Get a beer, it’s time to reminisce about your childhood (35 Photos)

  • stumeister

    #14 looks like Ronald Macdonalds evil son
    #25 Oh shit what was this called again? Mad trip down memory lane

    • MaxxyWaxxy

      25 is Orson's Farm from Garfied & Friends

    • dirtmcgirt

      it's Garfield and Friends!

      • Birdhaus32

        That's right! I was going to ask the same thing. Hell the sheep even look like Garfield

    • screwhead317

      POWER PIG!

      • Johnny

        U.S. Acres ruled! The female sheep is named "Lanolin"! Hahaha!

    • A++

      Orson, Lanolin, Roy, Sheldon is all I can remember

  • Loli


  • MaxxyWaxxy

    #18 #25 OMG!

  • Sknox

    You have died from dysentery.

    • PIck up knife

      Were is the Vic 20 and ZORK I, II III Beyond ZORK. I think I missed one.
      You have just entered the ROOM:

      • etcrr

        Oh Man I forgot all about the Zork series thank you Wow they were great games

        • Franklin1138

          We also used to play Number Munchers and Word Munchers.

    • saltygary

      The teachers took this game away from us because all we did was shoot squirrels.

  • Anonymous

    Haha 35 and 26 brought soooo much memories!!!

  • Otter

    #22 Still have mine. And I have a Tron Light Cycles one as well.

  • Seldi84

    #1 #29 God i loved those cartoons.
    #28 I still get out my old mega drive just so i can play this game.

  • Dan the man

    #25 FTW!

    • Ryan

      whats it called?

      • tsam waters

        i think its garfield. i remember the two sheeps

        • Tim

          Its from Garfield and Friends it was called Orsons Farm

  • Mikeg01sf

    #1 singing the theme song now

    • zthorns

      Captain planet! He's our hero.
      Gonna take pollution down to zero!!

  • Kvicken

    #28, name of the game?

    • ben

      The name of the game is Altered beast

    • BOB

      Altered beast, I just bought the iphone app.


    Thanks for confiring 25 it was killing me not remembering the name

  • ben

    Altered Beast

  • brandon v

    Oh the good old times

  • tc

    #27!!!! I had one of them in 1970 and i think it was a hand-me-down. I wore it out!

    • MonkeyMadness

      You wore it out? The damn thing was nearly indestructible! They sure don't make 'em like this anymore.

  • fibonacci5150

    this is a need vs. want for sure

  • John

    I didn't know 25 was old….I feel old…I'm depressed now. Actually no, I grew up in the very last of the "good ole days". These kids now are spoiled little brats with their smart phones, ipods/pads, etc. Damn kids!

  • trelos

    #18 It’s the trinity killer Ruuuuuunn !!!!!!

  • ATouchofInsanity

    #33 – S! God, I remember that was the shit in middle and high school u.u;; Used to write it on everything

    • clyde

      l l l

      l l l

  • Erich

    #25 sucked.

    • MonkeyMadness


  • Brian

    #33 I don't get this one. I was born in '83 so I should know what this is. Can someone explain?

    • Katie

      Go to page 3, I posted it

  • time4taco

    #26 OG Fleshlight

  • MATT

    there are too many awesome post too comment on i cant pick one by itself,

  • suavesito

    # 28 – Altered Beast was awesome
    #31 – Ninja Turtles The Arcade, I spent way too much money on
    #33 – Stussy was everywhere

  • Pclocal79

    #33 “S” skate or die baby!!!!!

  • beforecoffee


    • Randazzle


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