The Woman in Black is kind of terrifying (Video Trailer)

Everyone at theCHIVE offices here went to a sneak preview of The Woman in Black, and we all just about sh*t our pants the whole way through. It’s immensely elaborate and just downright terrifying. I’d recommend taking your girlfriend or psychiatrist to go see it.

  • Qwixel

    Someone call Dean & Sam.

  • Dickle

    Dammit! Just like in the River last night. Freakin fucking dolls are scarier than shit. Damn!

  • Toto

    I can’t figure out how you guys made that matiske. There was a map showing your starting zone on the site, and at no point did we ever say anything about Battery Park. I guess people don’t know the difference between Battery Park and Battery Park City. But there was a Google Map on the download page! You shouldn’t have had to Google anything.

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