Hot Right Now: Weekend Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

2012 Season NFL logos remastered with a little tongue in cheek (8 photos)

These logos are the brainchild from the folks over at Click HERE to see the rest of the shopped NFL team logos.

  • chivesucksdick

    like all of you.

  • Matt Danchak


  • RavenRacing

    Pittsburgh Slammers? (Jail)

  • Tony

    Feel like the Patriots redesign should read Black Sox instead…

  • Anonymous

    RavenRacing….no it should be the Cincinatti Slammers. There the ones that want to become the new age Scarface!

  • John

    The Chicago drug dealers

  • Big Mike

    I don't get the Colts Logo ?? Dog Shit ??? What does that even mean ? How about … Not the Mann ! or … The Manning, keeping us down.

  • @beverly_fields

    Well I don't know what all of the hoopla is about!!!

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