KCCO for the troops! (9 photos)

  • Chris

    I request Firefiighter/EMS shirts as well.

  • acs10

    these are absolutely sick. thanks to everyone in the service. when will these be sold?

    • DrLeppiwinks

      There should maybe be one with a support the troops ribbon or something? For those of us non-military who still want to represent the support.

      • dochandy

        ^ word.

        • rebel yell


          • http://twitter.com/psykopengwin @psykopengwin


    • Corwin

      I would be happy to pick up the tab on a service members order as a way to say thanks.

      • dochandy

        dude, that is an awesome idea. i would be more than happy to do the same.

        • Erin

          You know what Chive – I'm not even American, and I would like to do the same. Could you set up an account that the Chivers could donate to?

      • ale

        I´m not even from USA and I want the navy one, it´s pretty cool.

      • DrLeppiwinks

        ^completely agree, maybe have everyone preorder so they know how many to make right off the bat.

        • bill

          hahahahaha are you guys serious? give me a fucking break. ''lets see how many we can sell of these fuckers. we pay the military in props! muhhahahahaha

          • bill

            if i was going out and had jizz on my shirt and a buddy had a clean chive on shirt… iwould take the jizz covered shit.

          • DrLeppiwinks

            Grow up "bill." It would be voluntary, kinda like joining the military, and if you want to criticize people about their choices, frankly you can go fuck yourself.

      • sccoMarine

        That is one of the greatest things I have heard in awhile. When we came home from Iraq, the first thing we saw were people protesting what we did over there. Myself and my brothers(USMC), and the rest of the Armed Forces are grateful for people like you. You really help keep us going. Thanks for your, and everyone else on here, for your loyal support. This is why we fight.

        A Marine Corps Chiver

        • bigcat72

          I may not have agreed with the way we entered the war and conflicts that we are/have fought in. But I will be DAMNED if I wont thank every single one of you for your service and for what you have done. Every time I see someone with dog tags, every time I'm at an event with militarily in dress, every time I see a military personnel, I make it a priority to shake their hand and say thank you for the service they have risked their lives for. I would Happily pledge money to a fund to buy shirts for the ladies and gentlemen fighting for us. Because it doesn't matter how we got to that point and how I feel about us being there, we are there and you are there for us when many of us wouldn't be.

        • bill

          greatest things you have seen in awhile…. the chive selling military branded shirts with Proceeds going where?

          • sccoMarine

            Really man? Did you even read the op's comment? I was referring to how theChive seems to always bring great people together, and the generosity of these Chivers. You sir, seem to fail to see what is right in front of you.

      • AirForce Chiver

        Great Idea! Chive, make sure if there is a charity account set up for the servicemen and women, you actually require proof with their military ID.

        Another words, we don't want people taking advantage and getting free shirts when they aren't really in the military.

        As a military member myself, I would have no problem sending in a copy of my ID. We do it for Oakley's military website where we get HUGE discounts. So don't let others say they "cant" or aren't "allowed". Its BS.

      • Strike Eagle WSO

        thanks for that, Corwin. Nice to hear!

  • Chiver90

    #2 I love it. As an Army Officer I can't wait to get my hands on one

    • Army

      Can we get this closer to a sand color?

      • ARMYGREEN765

        Im with you, it looks more gray in the photo. It needs to be a desert sand. Until the Army changes its uniform again.

    • l0ptbuk


    • stoopid

      of course an officer is on the chive instead of doing his/her job lol

      • Officer

        Too bad the Chive is blocked on government machines you moron.

        • AmBush_Steve

          Thankfully, not on the Canadian military machines.

        • AF Officer

          Not if your office is located on a University's campus! ROTC for the win!

        • Michael

          Not if the guy running the web filter gets his chive on….It's how we keep our users calm 😉

      • asdasd

        Because everyone knows officers don't need sleep, sustenance, or downtime, they just 24/7 work work work.


    • Digs

      Definately needs to be more of the sand color for under the ACU's. and need to make sure the logo doesn't stick up to far so that you can't see it when it's the top is on

      • Spence

        Seconded. Being able to rock this under ACUs would be quite the morale booster.

        • DieLawn19k

          Thirded? Anyhow, this would be insanely awesome. It just needs to be more tan. I'd rock this in the tank all the damn time.

          • PresCamacho

            Fourthed. Plus we air force people can wear them since we both wear sand t's!

            • Sylver

              TheChive is not blocked on government computer you MORON I'm at Ft.Campbell and I chive all the time from my work computer all you have to do is use Mozilla firefox DUHHH

    • B_Error

      Thank you for your service sir!

    • Danny

      As a NCO, Get the fuck back to work, sir.

      • Army

        As an NCO, you should know the Chive is blocked on govnt machines.

        • Sylver

          Its not blocked stop spreading lies. Use firefox its what i do and it works

    • Jake

      Hell even if it wasnt exactly the same as the ACU undershirt I'd buy it anyway, trying to get the regular green KCCO one is a crap shoot.

    • SGT. C

      HOOAH!!!! SIR!!!!!!!!
      From the PR.

    • BillSPreston

      I'm all over this as soon as they go on sale.

    • Big Perm

      I do dig the tan shirt, just like everyone else is saying it does need to be more tan in color. As an Army Aviator I would really like to see a KCCO shirt that is flight approved so I can wear it while I am out flying my Kiowa around, it only needs to be 100% cotton and it meets the requirements!!

  • mase

    This should be good…chive can’t even keep up with their regular kcco shirt.

    • 6_Crack_rocks

      you should take a marketing class, the way they supply these shirts is perfect marketing. Keep the supply low and demand high. make them a desired commodity.

      • trumeth

        Maybe YOU should pay attention in YOUR marketing class. Going off your theory, half the planet would still be waiting to get their hands on an IPOD, but that is not the case, EVERYONE has one and Apple wins. Marketing, hmm, how about a couple 100K people walking around ADVERTISING your website, sounds like a good idea to me. Instead, we have very few people seeing even fewer people in KCCO shirts, "hey cool shirt bro, where'd you get it" "oh, I got it from thechive.com, but don't bother, they've been sold out for months". How many iphones you think Jobs would have sold if he didn't tell anyone about it. You lose Charlie, you lose, you get nothing, you lose!

        • juse

          well it depends if thechive is trying to get commercial, or trying to keep things exclusive. it would appear they are trying to make their items difficult to get. i have no doubt if they wanted to mass produce and have their shirts always available they would. personally i like the way they are doing it. it makes for a bit of challenge, and at the end a little more satisfaction.

          oh, and the shirts look great.

          • matt

            agreed, i have both a KCCO and BFM shirt and what's nice is that i don't see them everywhere else so when you do see one you know that's a chiver. If they were mass produced and you saw them all over it wouldn't be special to own one.

            • CntStpTheCrooks

              Yep I'd rather have them sell out every time. I love my shirt and I love the fact that not everyone has one to. It makes it more fun to be in a bar and have someone go chive on rather then see 10 people there with it on just smile and nod.

        • Grump


  • Art Vandalay

    Awesome work Chive! Print’em all, let chivers sort’em out.

  • Dick Salad

    The olive drab is perfect for the Marine shirt might be able to sneak it under the cammies if the logo isn't too high. Wish they had this back when I was still in lol…

    • Rick

      Rick here (run theBrigade) we were just talking about that. We're going to lower the level of the design

      • Royce

        Oorah devil. Like my drill instructor said… It's not about you, it's about those that come before you, and the ones that come after. Thanks for your service. Semper Fi from a fellow Marine.

      • MCLMFMF

        I think a "KCCO" on the front left breast of the shirt and then the actual "Keep Calm and Chive On" on the back would be pretty cool and useful so there wouldn't be any issues of it showing. And if it was in olive drab of course so we can wear it in our cammies. Just an idea

        • MojoPyro

          On the beck would be a definite plus…no worry about it showing and some of us actually prefer the artwork on the back…second this.
          Semper Fi

      • Dick Salad

        Thanks and I'll gladly sport the fire engine red shirt out and about. I think most of us here would gladly tolerate another ass chewing (which you grow immune to after years of hearing them) to sport our KCCO shirts under our BDUs.

        • Royce

          I'd risk it.

      • Wonder_Boy

        either lower the level of the design, or move the Eagle, Globe, and anchor to the left breast, and (I know this is not typical of the normal KCCO) move KCCO to the back. This way Marines can wear this in uniform without having to worry if their KCCO is showing off when it's not supposed to be.

      • Wonder_Boy

        and the color on #1 would be the best for the Marines.

      • Christopher Kennedy

        Yes olive drab color is the way to go, and yes it would have to be a little lower on the EGA….man o cannot wait to get one…I would wear it out. The red one would have to be more of a Red with yellow/gold letters.

    • Nate Stover

      I agree. I need one of these! Semper Fidelis.

  • TSH

    Amazing Idea! How awesome is this!!?? LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  • Army

    AWESOME! Only thing I saw was that the Army one could be a little more brown instead of gray if possible. The issued ones are a "desert tan" color. You guys rock though.

    • Rick

      (Rick, run theBrigade) I was also just talking about the color needs to be more tan (too cream color)

    • Grant


    • CaptMorgan

      tan would be awesome.

  • Stephen

    I request keeping the normal shirts in fucking stock for more than 3 goddamn minutes

    • trumeth

      I look forward to seeing these in The Chivery with "sorry, this item is currently out of stock" right next to it. They should actually print that on their shirts, I will have to put KCCO in my will in order to get one, and then I won't even be able to enjoy it.

      • Gmoney

        Buy one on EBAY, they go for about $120.00

        • Sluttypanda

          HA. Fuck that, the only way I'd drop $120 on a Chive shirt was if it came with a Chivette.

          • M_Kelly

            i bought mine on ebay
            40 bucks.

    • swenka

      I got my shirt the first time I tried…27 minutes after they were put up…o.o

  • Oli

    The USMC shirt needs to be olive drab green for us to wear under our uniform

    • fuuupa

      Olive Drab (such an ugly color, but meh) and the logo needs to not show under the cammies:

    • etcrr

      thank you for your swervice

    • Final

      Agreed. Also Thanks Chive! -Semper-Fi

    • steve

      Needs to be a brighter Red shirt with Yellow Text

  • Zack

    Green looks good for Marines. KCCO

  • Scott

    The marine corps shirts are awesome.

  • USMCTolly

    1st Marine one is sick, ill be getting one as soon as they come out

  • ChauncyMcGee

    I would wear all of those shirts! Two amazing things: The Chive and The Military! Fuck yeah!

  • Duder

    I'll take 20 Marine Corps green shirts please, since that is all I intend to use when they become available for purchase 🙂

  • The Dude

    Damn cool chive. These are tits.

  • untamedride

    almost makes me wish i was still in so i could put one to use. i did say almost, i'm glad those days are just memories now. KCCO to all my military and veteran brothers and sisters!

  • CorrectionArms

    #3 looks like it would work under the NWU's perfectly

    • EXW

      A brown version would be great for those of us in the "Expeditionary" Navy and our new guacamole colored uniforms!

    • yup

      the anchor needs to be a little lower for it to work with the NWU's and a white one would be awesome to wear under NSU's and the Dress Blues

    • Steve

      the only thing is making sure the logo isn't too high

    • IT2(SW)

      I need to have this. As stated, the anchor would have to be a bit
      lower in order to wear in uniform, but this is amazing. I would buy a
      few, haha. Keep calm and Chive on from an IT2(SW).

      • Kcruz09

        Chive on IT2(SW) from ITSN(IDW)

      • Kaleb

        IT2 This is IT3 Seems like IT's have nothing to do but CHIVE!

    • BSGBucky

      Hard to tell from the pic but, I does look like the same color as out under shirts.

    • carrubas

      I need this sent to my ship now

    • IT1

      I think the ACE (Anchor, Constitution, Eagle would bet better, than just the anchor…thats a Chief thing

      • http://twitter.com/iAmJakePowell @iAmJakePowell

        or midshipmen. ACE is a much better logo, agreed.

    • Juice

      I'd rock it, get that shit done. -ET2

    • PO2Knight

      I want one in every color! I've been trying for over 2 years to get a chive shirt and every time they are sold out. When do these go on sale? I want to make sure I get one or 4 for my brothers here in Japan.

    • ET2(SW)

      I think it should have the ACE instead of the midshipman anchor. Otherwise, I'd rock one all the time.

    • adam

      the midshipman anchor is fine. I understand the ACE, but the constitution is way too big in my opinion. I would personally prefer the actual Naval department emblem.

      also love that it mainly IT an ET rates responding lol

      • http://twitter.com/iAmJakePowell @iAmJakePowell

        AT here. All they guys in my shop are chivers! They could make the ACE smaller man, if they can fit the USMC's eagle globe and anchor, then they can make the ACE work too…

    • http://twitter.com/iAmJakePowell @iAmJakePowell

      ACE (Anchor, Constitution, Eagle) would be a better logo for the Navy. It's what's on our flag, as well as the NWUs.

    • CTR2

      Just here supporting the CTRs =) As stated, so long as the anchor (or whichever logo they choose to put on it) is a little bit lower it would be great.

    • NuclearHero

      As a former EM1(SS) I do not have to worry about the anchor showing or that it is a chiefs emblem. I think its pretty cool regardless. I did my time and am a vet. so I think I can wear it.

    • Sailor Aaron

      need to change the anchor (it's good) to the ship and eagle that's on the crest. all of the other's are their prospective crests.

    • PastyDerp

      Canadian Naval Chiver WANTS

  • HiTmAn

    Great way to show support for our troops….but y u no make more regular kcco and bill fucking Murray tees ……damn you chive

  • blacksheepdoc

    These shirts are awesome, may need service emblem a little lower though to go under top

  • rob

    make sure they are not that bullshit thin ass fabric meant only to fit guys with bodys like women… not fair to everyone else, Am I wrong? anyone? make a real damn shirt!!

    • Jake

      Yeah the material on these would do well if it was tougher, especially for the military

    • http://twitter.com/REALCharlieC @REALCharlieC

      I have to agree, its awesome to just have a KCCO shirt, but make it a bit more rugged.

    • joe chiver

      Yep – Less Venice Beach, more midwest. Fat guys need good shirts to Chive

      • joe chiver

        *too – self-imposed grammar nazi

      • Lucky_Charms

        I'm pretty sure these are being made more for people in the service, and I don't know any XXL Marines. Navy on the other hand……

    • matt

      agreed, i have a KCCO shirt that's a XXL and i feel like it's made for a 150lb person not a 6'2 230lb person. It's too short and tight.

      • Erin

        My xxl floats on me – I'm 5'9" and 250? I actually have to shrink it a bit!

        • matt

          the length is more of a problem than it being too tight. It comes to my waist and the arms are tight but the rest is ok for the most part.

        • AmBush_Steve

          I've got an XL that I'll trade you for. Only worn once. Oh but that once was with the Stanley Cup.

  • JDMcC

    That is freaking awesome, I just got a half chub.

  • TNT

    Thanks for remembering the Coast Guard!! XOXOXO

    • Cass

      Hell yeah.

      • Tut


        • loldicks69


  • USMC

    Olive drab green for Marines! Oo-fucking-rah!

    • USMC0331

      HUT HUT yep you can say that again

    • Dave

      If they would have had this when I was in I would have worn one every day of the week. Also, knowing about theChive would have made things way easier to KCCO

  • TuckNRoll

    Keep Army Tan, then i can wear it all the time.

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