Close Encounters of the Third Find (37 Photos)

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  • the beav

    #27 stop putting her picture up if you can’t find her. everytime you post her i rush to comments. but only to find no hope

  • Hector

    Thank God someone put #3

  • MsGM
  • Justin

    #20. That pic was taken at Hampton beach, NH.

  • ThisChickLovesChive

    #37 Didn't she just play the Super Bowl halftime show?

  • yrestpid

    #23 The only reason to find her is to tell her to get her fat ass on a fuckin treadmill

    • P dangerously

      Why cause your to short to hadle it?

    • cashboxxer

      I agree!!! Made me puke in my mouth a little bit…

  • Sheldon
  • Bryan

    what cow light switch?

  • Graybeard

    #7 yea, and you and EVERY guy over 40….

    43 yr old Chiver

  • Bryan

    if you ever see something by gingergreek you'll probably go blind

  • Anonymous

    #22 is my buddies gf. Already told him you guys want moar!!

  • gregorygarden
  • Austin

    #15 is Megan Abrigo.

  • Gallus

    Yes, the redhead in pics #1 and #18. Man, I love her, too.

  • Billavoider

    Thechive is one of my favorite sites, so I say this with all the love in the world…. Close Encounters of the Third Find… Come on, just call it what it is… Find Her. Your catchy titles are starting to be a stretch. The other option is to hire the guy that writes the headlines for the NY Post Sports.

    • Ant72

      Shut the fuck up

  • gregorygarden
  • Doobsy

    #27 is absolutely doing my head in!!!! Every F#@king day i see this perfect specimin on the site and every day I wanna know who she is!
    GOD She is beautiful! Someone please find this smokeshow!

  • lip85

    #2 jessica nigiri in her new skyrim costume

  • personingreen

    Megan Abrigo

  • Rocks Off

    #1 is Miss America or something

  • http://Kapelski Zete

    #20 MUST be found

  • gregorygarden

    #9 is Heather Storm;

    • ur3minutesrup

      And she got nekkid in Epic movie!

  • Doc

    #23 ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass

  • this guy

    #4 .cmonnn. find her so we can make fun of her for wearing that.shit.


    #17 is Talia Shepard

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