KCCO for the troops! (9 photos)

  • Anonymous

    Who cares about the military !!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    ^^^^^ Fuck this guy!!!^^^^

  • ManMarbles

    If the USMC shirts have any chance I think the eagle, globe, and anchor have to be on the back, so that its not close to the collar so that we can wear this under our cammies. (and has to me olive drab) plus a better time to buy so us Japan marines have a fighting chance to get one.

  • http://Chive Ford

    These shirts are awesome!Thanks chive.

  • Anonymous

    To wear with an air force uniform it needs to be desert tan.

  • MrChive
  • AF SSgt

    All these shirts are pretty much Bad Ass. Only thing is the AF color should be "sand". I will defanitley be ordering a few!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/emilymariveles Emily Chapman

    Love the Coast guard shirt. As a proud Coastie wife, I will gladly wear this so please make it for women too!

  • SGT Harper

    I'm all for this, it would be bad ass if they were moisture wickening like a Nike dri-fit material or something like that.

  • Platoon Daddy

    Any chance of a second release on these?

  • sneaky

    olive drab for the Marine T with yellow writing…oh yeah, that would be the shiznit

  • Dicky Small

    Marine corps green works pretty well, although I'm not sure my unit wouldn't crucify me for wearing a "civilian" tee under my cammie blouse

  • dylost17

    perfect for marines. i want one

  • http://twitter.com/slipstream341 @slipstream341

    for the Army, #2

  • CM coach

    are these available yet? if so where can i get one??? freaking love the Marine one #1 im gunna try to slide that past our gunner

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