What is your Super Bowl wish — Giants or Patriots?

  • dmat

    EUROPE dont gives a shit about this stupid game… nfl? LOL! what da hell is that?!?!?! fuck this shit!

    • bill

      yeah right!!! go kick a ball around for hours and not score..then kill another 75 soccer fans!!!

      • Murphy, it's you


        DERP if there's no score there's no fun HERP.

        • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

          that should be soccer's slogan.

      • Mr Me

        Handegg, or "American Football" (AKA Rugby for faggots) is a sporting activity played only by Americans because of a cultural OBLIGATION for having invented it stolen it from the British. Since Americunts are fat (thus needing a break every 5 seconds), stupid (need to be told what to do every play), and generally unskilled, Handegg was tailored for them. With its use of tights, body armor, under eye make up, fanny pack and helmet (and the QB Snap routine where the team's captain mounts his man's asshole every down) it is the primary recruiting technique for young new homosexuals, as it is a required part of most young men's high school education. To Americunts, the game the rest of the world calls "football" is to them called "soccer". This makes no sense, as football is clearly played with feet, and yet their bastardization of a real man's sport seems to involve little-to-no kicking whatsoever. This particular misnomer only serves to further the entirely accurate allegation that the Americunt IQ is even smaller than your micropenis.

    • brady4life

      And no one cares about EUROPE!! Have fun playing a mans game, futbal and cricket. TOOL

      • It's weak

        Yes. American Football, where the "men" are protected from damage by armour. Play a game of professional rugby and get back to me.

        • brady4life

          Yes because actual Men play american football. They are beasts not like the rugby gheys that play grab ass in a pile all day. What is it with that huge pile of gheys hugging eachother and grinding eachother when they facial. Oh i mean faceoff.

          • psully23

            #1 you are fucking dumb shit. Rugby is badass. I'm an American and know that rugby is tough as shit. #2 Brady sucks and will be destroyed by the Giants front line. Suck on that bitch

            • brady4life

              Yea rugby is badass. Thats why the guys are huge right. They are pushing 5'4" at most. Thats the perfect hobby for people with Little man syndrome . And Brady sucks? Isnt everyone saying he is the one of the best ever? Just jealous cause he wins, must be from Pittsburg,Oakland,Carolina,Philadelphia,Baltimore, or any other city that Brady showed who sucked. including NY!!!!!!! Suck on that bitch! (Great comeback)

              • schrodinger's cat

                5'4"? Seriously? I think you're confusing rugby for cricket or something…

                • FLA

                  Rugby doesn't need pads because they don't hit head to head. Show me one clip where a guy in rugby goes head to head with someone and has no regard for their body. They always tackle from behind like a little bitch. Take a hit wearing those pads from Ray Lewis, Karlos Dansby, or any NFL linebacker and tell me how it feels. Sorry we don't want to watch a bunch of guys hugging and would rather watch people try to kill each other legally. But yeah, soccer is the true man sport when they lay on the ground crying about their ankle for 20 minutes

                • FLA

                  Maybe also if black people played rugby you'd have to wear pads. It's not a real sport if you don't have to compete with black people.

                  • brady4life

                    FLA—excellent description of rugby pussies. BOOM Game, Set, Match.

                  • brady4life

                    FLA—Great point about the no black people and great description of the rugby gheys. BOOM Game Set Match

                    • psully23

                      Have either of you pussies played rugby? I've played both and yes I think football is tough, rugby is much tougher. Unlike football, play is continuous in rugby. So you don't get to sit around holding each others cocks after every play. After you get hit, stepped on, punched you have to get up and make the next play. I'd like to see you guys say players from New Zealand and Samoa are small. And you're happy that football players hit head to head? Awesome so these guys won't remember who they are in 5 years. I'm not saying football isn't tough because it defintely is. You ass clowns need to wake the fuck and realize that there isn't just American sports in the world.

                    • iChive

                      Ok, fellas. Let's be real here. Football rocks. Rugby rocks. You–I promise–are allowed to like both. In fact, you should. It's pretty much an obligation for anyone who has enough manliness to despise that poofter sport with the round checkered ball.

                  • psully23

                    Also by this logic, hockey really isn't a sport? You'll be telling me those guys couldn't take a hit from Ray Lewis on skates? Or some other dumb bullshit your spewing from you idiot hole.

    • John

      America doesn't give a shit about your stupid games either wanker.

  • luckyB

    GIANTS….this is why they well win. #6

    • luckyB


    • Bryan

      looks like im a giants fan. she is very smexy.

    • epropst90

      Arms too skinny, hands too big and veiny, awfully straightened hair, purse too high up, helmet decoration indicates too desperate to be a Giants fan, eye paint stripe too thin, not enough curve in rear-region =
      2/10 – WOULD NOT BANG

    • matt

      she's got her own website, i forget what her name is. But she has the body of a 12 year old. I've seen her at a game in person and she's really nothing special.

  • Anthony

    I hate the Patriots, go Giants!!!!!

  • matador

    new york sucks (including the jets)…. go pats!

  • Indiana Chive Fan

    Is it too late for the Colts to get hot?

    • lonin

      Kind of sounds like Indy is going to blow the whole thing up and rebuild? I haven't followed it too closely, but if they do it will be a shame. I thought the Pats/Colts rivalry was pretty awesome.

      • iChive

        Peyton is cleared to play. The draft is just bad Luck for him, though.

  • SkiDaPark

    #25 Gronk for the Win!
    #11 who's that guy in the 85 shirt? 🙂

    Pats in a close one (but would prefer Pats in a not as close one)

    • 80's Baby

      #11 is Chad OchoCinco

  • SkiDaPark

    #22 Gronk for the Win! (oops… goofed on my last post)

    • JrTR

      IF he even plays!! High ankle sprain…. Sucks

      • lonin

        He'll play. How well will be the question. I'd like to see Hernandez step up, I know he's capable of it.

  • TheJesus


  • uhhh

    i guess the pats?


  • Charlie

    Let’s go BIG BLUE!



    • suavesito

      Off topic, but you gotta be a “Song of Fire and Ice” fan right? Stavros…
      Huge fan myself
      If not, my bad

      • ST4VROS

        Sorry buddy, never heard of it I'm afraid!

  • suavesito

    #18 Carl rocks
    #27 proves Eli is a fucking r-tard

  • daveh873

    Giants baby! YEA!

  • TheAutomaticMan

    Only super bowl wish that i have is that the chive will get rid of these damn Ads…… i mean really…..

  • SonOfZod

    Was the original comment posted by BANE? Cause that would totally make sense (assuming the rest of the world has rewatched the Datk Knight trailer as much as I have)

  • John

    I could care less who wins. I'm a left-coaster (West Coast). If I had to pick, I'd say Giants because they are kind of the underdogs in that Brady and the Patriots barely struggle to win. But honestly I don't care. I'll probably enjoy the commercials more than anything….damn I'm getting old.

  • wojo

    Pats > Giants

    • _Moose_


  • Warrick Dunn

    I'm taking the Giants now only because Gronk broke it off in Bibi Jones and now I have to find a new girl, that S.O.B……I hope your leg falls off

  • doglover1


    • _Moose_

      He should really let his ankle mend, though it won't matter. Giants by 10.

  • Jon

    GO PATS!!!!

  • Lugh

    Umm where are all the hot Gisele pics? We need a football wives post.

  • Clint

    My super bowl wish? That both teams bus crash on the way to the stadium and no one can play so the game can be cancelled. Can’t think of 2 teams as well as coaches and quarterbacks that I despise more than these 2! War anything else on tv Sunday night….even if its basket weaving or how to wash your car in the rain!

    • Tommy Boy

      Must be a Steelers fan…

    • slagthor

      Completely agree.

  • genghistron132

    My super bowl wish is to not be punched in the face by every media outlet about the super bowl…

  • ChicO85T

    #24 douche

    • sdawson22


  • etcrr

    Pats this time

    • _Moose_


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