Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • daniel


    • 6_Crack_rocks

      you should try getting the first and putting up a pic from the post like a non d bag. do something like this.

      #47 My goal is to break the FIRST law in all 18 of those states. Sadly I am a D-bag that posts first and think I am cool, so instead i will spend the rest of my miserable existence fapping to #45 in my parents basement.

    • Sluttypanda

      I just don't get why. It should be pretty obvious that no one cares, and it's nowhere near anything to be proud of. Why the fuck do people do this?

      • daniel

        lol, because dumbasses like you keep responding.

  • makers mark

    I would be arrested for doing number 6 on #47 to #48

    • Jester

      I'd do number 8 to do #48

    • the_mike

      I'd hit it before 65 if it were my cousin. Don't you click thumbs down, you would too.

      • Cuzin Fucker

        I fucked my cousin. But it was in the ass so its legal in West Virginia.

    • Robert

      I'd do all 10 of them to #49

      • Billy Bob

        For #10 you would have to starve her down to 39 lbs and then dress her up as a sheep. I will let you borrow my Velcro belt and gloves for this next part. When she goes to drink out of the pond, latch on with you Velcro gear. She will be too scared to do forward into the pond so she will just keep trying to back up…

    • Ink man

      I think she breaks rule number 10

    • Lawyered

      Actually, #1-6 on #47 should have bee made unconstitutional, therefore invalid, by Supreme Court Case Lawrence v. Texas (2003). So go on and have fun with number 6 on #47 to #48 Mr. Makers Mark. Chive On!

    • MacNCheesePro

      #47 tons of people violate 5 by screwing the rest of America in the ass! Which I'd do to #48 as well.

    • Akinjide88

      Who is She????!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • Crzy Cooter

        Her name is Janessa Brazil….NSFW… 🙂

    • http://www.thechive.com Penrath

      Define "Gun"…..

      "This is my weapon. This is my gun."

      It's all about how the laws are written and interpreted my fine freaky fiends! o.0


  • Eric

    #1 screw you guys, i'm going home

    • Astonished

      I never thought I would see the day when someone i actually know is not only on TheChive, but about to become a meme.

      • John

        He's not fat, he's just bigboned. BEEFCAKE!

      • Just Sayin'

        are you saying your friend GENUINELY dresses like this?!

        • Astonished

          Yeah, he does it as a joke. He's from chicago, journalists are trying to interview him now

      • Kenny

        mmnmm mnnggg hfffhmm mngngh fhfh mhm!

    • Maytrix

      You know everyone you read this, read it in their head in Carman's voice!

      • chronic

        respect my authoritey!

      • Maytrix

        Damn I need to check my typing.. auto-correct sucks…

    • Mr.B


  • DrLeppiwinks

    #4 Politicians fucking love cocaine

    • LineHog

      So Do I

      • Hood Rat

        i love jenkem.

  • THE_Yanni

    #30 it's ok she's got the positioning down pat

    • DrROBOTO

      Guess the myth is true. look how the blonde to her left is holding the mic lol .

  • madge

    #37 kill it, kill it with fire !!!!!

    • Julien


      • The Chivers

        no, lady gaga.

        • Mr edd

          Thankyou captain obvious…..

          • The Chivers

            you're welcome.

    • edslerson

      that bitch is so gross

    • xanivan


    • http://thechive.com/ cubanitagirl

      hahaha i was about to post the same exact thing lol.

  • Memnon

    Lol great dar

    • avi


  • Tetonicebonic

    #8 I've got yellow fever…

    • dedubs

      wow she is gorgeous!

    • Carlos

      That's Racist!!!!!!

    • USAF

      Not sure if shadow or…(gasp)

    • qwert

      fever? i've got the yellow plague!!

    • scottnguyen1987

      i know her! sactown born and bred right there. she use to come in to the pool hall that i use to work at.

      • qwert

        cool story bro. now show us tits.

      • Kevin Rudd

        Ha ha ha ha , sacktown

  • Hammer_Pants


    BFM + Underboob = Awesome

    Ladies, submit your best.

  • etcrr

    #8 Leena wow ty for sharing you're worth waiting for

    • Indiana Chive Fan

      She has a penis.

    • fuckoffstan

      shut up stan, you old fuck.

  • Dentist

    #31 as long as her mouth doesn't get tired

    • Lowrent75

      NAw, She will claim TMJ.

    • do it

      Find her and her untiring arms.

    • Goozen


  • will


    never knew Leena had such fantastic sidebewbage

  • KCCO

    #49 which one would you want more…. her or the shirt?

    KCCO shirt better not run out tomorrow before i can buy one

    • clearance

      I'm going to say her b/c I don't feel like turning in my man card today but after 5 failed attempts i want the goddam shirt pretty bad too


    • MattKL

      Her. Every time.

    • AtothaB

      You know how I know you're gay?

    • Underbaker

      I want her shirt right now out of that photo. How come the picture was taken in a mirror when she didn't take it?

    • http://twitter.com/Ma7moudF4wzy @Ma7moudF4wzy

      how about taking HER shirt off .. double win ?

  • http://www.theChive.com Mack318

    #37 What has been seen cannot be unseen. Dammit

  • dedubs

    #43 can't believe gisele would violate the code like that

    • Dan

      The Pats receivers were scared in that last drive. They dropped several easy passes because they saw Giants coming at them. She's right.


        From everyone that had to read your posts for the past month… You blow.


        Sorry Dan, this wasn't directed at you. Everyone who reads the comments on here knows who I am talking about.

        • RAWR

          i agree that go pats fan got what was coming to him haha pats suck go bengals…FML

    • HUH?

      from that pic, ive got a feeling she isnt gonna age well.

      • dedubs

        Tom should trade up

      • juju

        age well? she looks like a stork now…….

  • Mike B.

    I ould have sworn I just saw him on "To catch a Predator"

    • Glenn

      STILL a better mustache than Derek Holland.

    • yoselahonda

      Willy Wonka?

    • Chris Hansen

      I think I've met him…

    • Kmac

      looks like he escaped from a Pringles can.

    • Sonoran Desert

      "Why don't you come have a seat"

  • etcrr

    #45 WTF is there nothing left?

    • pete

      this is a screen cap from LOUIE. You can see the FX logo in the bottom right hand corner.

      • HUH?

        yes thank you, its a skit, that is all.

        • chronic

          haha good call i was like WTF!!

    • Hlynn

      It's called Mormonism. Thank goodness I'm not one of those.

      • Qwerty

        It's called you're a bigot. Thank goodness I'm not one of those.

        • The Chivers

          at least you can take solace in the fact you're as unoriginal as one….

          • Qwerty

            Bigotry alive and well in this country.

            • Above AVERAGE

              Ugh, I really want to go off on Qwerty McFuckstick for calling someone a bigot because they don't believe what they do, but I do wholeheartedly believe that religious and political banter have no place on theChive. So, I'll just leave it at..

              Qwerty, you believe what you want, and Hlynn will believe what they want. Now stfu.

              • the other OTHER Jen

                "does it make you uncomfortable that after this taping, im going to go home and masturbate thinking about you?"

  • hark1985

    #3 go to the kitchen and make me a sammich and a bottle

  • tralfaz

    Hell with camel toe #12 has moose knuckle

    • Jacob

      I really hope that is shopped; otherwise, that is one huge vagina. A man could get lost in there.

      • Unfkngblvbl

        hahaha…….challenge accepted

      • well

        I was expecting all sorts of "down under" jokes.

        • The Chivers

          no. even we have standards.

    • Dukes

      lmao….i was gonna say "whale fin"……

      • DRIZ


    • Charlie_Cheen

      I was thinking brontosaurus toe

    • Zedhere

      Attack of the 50ft Vagina.

    • fnaah

      Shopped. That's Lauren Jackson (go ahead, google away), and the Australian Women's Basketball team do *not* wear pants like that, they wear one-piece uniforms.

  • hark1985

    #1 fuck fuck fuck, fuckkity fuck fuck fuk

    • IICoLt45II

      how would you like to go see the school counciller

      • hark1985

        How would you like to suck on my balls Mr. Garrison

        • Just Sayin'

          WHAT DID YOU SAYYYY???

          • IICoLt45II

            I'm sorry, what i said was 'ahem' HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO SUCK MY BALLS.. Mr Garrison

            • The Chivers

              everybody wang-chung tonight!

    • http://togtfo.com Don

      isn't Isn't it just "What's the big fucking deal?" "Fuck Fuckity fuck fuck fuck"

      • Just Sayin'

        I think you meant to say "What's the big deal? it doesn't hurt anybody! fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck"

  • Dieter

    #25 pug centipede

    • that guy


    • sadman

      mind the corgi in the lead

  • http://www.thechive.com NonfatWombat

    #2 = Mo-Fo-Jito

  • avi

    #40 Pedophile mustache level 10

    • manilovefilmsdylan

      I've always supported the guy, but I shudder to think where his career is gonna be in 15 years. And I wonder if he'll have stubble by then.

      • duce

        if he keeps the mustache… probably playing a 70's pornstar.

        • Justin

          ^ And now Michael Cera, doing a biopic of Ron Jeremy

  • Edjar

    #2 That is a nice looking drink. I would happy if I had one everyday.

    • Ben


    • Zedhere

      You would be happy and be in the bathroom several times.

  • passwordistaco

    #12 Be afraid, be very afraid

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