What is your Super Bowl wish — Giants or Patriots?

  • bisonbade

    Giants are the more complete team…they win a close game

  • Turborko

    Go Giants!!!! The pats suck!

  • Adam


  • rod

    theres only one giants team that i know, and theyre in my city playing baseball!

    go pats!

  • oilfieldbill

    #26 tebow twin u pussy ass cry baby i hope giants woop pats ass!!!!

    • Carnoculus

      Scuba Steve needs a diaper change and an English lesson. Go Pats.

  • fckengruven

    Patriots all day…lets go PATs

  • User 314

    Can I say I hope both teams lose or they just cancel the Superbowl this year.

  • http://thechive.com josh11

    Find 6

  • Anonymous

    G men all day GIANTS!!!!

  • 'berto

    I hope they all get broken ankles, to match their limp wrists. Grown men in matching outfits getting millions of dollars to play catch–pathetic.

  • Puffdog

    career ending injuries on both sides

  • Cowboygeek

    please find!!

  • ramon

    #29 fap fap fap, oh yeah, GO GIANTS!!!!

  • Tb_td

    Lets go Pats!!!! Tom brady superbowl victory #4!!!!!!!!!

  • Tb_td

    Well done then scuba steve. No one should die besides the scum that deserve it and by die I mean lose and by scum I mean the giants. LETS GO PATS!!

  • Evan

    I want them to both lose. I don't care how.

  • Andrew


  • matt
  • Anonymous

    Tebow is going to win somehow…or at least be the talk to the pregame, halftime and post game coverage. Sadly.

  • joey butifuco

    As a St. Louis fan, I hate the Giants because they used to be a big rivals with the STL Cardnials. I hate Pats because they cheated back in the 2001 Super Bowl and beat my Rams. That said, I am looking forward to the party and my Red Beans and Rice. And i guess i will root for the Giants. At least they arent cheaters like fat Bill B.

  • signoredellafollia

    i hope they go so far into overtime that they just end the game!

  • Greg

    Go G-Men! Big Blue all the way!

  • http://Twitter.com/ravenracing17 RavenRacing

    Fuck Eli, Fuck Brady, Fuck The Patriots, Fuck The Giants, Fuck Madonna… THIS SUPER BOWL BLOWS. Ravens for 47. 😦

  • http://yahoo mrs.wolowitz

    How did we get from Superbowl showdown to oversensitive bitches slapfighting

  • Kissjets

    Both teams can suck me, go jets

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