• etcrr

    Want vs. Need, definitely want

  • beegirl

    I think that table would be extremely relaxing to watch. I love it.

  • Ed's head

    Kinda Cool. Too bad can't say the same for Simon.

  • Wark

    Wow, this would make the hours I spend staring at tables much more interesting!

    (Sarcasm aside, it is kinda cool)

    • @CerealFede

      yo dawg… its funny cause i farted while i was loling

  • Mad Hittman

    If I had this, I would invite some friends over, put some porno, leave the room, and have the table suddenly start writing ''Jesus is watching you fap''

  • NcouthYouth

    Off to go find $7,500. Be right back.

  • PanchoGutz

    taks the zen out of a zen garden concept

  • Ru'

    Ball bearing and magnet; hardly magic. Very nice though 🙂


      I think the magic is the programming he did for it to work and work that well

      • Ru'

        It was only his comment about no-one being able to work out how it works…

  • Canuck

    It's a fancy etch-a-scetch.

  • tim

    Put a set of tits on it and maybe I would buy it.

    • ROK247

      you could set it to draw rough 2d line sketches of boobs?

  • Jeff

    Cool but to paraphrase a song title by The Stranglers: "Bring on the Sexy Chivers"!

  • Grow up

    People are fucking retarded

  • Joe Testarosa

    And I would want this why? It would be broken far more than it would work.

  • Endo

    Would make a nice floor in a fancy hotel in Vegas or something.

  • The Truth

    Not a bad idea to promote to night clubs etc. It would be really interesting if he could produce this on a vertical level and then someone could set it into a wall.

    • yembyphish

      its sand, that's impossible, stupid.

  • Guest

    Crop circles right in my living room!! Cool.

  • Mellon_Collie

    Most expensive etch-a-sketch I've ever seen.

  • Master_Rahl

    OK, couldn't get past Simon's intro. Anyone remember the Mike Myers SNL skit – "Hello, my name is Simon. I like to do drawings." I love being dumb.

    • zowie

      Mike Myers Sketch? That was based on a real kids TV show called 'Simon and the land of chalk drawings' loved it as a kid in the 70's

  • moxie

    link to buy one?

    *Wants/ Will have*

  • Dcolbert
  • cheese&peas

    Apparently art = corporate logos!

  • doughy

    Tic tac toe anyone?

  • D3AN

    would rather have the microsoft surface 2.0.

  • Nonames

    So a very expensive Etch-A-Sketch. Not Want.

  • yembyphish

    cost? doesn't matter, i'll take three.

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