Close Encounters of the Third Find (37 Photos)

  • Draven Lee 83

    #4: Arrow to the knee or not… I want MMMOOOAAARRR! X-)

  • stuf

    the chive is so creepy and racist and sexist. I fyou want to join the movement, email me at chiveisracist@g

    I've hired a PR and lobbying firm to address the outright sexism, racism, and user comments that are hateful. We will be reaching out to media outlets. Also, a new anti-chive webiste is coming up soon. Get Ready!!!

    • guest

      are you fucking kidding me?

    • tbirk23

      name to me one way the chive is racist or sexist. Also, the only hateful comments as of right now are all of your post, so maybe don’t be a hypocrite and contribute to what u seem to hate. there is a simple solution to this, don’t visit the site If u r offended by it. good luck with this little movement considering there are thousands of pornographic and other websites 1000 times worst than chive.

    • Anonymous

      Well…you suck. Chive on!

    • Trav

      Stfu and stay off the chive if u don’t like it. It’s people like u that ruin good things like this!!

    • Rob

      no one likes you. you are a troll

  • Caleb

    MORE OF 37!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Stuf you need to get a life. Go for a walk or something. Maybe you should just turn the Internet off or go to another website. Lastly go fuck yourself.

  • guest

    There are indeed posts for african american women. Possibly do a little research before you lobby for something you obviously know nothing about…

  • The boss

    Is stuf serious?

  • The boss

    If you don’t like the website, then go elsewhere.. You dont have to look at this website you know.. They don’t haves to cater to you needs or wants..

  • anderwpeg

    so the Black is Beautiful posts aren't of black girls????

  • James A. Turnkey

    Stuf is just upset. She hardly gets attention and would never be on this…. Cause if we found her…. We would do everything possible to lose her…. Third world countries are sounding nice this time of year.


    ❤ for all women. Even the bitchy ones who can't get laid.

    • Simon

      Chive isn't a woman, he's a guilty white liberal.

      His "Chive is sexist" crap is nothing more than him trying to impress girls.

    • Rholio

      Pretty sure stuf is simply a bot.

  • Louis

    #4 is Jessica Nigri, there’s a post somewhere on The Chive dedicated to her. She’s super hot and awesome.

  • Ha ha

    Shut the stuf up

  • Jp

    Stuf, go fuck yourself! Or get “stuf”ed, however you want to put it.

  • Honest

    I see you trollin…

  • Anonymous

    Stuf,find your happy place and stay there!

  • Mr Beefy

    Is it me or do black womens vaginas remind you Old Dirty Bastard? Wu Tang!

  • TheAutomaticMan

    I heard that #23 is from a place called photoshop…. or somethin like that.

  • LOL

    #36 Lilly Aldrige?

  • pwee is racist. Chive is not. KCCO

  • Chris

    Chive, I'm a huge sucker for a redhead and I love the RedHead section!! Please please please find more of #1

  • Haywood

    #1 / #18
    Vid here:

  • http://thechive Zach

    22 is my dream girl Da Bears

  • Chivefan

    I believe #9 (the blond from the Worx Energy commercials is actress/model Heather Storm.

  • irons

    #28 I think I just splooged

  • Brandixxx

    The chive is not racist or sexist. Exmple number one:: black is beautiful. Example number two:: all girls on the chive come in all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities and all chivers adore these ladies. The only hate I see is stuf.
    Keep more sexy lady photos coming!
    Kcco, with love -a straight chivette

  • Tyler

    #37,#1,and #7 find them now chive!

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