Men vs. Women (20 Photos)

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  • bisonbade

    #9 and #19 sum this up very well

  • bubs

    Good post. Quite funny.

  • captain badass

    Best ever

  • Don't tase me bro

    A lot of truth ins some of these

  • Seldi84

    #13 & #19 are so true it's on the border of not funny.

  • Shar11

    HAHAHAHAHA #11 is soooooo true!

    • matt

      yea this one had me laughing pretty good

  • Steven B

    I enjoyed all of this. LOL! So friggen true

    • Cecil

      her derp her ha.
      If you really believe even most of this is true you are a simpleton, clearly raised without a actual man to influence you.

  • Jawbone

    Ha! Girls do things and they're different from guys and how they do things!


  • BaLLs

    #12 There is a difference between hacking and some moron not logging out of their facebook account

  • Brian

    #1-20 all true. Great post Chive!

  • Stevato

    Best post ever!

  • TheAutomaticMan

    #7 TheChive obviously doesn't know my wife…..

  • Twigfinger

    #17 & #20 – those are both 100%.

  • marcussam

    #20 Women..So fuckin complicated…

  • Bing

    #20 is a lie… that light is "on" on the woman's side, when it should really read "if it lets me get back to sleep"

  • Canadastani

    Best freaking post ever!!

  • waty

    So true. Some of the nastiest cars I've been in where owned by girls.

    • matt

      i must admit my car is pretty messy but it has more to do with the fact that i'm always in it so i have a lot of shit like shoes, clothes, hats and books.

      • voltron

        it's not your closet.

  • cubanitagirl

    #20 lmfao!


    Very funny put some of more of this often good stuff

  • B.Dick

    This was damn funny

  • Cecil

    #19 depressingly true. To the point that we laugh if boys die at war.
    Boys have a soul, girl have a vagina.

    • nona33

      well this is harsh. More likely Both have souls, but we end up being "locked" into roles and expetancy. And is sad in both way. Boys are considered inherently "mysoginist brutishl"(and some of those photoes do present them as nothing more than sexual crazed brutes) while women had to play the role of "sex Doll" regardless of everything. Is wrong. Not all of us are like "Jersey Shore"- and for this we thank god every fucking day!!!

  • iChive

    #16 The language, it that is written, I am weeping. For.

    • voltron

      I what you did there see.

  • brian

    This has been the funiest but most acurate thing i have seen in a long time.



  • Justin D.

    Hilarious! 95% accurate.

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