Bizarre signs that make us question the planet we live on (30 Photos)

  • Craigery

    #30 They serve you tacos while you surf the Internet? I'd go.

  • Chris Moltisanti

    Horehound is a member of the mint family that was used in a lot of candies back in the day. If I remember correctly it tastes kind of like black licorice.

    • MattKL

      And herpes.

  • Ryan

    #8 I took that same picture, it's in Lexington, Ky down from my house. It's on my Facebook.

    • http://what Mike Hunt

      WOW, thanks for telling us all that real useful tidbit! Hey everyone, Ryan took a similar picture! Tell all your friends!

      • MattKL

        Y u so dickish?

    • Jacob

      haha I took the same picture and was going to put it on here.

  • Whiskey

    Pretty sure #11 is in my city, or he just copied this guy…

  • Chongo blanco

    #29 Lol that’s in my home town of Farmington,NM they have another sign on the west side of town at the other video store

  • pablo

    My picture didn’t make the post. I’m gonna go punch an old man now… Thanks chive.

  • Dominican

    #9 i have one of these
    it rules

    • Steve

      how did you open the box it came in?

  • Sexy Girls

    Number 14 is the best :))

  • sdawson22

    #1 we took and submitted lastnight while at a bar for Superbowl, and posted today, thanks Bob!

  • Red Ruby

    I would like to eat some bagel tits, while scanning through adult videos (being watched by Jesus obviously) in the awesome taco internet shop, listening to Cartmen's hand shove out old J-Lo remixes – That is all.

  • Mr. X

    Where is The GAP, c'mon get up you lazy, SuperBowl sized hangover Chivo assholes!! Get up and get to work!!

  • bbf

    #15 nothing wrong with this..
    people are getting really stupid

  • Leonel_LyL

    #22 The Bathroom High School?

    • marysmith890

      THIS IS MY HIGH SCHOOL!!! (not even kidding) class of 2012:)

      • craig.gonzo

        #22 holy crap my high school is somewhat famous now. Thanks chive

  • Dave

    #5 That's what she said…

  • rachel

    #29 Farmington, NM made it on thechive! Haha! Pass that sign everyday!

  • Indiana Chive Fan

    "Hey, Cleatus…Run up into town to that there rental place and pick us up one of them big ass ladders."

  • Tava

    I read about this old candy in high school when we read "Where the Red Fern Grows". Our teacher brought a piece for everyone in the class. I fell in love with it and still eat it to this day. You can get some at Cracker Barrel, or online. It is kind of like a semi-sweet licorice.

    • Nova

      Holy Crap you read that in High School? No wonder we're going down hill so fast, I had to read that book in the 5th grade. Awesome book, cried like a baby.

    • ChelseaRules

      I know! I love this flavor!
      My friend was trying to remember what it was called once and he described it as, "Kindof sounding inappropriate, like slut-dog or something." We lol'd.

  • Scott

    Where is this magical place?

    • Chris

      Taco internet is the most delicious of all the internets. And it was taken in Dallas, TX close to Fair Park.

  • Nickdrising

    Great Job!

  • carlito corleone
    • carlito corleone

      #30 Dallas mexican side


    #20, seems legit, she bakes, i drink


      shit meant #18

  • Guest

    #16 Hope his boss has a sense of humour.

  • Steohawk

    #20 It's amazing how a perfectly innocent food can become something else. Are we supposed to call ACTUAL tossed salads something else now? What if I say that beer means sex with donkeys? Does that mean that everybody will start making fun of beer signs?

  • troy ny

    #26 I see this all the time!

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