Close Encounters of the Third Find (37 Photos)

  • Tim Vergeer

    #4 Has just posted the rest of her shoot:

  • Penultimate

    Oh come on, it has to be #27

  • Bob

    #28 and #7 must be found……………..

  • Larry

    Ok I know and don't care that 500 people have already pointed out that Alyssa Campanella is #1, point being use google image or Tineye to search for these people before you post her in Find her. Lazy.

  • Stricken1

    Please find these 3! They're beyond…words! Numbers 27, 29, and 37!!

  • JMO

    #30 That's not perfection, that's anorexia.

  • ross

    #37 O I like thaaaat!!

  • BKH

    #29 Gay test, FAIL!!!

  • That Canadian Guy

    #1 is my next future ex-girlfriend, ah hell lets make that one a future ex-wife.

  • mashu

    #17 talia shepard..check out for MOAR at

  • bmwbro

    #15 will you marry me?

  • dirtyfonzie


  • Stump
  • jayb


    HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sandman

      Winter Pierzina

  • Jasom

    +1 on #11 please!

  • Southshorerider

    #24 +1

  • Jake

    #4 is Jessica Nigri. She has a youtube channel you can look up. I know who #1 is from last week also, she goes to my school. I don't know who to give this information to though!!!

  • Papantla

    I think i can help with #21.. just tell me, how do you get the picture?

  • aura

    i was lookin chive's tshirts for buy one for myself..then i saw her.
    oh god. in italian lang we says "mi sono innamorato" (i felt in love) no im kidding. just i want to ask her which size she wear..i ll buy one for my gf : ))
    here she is :

  • BigD

    #13 I was watching that Paul speech and kept seeing this girl lick and smack her lips . . . much hotter than this pic gives her credit for. I'd love to spend an election night with her.

  • dude

    #1 Nothing can beat that

  • Ross

    # 15 is gorgeous and the girl isn't half bad either

  • GGGreg

    #10 's main site is

    You´re welcome.

  • Sqott


  • TwillyMcgee

    Diggin number 5.

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