Close Encounters of the Third Find (37 Photos)

  • jerm

    #12 is selena gomez

  • insaneyoda


    The NAACP and UNCF are racists, but you don't hear Mexicans complaining about it!

    From a black man born of a strong-willed mexican woman, I approve of all of these girls! … Keep Calm and Chive on!

  • jk

    #4 is jessica niegri

  • Jamal

    This is America freedom of speech and freedom to chive on if you have a problem with it look the other way or get the he’ll out

  • Some guy

    Stuf- Do you realize the problem with the world is people like you who want to sue everybody if you don’t like it then stay the hell off the website!

  • DRIZ

    #23 is disgusting, unless your b**** HAHAHAAHH

  • its_forge

    #23 very badly shopped, which is really dumb because she had a nice ass to start with.

  • stuf hater

    "STUF" shut up! you dump ground

  • arlingtonchiver

    #16 is at bonedaddy’s in Arlington tx

  • xzapato

    #27… Mhmm

  • Some Brown Guy

    #23 I’m in love. Please tell me she is 5’4″ and love COD. MARRY ME!

  • justin

    #1 #37 gotta agree with these two…FIND!! AAAIIIEE!

  • brad

    #22 is like 13ish!!!!! C’mon!!!!

    • ????

      she look just like a girl i know if I'm wrong correct me but i believe her name is Liz Gatlin from Tx

  • Holly

    #33 is Mikaela Hoover from the internet series "Sorority Forever".

  • Anonymous

    Stuf is probably a 41 year old Christian virgin!

  • togaen

    #2 <Jeff Goldblum voice>yes, yes… find, find…</Jeff Goldblum voice>

  • goldengekko1

    how does someone end up with negative feedback on this site they must have really been assholes to everyone for them to do it or at least offended a lot of people just play nice and get along this is the cive community for crying out loud


    That awkward moment when you ask a website to find some random chick you will never score with anyway, so you just fap to her pix.

  • therealguy

    Find her. A club for the Forever Alone.

  • Woodrowrules

    #22 #28 FIND THEM!

  • Anonymous

    Stuf….. I just wish you lived anywhere near St Augustine…. I think I would beat you within an inch of your life….. Grow up , quit haten, and Keep calm and Chive on. Or better yet…..just move on….all of us loyal Chivers are done and over you

  • BeN

    #15 Mercedes Terrell ?

  • Rusty_Dreams

    #1 #7 HOTTEST of them all!!!

  • Anonymous

    #37 had a bunch of other photos on reddit last week, uploaded herself

  • therealstake

    #17 Talia Shepard. Google her. NSFW.

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