• http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

    what the fuck is The Sing Off, why have there been 3 seasons and why the fuck is this on the Chive? Did Joey Fatone sneak in the Chive office and start posting shit?

  • knotmee

    fucking terrible. gayest shit since 90's boy bands, which were, unbelievably, gayer than justin bieber…

    • AAaaa

      this sounds fucking awesome.what do u listen?lady gaga?that's fuckin gay

  • http://twitter.com/JakePrescott_ @JakePrescott_

    Amazing!…. ignore the haters.. no taste what so ever man so talented.=]

  • sketchent

    this was pretty cool. black guy wears a suit, stay classy

  • KCJake

    The singing is damn good. The presentation is too emo for me.

  • Charlie

    You should post the a capella video of "Bitches Ain't Shit" by Ben Folds

  • Buzzz

    Not a single dent in this version: http://youtu.be/d9NF2edxy-M

    • driftwoodprose


    • funix

      Best version so far
      I also planned on posting this 🙂

  • Dano

    The Sing Off has the most talent on television. I watch very little, but that show is one of them.

    Haydurz gonna hate. Who cares about what they think.



  • fhonik

    The guy that looks like wolowitz from Big Bang theory has a fantastic DEEP voice

  • puppy


  • Gilant

    Not my favorite song, but this is just lovely to listen to

  • SLSean

    These kids are talented… To be that young and be able to arrange the stuff that they do is incredible.

  • wakedork

    Walk off the Earth is the best version, I too was gonna post it. Atleast they did the whole song and didn't skip the 2nd Verse.

  • SnappinNex

    Ya, why not post the walk off the earth version??? so much better than this !!!

    • josh


  • houghi

    Yes. Walk off the Earth is way better. This is not bad, but WotE is many levels better.

  • trayhartm8

    gayer than christmas

  • notalentbum

    weaksauce…. no emotions just straight singing

  • bew

    dude on the right looks like Howard from big bang theory.

  • Shenny

    WHOA!! To all the haterz out there, remember that the title says ACAPELLA!! I want to see 5 random people in a room try to do the same thing and get the same results as this, altough the video could've been filmed better to really show off their talent, they still killed it….Propz

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