Get a beer, it’s time to reminisce about your childhood (35 Photos)

  • MonkeyMadness

    #13 Back the F up, we got ourselves a badass here!

  • Anonymous

    #33. More like the seventies …

  • CP7

    Found #18 for $2 on DVD at Walmart in Louisville…. you bet your ass I bought that.

  • bmw11585

    Good times, good times….. #12 #15 #24 #25

  • tflo

    #15 dude didn't even go get the yellow block

  • earthbound misfit

    Holy crap, my brother and I had this toy back in the mid seventies. Wow. These pics really can dig up memories that I had totally forgotten about. Chive is the best.

    • earthbound misfit

      CRAP got the number wrong!!! I meant #16

  • Darsh

    was playing #15 at work yesterday on my DS. I left my DS at home today. NOOOOO!!! 1st world problems.

  • Ian

    #28 ALTERED BEAST! “Rise from the grave!!!!!!”

  • Faraday

    #4 best pair of skates i've ever owned!

  • Anonymous

    Wow killed it chive hats off to u

  • McD : {D

    #27 Very impressed with this gem! I owned this when I was a kid, never thought I'd see it again nor did I think I'd remember hahah.

  • Keith

    Wish #35 was still a show!

  • bless1

    #8- oh snap! flashback.

  • TubularTom

    #33 Still in use. This is the S that I use when I doodle SLU in my college notebooks. Makes it look so badass. GO BILLIKENS.

  • BostonChiver

    #33 CLASSIC

  • The Criddler

    33 is letter S.

  • Halo

    #19 Play Action Football!!! I was always MIA cause they had "Marino"

  • UGTP

    #5 Totally brought this out to play RBI 93 the other day while flipping back and forth between #6 and an episode of big bang theory that had #35 in it. Good Times.

  • Chris

    #25 I nostalgia'd so hard.

  • cristian

    #25 please what was the name of this cartoon?

    • Vector

      Orson’s Farm

  • T.R.

    #29 is Krang from the 80s TMNT cartoon.

  • Krex

    Garfield and friends… #25

  • Kermie

    #33 , I grew up in the 50's..we didn't have "lines" back then, we did have letters though. So what is that from?

  • Pizzaddict

    @cristian that’s Garfield and friends!

  • kfed

    #1 Captain Planet was magical because of his mullet

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