Men vs. Women (20 Photos)

Via pleated-jeans

  • Jeff

    Last one is wrong. The woman control panel doesn't have an on/off and all the buttons and dials are blank so you have no idea what to do.

    • newchivette

      False, there is always an off switch

  • Unusual_Suspect

    #7 True. Because only men suffer from the dreaded mancold. It's a near death experience.

  • ChelseaRules

    #6 I totally judge a guy if his car is dirty. If his car is dirty, there's no hope for the rest of his belongings.

  • 817-chive

    10. Is so true! No sorry guys we are way more perverted, just don’t let y’all know about it. 😉

  • Ty Boy

    this might be the best thing ever….

  • Darwin

    #13 Why did they spell break right twice then get it wrong the third time?

  • Heath

    I see the Chive has found 9gag.

  • Rissa

    This is a great post 🙂

  • Big T

    Best. Post. Ever.

  • Steve Grenier

    Hilarious post, nailed every one.

  • Shane Johnson

    This was one of the best off beat threads of all time!

  • Jordin

    i need more of these posts!

  • MattKL

    #15 Where might I buy the one on the left?

  • English Rob

    Women will fake an orgasm for a relationship, Men will fake a relationship for an orgasm.

  • Alex

    Love the entire post

  • lynlily

    MOAR!!! 🙂

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #10 The girl on the left side is definitely crazy and hot. Barney chart's don't lie

  • Meow

    #15 I did not read "lubricant" anywhere on that bottle….

  • What?

    #14 Obviously married.

  • Farrukh Pervaiz

    #15 ………..


  • Farrukh Pervaiz

    #17 ………..too

  • Videologic

    #12 – So the term "hacking" has now been reduced to getting on someone elses facebook on their own computer when they are not looking? I prefer the good old days, when it was guessing who had their password as "password", thats when it had some real skill

  • Leah

    So funny, thanks chive!

  • Jennifer

    #7 could not be more true guys are seriously dramatic about being sick!

  • ctl

    Im sad cus I have the same chain as the guy in #4, I jus don’t wear it!

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