Cat Saturday (29 Photos)

  • Coop

    Hahaha. I love angry posts. Because the real, REAL badasses prove it anonymously, in comment sections, with pseudonyms like “Mike Ock”. You really told ’em fella! You get ’em again, go on! Get ’em!

  • http://yahoo mrs.wolowitz

    #24 man what happened..woke up weed all over me, bag of coke beside me, dildo in the corner….where the hell am I

  • fr2xedom

    #24 The shnozberrys taste like shnozberrys lol

  • Smitty

    If you own a cat, #2 is pretty much standard operating procedure.

    • Baz

      so if you own a cat SOP is you have a hottie on your carpet? Pet store tomorrow

  • Sophiewilliamz

  • megan


  • sophiewilliamz

    I have many more videos

  • DennistheMenace

    First off mr ock, you spelt bred wrong, So perhaps you are the one who shouldn’t breed good sir. And another thing, arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics, even if you win, your still retarded…

    • tbirk23


    • Gravy

      notwithstanding the bad grammar I like the comparison and intend to steal it and pretend I thought of it

    • Mike Ock

      Ouch, I have to admit that was a good one.

    • Mike Ock

      You know I actually own and love my cat. I have been waiting for weeks for a good comeback. Dennis, you have done do so. The comments will stop.

  • goldengekko1

    #29 that cat has some real patience for his owner my cat would have clawed me to death just for getting that thing out haha

  • dustin

    i honestly dont know how people don't like Cat Saturday. It makes my week some times. Other times….just my day.

  • Anonymous

    #22 u should not own any pets

  • Walter

    I love Cat Saturday!

  • GamerGirl

    #24 you're about to see a cat trip balls

  • CorrectionArms


    Must hold on to the couch, or risk falling off the face of the Earth.

  • John



  • SEB

    Chive dont post the idiots who let there cat get there head stuck in a can..You think they really enjoy that just for your idiotic 'bout I stick your head in a toilet and I'll take pics of u looking stupid and helpless just so it can be part of a post..Fucking Morons

    • asdasd


  • Trevor

    Fix your fucking App.

  • Anonymous

    The only cool thing about this was Bruce Lee.

  • Lindsay

    can i just say to picture #25… schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder are two different mental illness and if you're going to make a joke of any mental illness you should check your facts first. thanks.

    • Lindsay

      i mean #4

  • bozo clowne

    One thing you don’t own, Mr. Ock, is a dictionary. Spelling police are watching 🙂

  • Samantha Kristal

    #24, wtf is on your fireplace? Creepy!

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