What is your Super Bowl wish — Giants or Patriots?

  • Tom Brady

    The Giants, because I hate all my fans and everybody around me and like killing baby dolphins slowly by throwing plastic at them

  • Koo Koo Kachoo

    I wouldn’t mind if the patriots won if I didn’t hate Tom Brady and all of his douchebaggery! Everytime I watch a pats game I’m afraid Brady is gunna get hit then bitch and cry until there is a new rule that says you cant hit the quarterback! So, because of Brady, fuck the patriots! I’ll take the lesser of two evils to win, Peyton mannings retarded clone!

  • Anonymous

    Fuck both of these teams!

  • Anonymous


  • Gunner

    Giants by 4


    #28 MOAR!

  • Dinger

    #29 giants all the way!

  • Brewcrew

    Neither team I hate both of them…

    Go packers!

  • tLoko420

    I'm not even a Giants fan but….FUCK THE PATRIOTS!!!

  • Jacob

    I got . . . don't give a fuck.

  • BA420

    Patriots are going to dominate. Tom is a man on a mission….it's been all Tebow this…Drew Brees that…Eli is elite now…nobody is paying attention to Brady. He's going to kill NY

  • LagunaLoireLL

    Bibi got Gonk`d Enough Said…..PATRIOTS!

  • -E-

    #28 Patriots. Patriots win. #29 oh god wait no, Giants. NOW I DONT KNOW WHAT TO THINK.

  • Dawnabelle


  • Brad

    I hate both teams but I'd rather listen to how great Tom Brady is than listen to how "great" Manning is.

  • Frank

    It’s so great that America has created a sport for window lickers and that it’s so popular.

  • bigbone

    i hope the game never ends so neither team wins and both teams die of old age.

  • http://www.nflguess.com kevin

    I GUESS that the Pats will win, but as a Fins fan I'm definitely rooting for the Giants…

    Who do you guess will win??

    Patriots – 53%
    N.Y. Giants – 47%

  • sureman123

    both teams are losers….

  • tassen

    i say screw them both, i cheer for beer!!!

  • nang

    america football is the most boring sport in the world

  • Chad

    New Yorkers are egomaniac scumbags, go Pats

  • Dan

    That all the players on both teams get hurt and cannot finish the game and nobody wins. Screw the Giants and screw the Patriots.

  • Go pats

    I forgot what this thread is about? Oh Yaaaa words gonna win the superbowl. For a second I thought was some tfreshman

  • Go pats

    I forgot what this thread is about? Oh Yaaaa whos gonna win the superbowl. For a second I thought was some freshman lit/Phil discussion board. anyway pats all the way!

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