My high-res bad ideas for the weekend (25 HQ Photos)

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  • http://Huh? Jimmy Ballsack


  • bjizzle

    Wtf is up with the brigade’s false advertising of 20+ pics and only displaying one

    • Anonymous

      View it in the full site, not mobile.

  • ABCdario

    I really dont like when clicking the arrow sends me to The Brigade.
    I know it's same company, same group, but i would like to chose when i go out from a page to another.
    I would like to decide if i want to go out from the chive to whatever new page.
    Let me chose.

    • Adam

      I would like to give this about 4 million thumbs up. I love theChive, and I don't usually visit theBrigade. Please keep the arrows pointing only at Chive articles!

  • Mom non

    So many question….. Dear brigade why u no have layout like chive just different colors ?!?! Dear brigade berry and throttle why u no have iPhone app?!?? Dear chive why ur gifs no work on ur iPhone app?!??!? Love u guys why u no reply back ?!?!??

  • manbearpig

    Brigade needs a mobile viewing site … Even though computer is better.. being working all the tine I don’t have the option so my phone is my computer .. but brigade I understand I just need you to fix a tiny problem so my day can be complete

  • Anonymous

    Take them off of here the brigade always sucks!

  • Dave

    The choice of pictures are getting better but The Brigade still needs to make a proper link to their photos. I hate having to jump through hoops just to be disappointed.

  • tehjones

    and once again the link takes you to the space shuttle thread. it’s nice to have something constant and unchanging in your life. no matter what happens, or how crazy life gets, brigade’s ridiculously titled “idea for the weekend” will be exploring space.

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