Close Encounters of the Third Find (37 Photos)

  • Duka

    Is 23 for real… In that case forget all, just find this one!

  • Anonymous

    #33 Mikaela Hoover

    Small time actress. Nice boobs.

  • ST33

    #35 is obviously hot, but you have searched for months? Really? C'mon guy.

  • Anonymous

    First :))) lawlz for real no jk no jk

  • flempton

    #4 is Jessica Nigri. Enjoy

  • TJTex

    #29 No need to ask her, FOUND

    • everything's great


  • jack_skeleton11

    So much good in this post

  • mith

    #32 easy, she's laying on the floor in the women's restroom

  • p dangerously

    #3 wow two left hands. impressive

    • Tek

      Two right hands*

      • mlj

        Its from the droid razr super bowl commercial. The other right hand is the guy working with her.

  • Lex

    #17 is maybe, possibly Talia Shepard, (Don't Google here when youre boss is watching!)

  • Mad Fapper

    #17 Talia Shepard……………..found………fapped.

  • Chief choctaw red

    #28 is beautiful…gotta find her!!!

    • jared

      resembles Lupe Fuentes…NSFW

    • Daniel

      This is Lais de Leon. She is beautiful, her website is

  • p dangerously

    can we please get a gif of #2 spanking #23? Thanks

  • crash0520

    #16 This picture was taken at Bone Daddy's in Arlington, TX. I went to school with the girl on the right her name is Brittany she works there.

  • mkgt

    #7… Mallory Snyder… ??

    • Meow

      Not at all….

  • bw11

    FIND #2

    • p dangerously

      and girl #1. we already know #3.. snookie in lifts

      • p dangerously

        didnt mean to have those pics. reply for pic bw11

  • http://yahoo mrs.wolowitz

    #37 please find…my god

  • BigManJones

    There are topless pictures of #5 on the internet, if one were so inclined…

    • Workaholic

      im inclined whats her name to search?

  • SFgiants fan

    Holy shit 28! Stunning!!

  • Anonymous

    Some of a y’all need to raise your standards. My standards are just fine with 2,21,26, and 37… find them.

  • TJTex

    #12 FOUND Charlotte Lucy

    Damn I'm good

    • Seldi84

      She's only 17. Damn such a waste.

      • David

        She's also English, so totally legal if you grace our fine shores 🙂

        • Seldi84

          I am English, but for personal reasons i don't date women born after 1990. Mainly because i have neices aged 19 – 14. Even though i was only born in the mid 80's myself i'd feel to much like Pedobear.

    • Kylexy

      It really is her…DUDE, i love you man

  • slippery pete


    I think we've all seen this, and yes she has a big ass, but the original isnt that big and it was fine the way it was. no need to shop it slightly larger…..

    • B_Error

      Know where to find the original?

  • Roy1531

    She looks like the too cute for words chick that the Chive used for the” I quit” dry erase board spoof!

    • Underbaker

      Found her, Kaija and her Flickr home page is

      • Jack Burton

        Wrong. It's Natalie Ramsey

        • Underbaker

          Well here is the link in that photo stream to the licensed photo by Kleine Moewe (AKA Kaija), where she calls it "stuff being thrown at my head". So Mr. Burton where is your supporting evidence?

  • spicticus

    Love #1, Please find #5 and both girls in #20

  • b_ho

    #2 is unfuckenbelieveable………must find

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