Cat Saturday (29 Photos)

  • Yo Momma

    Bout the most pussy some of you whiney bitches will see all weekend. STFU and move on plz…

    • goober

      *whispers* but you are on here too . Shot youself in the foot dude

    • Katie

      I got my own pussy and I still enjoy cat saturday. good try, kid.

  • avgejoe

    …..such a badass

  • Derek

    Cats is like soo sensual. Yummers lol!

  • Dr_StrangePants

    #25 speaks to me….every sunday afternoon 20 minutes into my nap

  • QuantuM

    #24 you took too much man.. too much too much

  • Anonymous

    #1 Whyyyyy no cheezberger ads

  • vodkamartini

    #1 whyyyyyyyyyyy no cheezburger ads today

  • Mike Ock

    Why the hell won’t they have Dog Saturday? Is it because Mac fucks dogs?

    • mons

      They had whole entire post dedicated to dogs this week you dumbass
      Why don't you stop complaining. .. if you don't want to look at the cats then don't click cat saturday and make stupid comments it's that easy

      • Mike Ock

        I am going to keep posting just to piss off litte cat loving fuck heads like you. You sound like someone that would have a cat. I bet you let rodent walk all over piss and shit and walk all over your face. I pray you don’t have children you unclean ass clown. By the way, there was a post but it wasn’t anything like dedicating an entire day to an animal that is likely more worthless to society than the monkey’s that created you. Please don’t reproduce. If you have been successfully bread with an actual human, please give it to the proper authorities.

        • Carling

          wow. you are damaged goods my friend.

  • Rockchalk

    FUCK!!! all i want from life is my cat to make cat Saturday!!!!

  • Austin

    How about a Dog Sunday for us dog lovers?

  • Hersheys


    • MattKL

      I can feel my hair growing.

    • DemBone

      My Hands!
      They can touch EVERYTHING but themselves!
      ….. oh


  • tbirk23

    once again, nobody cares what u have to say… u obviously don’t understand this website or community behind it if ur just gonna blabber on in anger all weekend. why so angry? didnt get laid last night? sad because u have no pictures to jerk off to? I really don’t see why u even bother to look at this site on the weekend if u know ur gonna be pissed off by looking at it before the post are even made. go start little rage comments on YouTube or something

    • Mike Ock

      Obviously you care fucktard or you wouldn’t have replied

      • Fuse

        and you must be coming back to this page every 10 minutes to check on what is being said. For somebody who doesnt like this page, why are you the one visiting more than anyone else?
        Now you have a dilemma. You can answer me but by doing so you prove me right. Decisions, decisions.

        • Mike Ock

          Well I’m back fuck nut. Your correct I don’t have anything else to do because I am stuck in this hotel until my wife gets done speaking at her seminar. So take your cats and shove them I. Your dick hole needle dick. I own you.

      • tbirk23

        ur right, it was a waste of my time and so was this but than again that’s what I go on this website to do so I guess u probably are a successful member of the chive community.

  • Gregory

    Mike Ock… If I ever meet you in person I’m going to break your fucking fingers…try to reflect on your life if all you have to do on a saturday is sit at your computer

    • mons

      I'll help you Gregory

    • Mike Ock

      God I would love to see you try. I would see of that nasty ass cat would fit up your ass along with my foot. The only reason people like you exist is that people like me let you. Don’t fucking forget it. By the way call me Sir of you speak to me directly.

    • Mike Ock

      Keep it coming shit bag. I have some extra time while your wife and mother get naked.

      • Harris

        Dont waste your time on this internet warrior. Think about this… how old is he if he uses a name like Mike Ock? Dont waste another minute of your time with a 14 year old. He is venting on here because he has no power in real life. The weaker they are in real life the nastier they are on here. Dont hate him, pity him.

        • Gregory

          Thank you for the support Harris… The comment I just made to the elusive and very bored Mike Ock will be my last… If it does come to pass that I get to break his fingers I will happily submit the pictures to thechive… KCCO

      • Gregory

        I'm sorry Mike Ock.. But I'm awesome… So are cats… So is Mac the intern… People like me exist because of reproduction… You should revisit biology with all your free time… If you'd like to see me break your fingers my email is… since I have plenty of money and I'm sure you don't I'll be happy to fly to you… Also, I have no wife and my mother is currently ashes so uh, not quite sure what you're talking about… Now go socialize dude!

  • g3nXsLack3r

    #5 That looks like one cool cat.

  • Ron Taylor

    Gregory the f. and mons got fuckin owned. Suck cat balls bitches. Lmao

    • Yous

      Awwww… poor little Mike Ock felt so bad he had to come back with another name and pretend to be somebody supporting him. That is so sad. I feel really bad for you Mike. That isnt sarcasm. I really do. You are in a bad place man.

  • Ted Wilson

    Wow Greg, how does that dick taste?

    • Yous

      Correction. Mike Ock had to come back with TWO extra names. Seriously man, think about what you are doing. Take a step back and ask yourself if you would be proud to show what you are doing to your friends.

  • Casey

    #26- So, we meet again…

  • LLD

    wow, that Mike guy is really full of anger. Poor kid. Take heart Angry Mike, they say Jesus loves you, even when nobody else does. (I don’t really believe that, but lots of Christians swear by it)

  • MattKL

    #10 Dinner isn't going to make itself, you know.

  • JOHN

    #2 BA2+!!!

  • Justin D.

    #26 – Soon.


    Sure I think they should make a day that always has an album dedicated to dogs but I dont think it right to go on a site and bash the editors of the albums. This is their site and it is your privledge to view it! Please stop complaining about things you can’t control. Do yourself a favor and make Saturday’s for you Chive free bc you only get angry. Its a bit pointless and arguing over opinions is like arguing whether everyone has an asshole or not.

    • Mike Ock

      Wow, your worse than I thought. Maybe the women you date would take you seriously if you got rid of the cat. Wouldn’t your mon want to see you with a woman not a blow up doll or right hand.

  • ickeymickey

    Dang mike ock u sound upset. It’s funny u bring up cats using the litter box and walkin on their own waste then putting their paws in our face and how dirty it is, dogs r no better. Every dog chews on their balls, and licks their butt, cleans their vag, and even puts on “lipstick” from time to time. And the reason we put up with this is cuz we luv them. And we luv u as well

  • Elyse

    I look forward to cat Saturday’s. It makes me giggle like a little school girl 🙂

  • http://o the brandon

    Hey Mike, piss off bro. Nobody cares what you have to say. You know what’s posted on Saturdays, so If you don’t like it, go to another site, pissface.

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