Close Encounters of the Third Find (37 Photos)

  • Imyourhuckleberry

    Anyone else see the irony in someone like stuf? I bet he/she never had a complaint about ebony magazine, miss black America, black only dating sites, etc. Chive don’t pander to folks like this. The girls on here are real and are hot. The only group biased against is girls w no chance of lower back problems. Keep calm and chive on

  • jdogg

    Tosh has a girlfriend??

  • Kimmy

    She's at Jenny Craig…

  • Scott

    #4 is Jessica Nigri

  • America's Finest

    Troll, find something better to do with yourself……oh and let me guess……you voted for obama and support obama care…..socialist turd!!!!!

  • sam

    #2-5-7 hurry MOAR!!!!

  • http://theChive tony justiniano

    #28 is the Brazilian bombshell Lais De Leon…

  • Texas


  • unknown

    I know #20. I went to highschool with the one in pink. I tapped for a few years. Right now she is knocked up and doesn’t look nearly as hot. Enjoy the pic though! Haha

  • PatrickBateman

    i'm looking forward to reading your blog to see what your arguments are for The Chive being racist, sexist, and sexually exploitative. You don't say much other than the same thing over and over again, like an ignorant protestor.
    – You hint it's racist by saying, "where the black people at?". – it's called a target audience… you post what viewers want to see/read. Maybe you can post what you'd want to see on your blog, but make sure you don't violate your second and third adjectives. Otherwise your pro bono PR rep will address the media about you.
    – You say it's sexist and sexually exploitative – viewers submit these photos of themselves to be put on the site. others are already available via the web for the same reasons.

    So all in all you want to see a site with black people, both men and women, that are not sexually suggestive in any way… i'm fairly confident that already existed. it was called the Cosby Show and it is no longer on the air, sadly. But if you bring it back i will follow your site, in addition to the Chive.

    apologies for the long winded response. excellent work finding the redhead, and workout blonde. KCCO

  • Perceptive


    Was sitting right by her.

  • graham

    #1 + #11 = FIND

    • Rebecca

      I told you- she’s miss USA

    • Dufius

      11 is a Dude… Sorry

  • purvieWRX
  • JDords

    #15 is Megan Abrigo

  • Chris

    #23 P.A.W.G

  • Aloouio

    23, 27 and 29.

    Msg me, I want to marry you.

    28 years old, really good looking. Athletic/Fit. Engineer.

  • jhf60

    I agree with those looking for #19, #33, #36.

  • Alex

    23 and 28you please

  • Mild Man

    Chive, you MUST find #13. I do not find her attractive, I just want to talk her out of supporting Ron Paul!!!

  • kev

    troll, please… there is nothing illegal on this site, plus it is freedom of speech… i bet you support sopa dont you?

  • mike


  • Jason


    The girl in the blue is all ….."Damn that's a sweet ass!!!"

  • Jenny Johnson

    I totally know who #29 is!

  • Bob

    10 = Ariane Saint-Amour.
    17 = Talia Shepard.

  • sweety68

    #11 is not mannish, she has a really pretty face. her boobs are small but some guys love that. i think she is sexy

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