Celebrities that look like zombies (20 Photos)

  • Nishtai

    Sorry Mac, not a funny post. That being said, #9 and #12 look like crap. WTF happened to Liza? It looks like they stuffed her face with plasticine

  • lutjiano

    #11 scared the shoot out of me…

    • lutjiano

      Shit, I meant to say shit.

  • its_forge

    Streisand doesn't look *so* bad, I mean she's frickin' 70 for Chrissake.

    Courtney Love holy FUCK!

  • Phil.in.tx

    AKA the heres what we look like with no make up & NEVER EVER hate on Ozzy, a metal god as far as i'm concerned

  • bubs

    I’m going to pretend I didn’t look at this post.

  • jjjjj


  • Kate

    Alls I gots to say is the majority of these women look like anyone one of us without a shit ton of make up on. I look like shit if i have pimples and a bad camera angle (katy perry). However, Courtney Love and Liza…Just. Please. Stop. !!!!!

    • Kates dildo

      I no longer want to do you..

  • john j

    Horrible post. Delete immediately

  • Emma

    #15 literally sent chills down my spine… SPOOOOKY!!

  • Jay perry

    Anyone surprised with the Courtney Love pic..

    • Conchy Joe

      Yeah – that was the most screwed up to me – the rest were just old people or chicks w/o makeup.

  • Noegod

    I have the wierdest boner right now! (shame)

  • Chris

    #14 Katy Perry..?..no wonder Russell’s out..come to think about it he isn’t on the list!

  • Todd S.....

    Na there just real photos,without makeup,hair done.Airbruched.So realy there just looking like the rest of us.

  • Simon

    Think of her boobs!

    Think of her boobs!

  • Joe

    What the he’ll is wrong with the app! I paid a dollar for that thing dammit!

  • singularityshit

    Not fair, Courtney Love actually is a zombie.

  • jhf60

    #1 Me thinks that this post was created simply and only because of the AMC ad 'The Walking Dead Returns'.

  • Sploosh

    These pix are about as good as thinking about slaughtered cows when doing the do

  • ben

    I don’t know about bein zombies, I think some of them look either drunk or stoned

  • Mendo

    wth is Bill F@#&@!* Murray?

  • oilfieldbill

    #4 Oklahoma city county jail mug shot!!!! Lmfao 😉

  • Anonymous

    Katie Perry sure looks plain jane w no make up on. I always liked zoey deschannel better. Way hotter!

  • thejoegrosso

    #19 and #2 I'd totally hit it still

  • DjRobb

    No Keith Richards?

  • http://www.thechive.com SmokeyMorgan

    #18 I have to say, this is the most predictable of the bunch. But, at the same time, the most disturbing.

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