Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (26 Photos)

Are you a hot girl that frequently gets lost with nothing more than your camera? Send your pictures to mactheintern [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • Keith

    #2#2#2#2#2#2 did I mention #2!

  • Drag

    #2 is the best!!!!!!!

  • freddy boy

    #8 #9 #10 #18 #25 I don't care what my colleagues have said above; you are just fine.

    #6 I've learned that the strength of a woman's friendship with other women is a strong indicator of how strong a friendship she'll have with me. I love this photo.

  • freddy boy

    #6 I'll say it again, I love this photo. It represents how magically wonderful women's hearts can be.

  • Anonymous

    Number 2 wins hands down bother give it up to #5

  • R8ders6

    #2 is the best and #5 need to find

  • http://what Mike Hunt

    Number 2, look at the camera- and SMILE. I hate that, “oh, I’ll look off to the left or right, as if I’m really looking at someone or something and I’m not aware my picture is being taken” look.

    • Me

      It’s called a pose, you’re never supposed to look directly at the camera.

    • Me

      And on the second day, god created number 2.
      Thats the only explanation for how heavenly she is.

    • Bryze

      Agreed legit is better

  • Bman


  • Twigfinger

    #2 Wooooaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

  • akaluigi

    #7 looks like she’s in Puerto Rico

    #2 is bangin

    • RDH3E

      I would've gone with Maui.

  • Jj

    #18 .

  • Yabba

    #26 Spectacular happy ending!

  • Anonymous

    #2 is hot. But 23 has an awesome smile and pretty eyes.

  • John Robert

    How can anyone be gay with a woman like this? Could she be any more beautiful? No, she could not.
    An absolute dream woman. Perfect in every way.

    • Draxonic

      It doesn't matter how hot she is (which she undeniably is). Somebody, somewhere, is sick of putting up with her shit.

  • shadygoat

    #3 #17 #20

    What lovely views ; D

  • drndwny

    MOAR # 12!!!! ON Wisconsin!!!

  • Jake

    #12 #18 #23 #8


    #2 is incredible!! She needs to be in every posting next week!!! Wow!!!

  • Anonymous

    ten. that is all

  • J-rock

    Sweet Jesus #2 is beautiful.

  • bkfrijoles

    #8 oh mi whos the hottie?

  • ggeorge

    please moar of #19 my heart honestly skipped a beat

  • Ronald Phillips

    2, clearly air brushed, that is all. . .

  • Bryze

    Forget #2. There a difference between high quality and photoshopped. Who wants a chick with sunbursts coming out of her titties.

    But #19, damn, hit the road with that honey and jam out to some fuckin tunes. moar please!!!

  • Junior

    7 MOAR!!!

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