What is your Super Bowl wish — Giants or Patriots?

  • jhf60

    #10 The Giants once again win in a close one … NY 31 NE 28.
    #15 The Bunchens celebrating one of their happier moments.
    #17 Four years ago 'my' Giants stopped the Patriots from a perfect season & a fourth SB win for Brady.

  • dickeyt

    Giants don’t deserve to play the pats in the superbowl! where is the packers, there a team that deserves it. GO PATS

  • YunChoe

    #25 Just found out he wasn't playing on saturday…Head shaved on Sunday

  • Force King

    this has to be the most pointless game ever … you either plat it in collage or pro … wheres the sunday league teams … give me rugby league any day at least them men are real men … no padding up for an 8g tackle

  • Kevin

    22 is be be jones.. She fucked Rob Gron she’s a porn star

  • Ben-Jamin

    We didn’t start the fire…

    Troll lala

  • love

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  • mike

    Patriots cheated their way to a few superbowl wins. Their coach, players, and fans are classless hacks. Fuck boston and their sports teams.

    Go ANYONE other then the Cheatriots


  • http://www.priceperheadservices.com Tom

    hahahahaha Super great!!! Giants!1

  • Mia

    I wish people like what would just do us all a favor and kill hielmsf. Someone okay with murdering babies doesn’t deserve to live. You could also move to the third world country dedicate your life to helping kids, but I’m sure you’re just a hypocrite far too selfish to do something like that.

  • http://www.havanacasino.com here

    #29 One of the big reason Im a GIANTS FAN!!

  • Super Shite

    lmao americunts and their gay "sports" the rest of the world doesn't care about, hahah americunt "football" is just rubgy lite and theirs no such thing as 'soccer" it's FOOTBALL you toothless hillbilly hick cunts haha!

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