KCCO for the troops! (9 photos)

  • CE2 Gannon

    I didnt read all the comments …too. many I’m in the navy and to wear it under my uniform it must be brown!

  • Nosh

    I'm currently in Afghanistan serving with my fellow soldiers, and the minute we found out about a KCCO shirt that we can wear under our uniform, instantly there was a cheer. This will be well met, and as for the guys of my company this will be a now SOP!

  • USAF Retired

    Get the screen print presses working…….I'm buying at least 6!

  • Sean

    i will always where them under my uniform, this will make being out to sea so much more awsome, i need to order like 2 dozen

  • The Air Force sand KCCO T

    The sand Air Force KCCO t is perfect I’d wear the shirt under my ABUS all day every day. Id even risk walking into the Commanders office with no ABU top and just my fresh new AF KCCO sand T And hope he would be like sick lol you got balls lol. I want to be the first to own it lol.
    Holloman Air Force Base NM

  • DoubleA

    Ill take ten.

  • pvtcowboy

    Go ahead and put me down for 10 sand army’s. I can’t wait for these to come out!

  • pvtcowboy

    And also please please make them of a somewhat sturdy material!

  • Hammer

    #3, yea man make it happen

  • Vik Ing

    The green marine one is sweet, maybe a little darker green. Olive drab is the name of the specific color.

  • Finkle

    Im in the Canadian army. We love you up here in the north. The army green would be perfect for us. The only problem is, you don’t have one with a Canadian military badge on it….please think of us. We are loyal an daily viewers.

  • Lance

    Looking awesome, gonna have to pick me up a few! My fiance wants to know if these will be available in women’s sizes too.

  • Mike

    When are these going to press???

  • Roger Moore

    The Air Force's color is sage and is almost exact to the Army's color you have on here.

    • Roger Moore

      There are a lot of guys and gals that want these shirts! Please make it happen!

  • zach

    I am an F-15 Crew Chief in the USAF and most of my section are avid Chivers, please make this happen and you will have orders rolling in from Okinawa Japan! And I promise a really good Chive Everywhere shot once we get them all!!!

  • Topher C.

    The blue Air Force shirt is legit!

  • Herndog

    The green Marine Corps Chive shirt will be a top seller!!!

  • Tamara

    Love #3!!!!

  • John

    those look great, now to make some for firefighters & cops

  • Kyle

    Camo, definitely camo with black print for USMC. Lower the Globe too so we can wear under battle dress. You won't be disappointed – Oorah!

  • Kyle

    BTW. Thank for recognizing the Coast Guard. I know a number of fine Men and Women who make just as much waves as the other branches. Oh yea…the firefighter idea is fantastic. Fuck the police.

    • Butthead

      And fick u kyle

  • coinbank

    I assume that chive will be donating a portion of the proceeds to http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org or something like that?

  • Jeff

    Please let the military populace get first shot at these before you let the civilians nab them up. or even only military.

  • Byram

    the only thing with the army shirt, in order to wear it under the uniform its going to have to be a tan shirt, not grey,

  • Coastie

    For the coast guard the color should be navy blue.. I would love to wear this shirt underway..

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