What is your Super Bowl wish — Giants or Patriots?

  • Rumple4skin103


  • John kimble

    I caught myself getting angry about the antiamerican posts but then I felt bad. Here I am sitting at my nice desk at my wonderful job drinking a glass of ice cold water, day dreaming about my superbowl plans, wearing clean clothes and a nice pair of leather shoes, thinking about next week when i get my paycheck (money i earned and isnt taken away from me because our economists are smart enough to reject socialism) waiting till 5 o’clock so I can drive my beautiful
    American car home to have sex with my beautiful American girlfriend. And then I plan on eating more food than one human needs, while watching my giant tv. God I love this country

  • Drew

    The Patriots’ legacy will forever be cheating. Until they have their 3 championships stripped, I can have no respect for them of their fans. 2000-2006, they cheated and everyone knows about it, but because the coach misinterpretated the rules, everything’s hunky-dorey? No. Every win that they get should be subject to the utmost scrutiny, and if you think that theaters deserve anything less, you’re ignorant. Plus I hate seeing the same clip of Brady crying because he didn’t drafted high enough on NFL network all the time. That’s what happens when you suck in college, you’re short, and out of shape at the combine. peace.

    • Duncan

      Actually the Pats weren't the only ones doing what they were caught doing, taping another team, most other teams were doing it as well….Eric Mangini was just a crying little b!@#h. Plus, if the NFL determined that the rules were misinterpreted, what's the real issue you have? The memo prohibiting taping came out less than 48 hours before the Patriots were reported.

      So you think that the 50 TDs that Tom Brady threw in 2007 had something to do with the team video taping another team? Or the record that Gronkowkis set this year was bogus?

      He did suck at the combine, I'll give you that. Perhaps that's why he went in the 6th round. Check your facts…he didn't suck in college and he's not short.

      Get over it already.

  • Duncan

    Dear Chive,

    A lot of haters on here. As much as I do not like, ok from the depths of my soul REALLY dislike (I teach my kids not use the word "hate") the Giants I sincerely hope it is just a great football game. The finish of the Pats/Ravens game was epic.

    I was born and bred a Patriots fan just outside of Boston so obviously I want the Pats to win. However I wish both teams luck this weekend…maybe a little more to the Pats. 🙂

    Whichever way it goes I will endeavor to Keep Calm and Chive On!

  • Grumpyfan

    Doesn’t matter

    Both teams are there because of screw ups by real teams.

    Boycott bowl I. They both suck

    • really

      Lmfao. If they were real teams they wouldn’t have screwed up hu?

  • Jeff

    Mine would be a new gallery; preferable the Chivettes!

  • The Woim

    Giants in a shutout. My wish is that they injure Tawmy Brady by folding his knee the wrong way and thereby ending Justin Beiber's carreer. Tawmy=Beiber+Douchiness=Giants 17; Patsites 0.

  • ChrisUKnow

    I'll be cheering for the first ever tie in Super Bowl history. Or maybe some kind of cheerleader brawl, but that feels overly optimistic.

  • Chiv3On

    Fuck 'em both. It's going to be a boring ass super bowl….

  • Gronkasarus

    IS that a Bad Photoshop in Pic 1 of Brady? Since when is his number S1??

    This is going to be a truly epic showdown. Hope the Pats can pull it out.

  • Thornley

    #22 Yo Soy Fiesta!

  • Kermie

    The team with the most prison time?

  • Willy

    Why is Bradys’ number backwards in #1?

  • Mitchiver

    Who cares. Go Steelers! Six time superbowl champions. That’s right. 6.

  • keith

    Both SUCK ASS…… Both coaches are probably raping little boys in the shower.

  • Master_Rahl

    Looking for a Pats win. Can't stomach a 3rd loss to the Giants in as many games. Plus, as a Pats fan, I hear plenty of Manning noise from Indy (maybe not for much longer, though)… would hate to hear just as much from NY. Should be a slobber-knocker in any event. Enough talk, let's smash some heads!!

  • Tim


  • dablizzack

    I know I am betting on the Giants. They are 3.5 underdogs, the game is guaranteed to come down to a field-goal. Either way you win.

  • Scott

    Wow lots of Pat's fans on here, I can hear you crying yourself to sleep on Sunday already…GIANTS, OWN THE PATS…

  • http://www.kneedeepinabottle.com Navin R. Johnson

    #6 and #10 swayed my vote

  • Jason

    Go 9ers!! Forever faithful

  • travis

    The window licker (aka eli manning) is going down!

  • Machine_head

    Shoulda been harbaugh bowl round 2.

  • sdawson22

    I pick #6 and #28!!

  • Bryan_W

    Worst. Superbowl. Ever.

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