense I guess. How many of you guys used these for that purpose? very curious

    • Lisa

      damnit I never made that connection. thanks for ruining my childhood toy!

    • Ned Plimpton

      I so used to put my dick in those things!!! Used to….

      • Mitch

        I still do, but I used to to.

        • Pwithc

          You're making a bad name for Mitches everywhere

    • GreyGhost9

      I had never thought of that until i saw this on here today, and now i totally wish i had thought of that as a kid.

    • BigRed

      I had a middle school crush give me one of these…I wonder if she knew…

    • Underbaker

      I thought about that 5 seconds after seeing one for the first time and had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing at the ladies in the shop who kept playing with it. Later they came out with models that had little plastic balls inside, I guess that enhanced the feeling.

    • MacNCheesePro

      My daughter picked one of those out at the store a while ago as her "toy for the week". My wife thought I was a perv when I told her why I didn't want her to have it.

    • matt

      some girl i know had one of these. i never thought to stick my dick in it. I was more concerned about thinking of ways to get the girl to let me stick my dick in her.

    • DBUCKS

      hahaha ya "waterworm" not a kids toy.

  • amanda

    #19 dont think ive ever played nintendo on a flatscreen. πŸ™‚

    • shaunvw

      You are totally missing out! Super Tecmo Bowl is sweet on the flat screen

      • DemBone

        what sucks is you can't play duck hunt on the flat screen 😑

    • Katie

      Zelda on a 64 is nice

    • danny

      cant believe they still have a vhs

    • Ned Flanders

      This game is a 4:3 game meant for old TV's, playing it on a widescreen tv without the "bars" on the side stretches out the image. Always something that annoys the crap out of me.

  • dashete

    #30 "They mostly come at night… mostly."

    One hardcore little girl.

    • Jeff

      Local theater started playing a classic, remastered movie once a month, I've seen Ghostbusters, Raiders of the lost Arc, Aliens, and Back to the Future on the big screen…

      • MattKL

        You sir are a lucky man.

    • Ron Burgundy?

      Ripley: Hudson! This little girl survived longer than that with no weapons and no training.
      [to Newt]
      Ripley: Right?
      [Newt apes a salute]
      Hudson: Why don't you put her in charge?

      • Hicks


    • Drewcifer

      Hide and seek champion! o/

      • The Foley

        Newt vs Anne Frank in the decider.

    • AngryOldMan

      Hey Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man?? No…have you?

  • amanda

    and #17 my sister has every single one. in a toy hammock above her bed. @ 30 years old. πŸ˜€

    • luckyB

      forever alone?

  • charlie

    HO-LY SHIT! Not only didn't I think ANYONE would even remember this toy, it was my favorite Fisher Price toy for years. And I also had the school, and the airport with the jet! But the parking garage and I were inseparable!

    • christy

      i completely forgot about this! i just had a flashback of stuffing this thing with my matchbox cars with my crazy ginger neighbor. this post made my day!

    • MonkeyMadness

      I had one too and I also had the barn. I wasn't cool enough for the jet. 😦

      • @Dignen

        My folks stil have this. Just played with it over xmas break with my little niece. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it.

    • earthbound misfit

      I still have this toy! I also still have the castle, the airport, the barn, the old school, the house, and the circus train. My 4yr old son plays with them when he visits the grandparents. Good times!

    • GreyGhost9

      I think for most boys fisher price and them were inseparable them and playschool

    • beds

      dude I had the airport too with the plane… they were at my grandmas house wow talk about memories

    • whoknew

      Still have one, bought off Ebay, that my kids play with now. None of the new dumpy looking ones.

      • BiGGyT

        The garage was cool, but the barn "moo"-d, so it was awesome.

    • Red

      I loved how the bell rang when the evevator moved.

    • kris

      wow I forgot about this. Saw the pic and the memories of awesomeness came back

    • claffman

      I had one too!!!

    • Steve

      I cought my Dad putting this together on XMAS eve, Said Santa's Elves didn't have enought time to finish so he was helping. WOW. It's all coming together now…

    • Jeff


    • Cory D.

      my little brother still plays with mine, I am thinking about getting it restored. one of the coolest toys I ever had.

    • baker

      Had it too…..only one i actually remember….use to crank that elevator all the time

  • Meg

    I I I

    I I I

    • meg :(

      not even cool, i had it all lined up perfectly

      • Parallendicular

        / \
        \ /

        • Parallendicular

          So, I guess that back-slashes are taboo?

    • joe chiver

      Nailed it

    • A-Man

      Someone refresh my memory, why did we love making that "s" so much?

      • Telegraph

        My elementary school banned it because it was a "gang symbol"

      • reaperMEDIC

        I never grew out of it….. I still have one at the end of my name on the back of my fire bunker gear

  • late nighter

    Aawww what as 28… I know I know it just can’t remember 😦

    • anonymous

      altered beast

      • Franklin1138

        "Power UP!"

    • opening line

      Rise From Your Grave!

      • guesto

        "wise fwom yoah gwave!"

    • BaconZombie

      Hell yes, Altered Beast! I still own a Sega Genesis for this game and Road Rash…

  • @m_alexandro121

    25 can´t remember

    • anonymous

      garfield and friends. sad, I remember all of these. or maybe I just had an awesome childhood.

  • etcrr

    #35 robot wars was cool

    • JDB

      ya, I loved that show.

    • ancientlegacy

      My favorite was Vlad the impaler

    • Mr Sir


  • Pants

    #5 Back when they took six fuckin batteries and ran for about 10 minutes…

    • Deadpool

      Haha I know exactly what you mean… But seriously it had color and awesome games like shinobi!

      • stuf sucks

        that is racist! you only say it wastes batteries because it is black!

    • YunChoe

      It was also a major part in the motion picture Surf Ninjas.

    • saucypants

      The Power Rangers game was pretty cool.

      • tsam waters

        yep i was soooo jealous my friend had it

    • Otter

      Still have mine

    • guesty

      ahead of its time. took gameboy a long time to come out with a colour screen that lit up so you could play it in the dark.

    • Underbaker

      and how many people bought this little add on for it…
      <img src=""&gt;

    • Trey

      If you really want to kill some batteries get the TV adaptor with the 4ft long antenna.

  • downfall616

    #15 used to go to WalMart of all places on a hot summer day, get an ICEE, and play it in the electronics dept. until we got kicked out or the AC froze us out! good times.

    • 2857

      childhood? i'd still play that

  • playing in moondust

    #14 Precursor to my career, thank god for Chive

  • :O:O

    #14 – holy crap, I never thought I'd EVER seen that book again! Thanks whoever you are πŸ˜€

    • tsam waters

      holy shit i remember this book

    • DBUCKS

      fuck ya that book and i remember this book. It is the sole reason I wanted to go to Australia hahaha. and fuck the brother who got the ring in the cereal.

  • :O:O

    * N

  • theonlyguy

    #1 was the best and what happen to #35

  • Oregon_country

    #10 from PE class

    • BigSoren

      Those were awesome, until you ran over your goddamn fingers….happened every time.

      • SmokeyTheBear

        Every fucking time

  • MattKL

    #30 #36 Two of the best movies ever. It's science.

    • mr. Tran

      what movie is #30?

      • John


      • MattKL

        Pretty Woman

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