The Woman in Black is kind of terrifying (Video Trailer)

Everyone at theCHIVE offices here went to a sneak preview of The Woman in Black, and we all just about sh*t our pants the whole way through. It’s immensely elaborate and just downright terrifying. I’d recommend taking your girlfriend or psychiatrist to go see it.

  • Dave

    Sold your souls!

    • lonin

      How dare you make money with a business Chive? You should be ashamed.

      • JOHN

        I love you as one straight man can only love another man.

  • Rodeftone

    If can defeat Voldemort, can defeat the woman in black….

    • eclipze

      Watch it without any background music. and Watch it again with the music. MIND BLOWN.

  • mateo

    Lame sauce.

  • Dillon

    saw it last night… movie sucks. Yet another Hollywood jumper film.

  • Guest122

    No doubt this is really just an advertisement – boo on you, Chive. 😦

    Plus, "all of 2012?" 11 more months of movies to go – and you're already rating this "all of 2012?"

    How much DID you guys get paid to place this ?

  • Fuzzy

    theChive is first and foremost a business, not a non-profit entertainment hub. Who gives a fuck if they promote a movie? Does it ruin FLBP, DAR, DMA, Sexy Chivettes, "Burn your bra", "Animals that don't suck", "Find her", etc? No, it does not. So shut the fuck up all of you.


    • Fuck Fuzzy

      No. Fuck you. You deserve a punch right in your tiny ballsack. Most sites at least admit when they're being paid to do push some shitty thing on you. And these guys get daily emails of chicks showing their asses and boobs, which is payment enough.

      • Fuck fuck fuzzy

        At least he has a ballsack and a good point where as you have neither

      • shin-aid

        Oh God, grow up.

    • fuzzy sucks cock

      Fuzzy sucks cock.

      • Fuzzy

        I didn't know the currency in the U.S changed from the dollar to "asses and boobs". In that case looks like exclusively women are going to be controlling the economy for the next little while.

    • Jack_LeMac


    • Paul from the gump

      My problem isnt them posting the video. It is trying to sneak it in like regular content. If youre getting paid to promote a movie great, but dont wrap in a "Oh we just saw this awesome movie. You should check it out."

  • Robert

    I saw this yesterday, it was amazing… And incredibly horrifying.

  • Dizz

    Im excited to see this, and ill be taking my girlfriend, who claims she is my psychiatrist.

  • Razrburrn

    He should have sex with that ghost, let her know what’s up

  • Jake

    Want to know how I know this is sponsored?? Not once did I actually want to see it because it looked scary. I want to see it because it looks good/better-than-battleship (don’t get me started on how stupid that movie looks).

  • Mike

    I hope it is as scary as the original play.

    • TheDude

      Hipster alert

      • Fatty McFatterson

        That was an awesome reply.

      • L'autre

        It became so mainstream, it's not scary anymore…

  • No.

    Wasn’t that terrifying.

  • Anthony

    I hope they paid you at least 20 bucks to post the trailer of this shit movie.

  • Mr. J

    Did you know George St. Pierre isn't fighting tonight?

    • Ms. J

      Is there some kind of fight tonight?

  • Guesty

    Its a PG13 hardly scary

    • Ieatbabies

      Tits, Ass, Blood, and Sex: Requirements for Horror? Not all horror needs blood and guts to get you on the edge of your seat, it should be the atmosphere and characters that do that for you. With a pool full of blood filling a room every two-seconds it ruins all the suspense in a good horror movie/game.

  • chris

    cant wait to download it

  • Anonymouse

    i know folk who've seen it in the theatre and said it was terrifying, look forward to seeing if dan radcliffe is any good in it.

  • Boo!

    Any “scary movie” not rated 18A is not that bad at all.

  • Hailey

    Stupidest movie of the year is more like it! Very disappointed, but I’ll kcco!

    • Ieatbabies

      ^^ Didn't see it ^^ Read review about it ^^

  • josh

    Watched it earlier, Damn near shat myself. Got drunk after don’t remember much but the end which leaves me desperate for some answers, other than that, great breakout of harry potter for Daniel radcliffe, that’s a movie he should be remembered for

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  • ike

    Blame it on that tactless asshat, Mac… Seriously, fire that kid.

  • lemonDorito

    Somebody recommend me movies that'll make me shit myself. This is weak.

    • Ieatbabies

      It just means it doesn't strike the cord of your own personal fears, so not bad horror, just not your type of horror.

  • Stoops


  • Renaldo

    Good on you guys. I don’t fuck with ghost movies.

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