Time for a little backwoods engineering (27 Photos)

  • http://twitter.com/EwThatsGross @EwThatsGross

    #3 that looks safe…

    • Master_Rahl

      not a lot of lumbar support there… kinda reminds me of the car from Police Academy when Hightower took driving lessons.

    • ChelseaRules

      Most of these ideas do.

  • jimmy


    negative tropism

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #17 LO muthafuckin L

    • http://twitter.com/EwThatsGross @EwThatsGross

      uh o looks pretty windy…..

      • Lisa

        dries you off faster

    • Katie

      Keep your feet up!

  • jasgat66

    #19… Seen this before and to be honest.. I like it..

    • Chivette

      Most of these ideas are pretty cool, I would use #17 so I don't get crampsin my thighs from squatting when camping…

    • Paul

      thats not a bad idea

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #14 Impressive, if you ask me

    • Heres_Johnny30

      A man did that.

      • BloodScrubber

        Early version of the Spork. 😉

  • ST33

    #25 what an animal

    • Aran

      if he was an animal he would use his suction hands to scale the wall and hang from the ceiling to change the smoke alarm…come on.

    • Lisa

      I'm not even mad. I'm impressed. That's impressive.

    • animal

      first i needed a new light bulb… but then i needed two new door/ door frames!! At least he got the job done…. LOL

      • The_Dood

        That's what I think every time I see this. If I did this at my apartment the first door I tried to step on would rip the hinges right out of the frame before I even got the weight of a leg completely on it.

    • Chivette

      Claps for balancing like that, it would take skill for the doors to not swing or the hinges to fall off, well done sir.

    • Mark

      Ninja electrician!

  • D Doug

    Fixed forever…

  • Master_Rahl

    #23 FINALLY a good use for the crappy ear buds that come with iPods.

    • matt

      Until 10 minutes into the drive, your tail pipe heats up to a couple hundred degrees and you get burnt rubber, and a hanging exhaust tip!

      • The Andychrist

        Been there, done that (with a belt). Chains work better

      • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

        Tail pipe doesn't get very hot that far back.notice the paper sticker is holding up pretty well..

        • Doddy

          If the exhaust doesn't get too hot, how about you go grab it with out hand after 20km or so.

  • Master_Rahl

    #24 What considerate tree. Very accommodating.

    • Mokuseitora

      Nom nom nom nom

    • dude

      I dated a girl that i convinced, trees did that because of the magnetic field. she was Irish, green eyed, and a red,

  • MikeBedlam

    #7 I fail to see the problem here.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      it's parked in a loading zone only

      • Dick Salad

        The yellow zone is for the loading and unloading of passengers. Absolutely no parking in the yellow zone…

        • MacNCheesePro

          NO! It's the white zone!

          • kruwreka

            Oh really, Vernon? Why pretend, we both know perfectly well what this is about. You want me to have an abortion.

            • mittens

              <slow clap> Well played.

  • stuf

    Chive so racist! sign email petit… ah fuck it I'm a douche.

  • acloudypanda

    #26 looks pretty legit to me

    • Humpernickle

      I like it. Stealing for my next tailgate

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #6 seems legit

    • bisonbade

      brilliant if you ask me

    • Underbaker

      Maybe its the redneck in me, but I think the part in the TP could be extended a little further with a hook on the end to clasp onto the other side, that way it won't fall off.

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    #24 "Well… It's how we do it every year"

  • Epitomizer

    I bet #4 had shocking results.

    • Chivette

      I see what you did there..

    • Underbaker

      Better lick it to make sure it's working.

    • none

      OSHA approved!

    • Suzi

      that's an english way to use two pin plugs!!

  • Master_Rahl

    #15 Duct tape fixes fuckin' EVERYTHING!

    • Dirt McGert

      except, ironically, it's not recommended for ducts

      • Boomer

        When I was in the marines we used duct tape for every damn thing. It was said that if you wanted to beat us you didnt need firearms you needed to airburst a solvent to dissolve duct tape. The whole corps would have fallen to pieces

    • The_Dood

      Except those extra heavy duty jobs where you need gorilla glue AND duct tape.

    • ROK247

      duct tape and zip ties

    • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

      Looks just like my fridge,Except for the swill light beer.

    • Millisecond420

      Mexican Chrome

  • pdiddily420


    I see death in their future

    • Brutal Deluxe

      It's in everybody's future!

      • Walter

        Cycle of life, dude

  • Hokie08

    #26 deserves an award for creativity during a tailgate

    • The J

      But he had to wait 4 beers before he could start the grillin'

      • Hokie08

        That's not a bad thing… Or everybody chugged (4 burgers, 4 beers, 4 people) to get a grill set up in less time than it takes to get the charcoal rolling!

  • UGTP

    These people FAIL as much as the people that try to post "first" on here.

  • The J

    #14 would have worked fine without the fork addition.

  • s45qu4tch

    #27 I gotta admit, that's kinda genius. Dangerous as hell, but genius.

    • Really?

      Look out SAMCRO

    • Name

      That's why they're in the handicapped space.

    • truth

      Now that is a guy that won't give up riding his bike.

  • Craig

    If #27 is real, it is totally awesome.

    • http://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

      Whomever owns that is a someone I want to hang out with….

    • Alex

      I've seen a guy riding/driving one of these before. I didn't know what it was at first until I go up next to him. When I realized what it was, I was impressed.

  • mrjimmyos

    If its broke dont fix it, properly…

  • http://www.kneedeepinabottle.com Navin R. Johnson

    #1 It takes balls to do that…I know..i know..*groan

    • Maynard B.

      We'll give you credit for your enthusiasm.

  • Anonymous

    #4 – seems legit

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