Daily Morning Awesomeness (25 Photos)

  • Twoo

    Hate eli

    • caleb

      Hate him and his face all you want, his team scratched the W

    • dochandy

      ^ the fuck is this…

      • tralfaz

        The Administrator is coming.

        • The Administrator

          I came. Ohhhh. Ohhhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

          Sorry, I came. But you knew I would.

    • Probemé?

      You mad? :$

  • IamAwesome

    Eli still has dumb face

    • trooperjoe73

      Plus, the greatest job, millions of dollars, 2 Super Bowl wins, 2 SB MVP trophies, a great family, smoking hot wife…

      • Ksinz

        Yes and Tom Brady has none of that………

        • Underbaker

          I thought Tom Brady had a great job and family…

  • Scott

    #23 Raphael?

    • callsahan


    • spicticus

      Nah, it's this guy from Ninja Turtles 2: Secret of the Ooze

    • FONZIE

      It's Gamera!

    • tvalora

      Tokka from TMNT 2: Secret of the Ooze.. just rented this movie the other night when I was on call haha.. classic

    • DingoShep


  • Heather


    Best part of the performance too

    • edslerson

      superbowl halftimes are always a bunch of washed up disappointing musicians "remixed" with whatever is popular at the time with a bunch of lip syncing and horrible choreography and flashy lights. fucking retarded.

      • Guest

        That was actually a good performance. Definitely the best in years.

        • dochandy

          erroneous. erroneous on both counts…

        • ralf

          if u thought that performance was good then either ur blind or a fucking idiot

      • SheriffPablo

        "washed up disappointing musicians" Like Cee-lo, Nikki Minaj, and LMFAO? I hope i can be a washed up musician some day. The only thing missing was Madonna Meets Gaga in a steel cage match.

        • ROK247

          adding those performers was a sad, blatant attempt to somehow make madonna relevant by association.

      • dochandy

        because that definitely happened with Prince, The Who, Springsteen, Tom Petty, the Stones, etc.

        • HANK

          Yes all of these are def washed up and disappointing

        • chivers

          why don't you name someone who isn't old enough to be a senior-citizen?

          • dochandy


          • Intellect1618

            Also, shes 53. She doesn't come close to qualifying to be a senior citizen.

            • Butters

              i agree. she looks pretty good for 73.

            • Groggy

              Senior citizenship usually starts at 55. So yes, she's very close to qualifying as a senior citizen.

      • Maytrix

        The show would have been great if Madonna was removed and the others were the stars. Cee Lo, LMFAO and Nikki Minage would have been great without a has been start like Madonna. She was great in her day, but her day is past. She lip sync'd all her songs too!

        • TheInstructor


          • Maytrix

            Wha? That's just what I think. Sorry for having an opinion, didn't know it wasn't allowed…..

          • MRPOOP


    • epropst90

      reminds me of Dolly Parton dancing

    • Otter

      What happened at the end? Did someone pour water on her?

    • lch

      The slackline part was the best!

      • Rafael-RS

        those were some great moves by that guy

        • BloodScrubber

          Reminded me of Dorothy, TIn-man, Lion, and Scarecrow doin the boogie down the yellow brick road…
          "We're off to see the Wizard…."

    • StaticFX

      Still better than the Black Eyed Peas(es) of crap last year.

  • Still_Counts

    "Bitch Please!"


    • pity me i am a fool

      during the adverts woman!

    • Ren

      Hold on one minute, I'm shitting my pants

  • Uly

    #1 Jazz hands!

    • caleb

      ahhh, shit, that's good stuff.

    • SARmedic

      He must practice, those aren't amateur jazz hands.

    • Fun_with_Numbrs

      I got to the DMA late today.
      But this comment was well worth it.
      Loud LOL in the office.

  • Tim Vergeer

    #19 this one cracks me up, every time!

    • AAA

      is there a source video for this?

    • Ryan

      I honestly can't figure out if the pug is freaking out when he can't see his owner, or if he just likes to get down when no one is watching…

      • IICoLt45II


    • LuvsHorror

      Looks like he's rubbing his ass or back on the chair.

  • Pat

    #14 not the bees! not the bees!

    • Lisa

      This probably won't work but I'm going to try anyway: http://gifsoup.com/MTk2NTgyMQ

    • Jake

      Gotta love the compilation of nick cage losing his shit, easily one of my favorite videos on the internet

  • Guest

    Chive needs a Catrinel Menghia post. I've never found a car commercial so fapable.

    • gregorije1

      can somebody translate 🙂

    • screamer2703

      you Sir, just made my monday a lot better !

    • DutchChiveFan

      Who needs a translation. Just make up your own one…
      Btw Fiat 500 Abarth, really fast little car.

    • ChaseTheWalker

      Blah blah blah…. find her!

    • AdamL
    • Al QattA

      I'm answering why the astonshing romanian model, speak italian…I'm from italy and I think thats better: Italian Car–>Italian language–>Italian Model…no?!

      Btw translation is:
      -What are you looking at?eh?
      -What are you looking at? "slap!"
      -Are you undressing me with your eyes?
      "starting hug"
      -You cannot do without it, your hart is beating, your head is twisting, you loose yourself thinking i'll be your forever…
      "cappuccino fisting scene"

      I'm sorry for my english traduction, but it's a long time I'm not speaking or writing it…maybe someone can give me hospitality for a future trip in USA….Likewise I can accomodate american travellers, especially chivettes…

      Keep Calm & Chive On from Bergamo (Italy)

      • zighawk73

        Normally I think Italian is sexy even when Italian speakers are butchering English, but "cappuccino fisting" made me giggle.

        • jaydub

          i have heard of coffee enemas, but you are taking it to a whole new level with capuccino fisting….

      • Al QattA

        Thanks…i imaginate that "cappuccino" will create some giggles…. SUS!!

    • Poontangler


    • freddy boy


  • dashete

    #11 Oh no!

    • spicticus

      Oh Yeah!

      • The Real World

        Crash, bang, boom, bam, boom!

  • sshuggi

    #10 Hold on, I see boobs.

  • Patrick

    #6 Challenge Accepted

  • n word jim

    #10 fuck bitches, get cookies

  • nate

    #13 I’m sixty and I know it.

    • _ThisGuy_

      This is why I watch the Puppy Bowl…

      • dochandy

        puppy bowl ftw.

    • dochandy

      if i wanted to watch Madonna barely move, i would've had sex with her…

      • BloodScrubber

        ^^^ Bazinga. xD

    • p dangerously


    • switch_24

      LOL! and i read that with the LMFAO tune in my head..

  • lisa

    #25 HAHAHA!! Amazing. Guys need to step up and start doing this at weddings I go to. The bouquet toss is far too boring.

    • GeauxTigers

      I fucking hate when yall post shit with spelling errors in it. Is it that hard to edit this shit?

      • lisa

        Where exactly is the spelling error that has offended you so?

        • r151

          uh… "litle"???

      • aaaaa


        • lisa

          heh I was thinking the same thing to be honest. 😉

      • Intellect1618

        Yall? Your argument is invalid.

    • bbf

      what a dick move

  • Wet_tosti

    #8 Photobombing level: Expert

    • terminal

      Meanwhile in Croatia 😀

      • MariaSky100

        #16 Meanwhile in Sarajevo… 😉

        • Josip

          obje su FTW! Pozdrav iz Zagreba

    • HANK

      This guy is going to be in a lot of pain after he crashes into all those jagged rocks below him

      • Hill

        think they're just whitecaps.

  • Just Sayin'

    The patriots last night: "Every play we're suffering ♫"

  • Drewski


    • JimmyS

      Go Giants, suck it Brady

    • Maytrix

      Their loss was in no way Welker's fault. The safety was an awful way to start, plus the interception and just too many other mistakes. In talking about the game before, I always said the team with the fewest mistakes would win – that was the Giants.

      • KSinz

        Dude saying the team that make the least mistakes is going to win is bogus. Thats like saying its a good strategy to score more points than the other team. I think your on to something here Captain Obvious.

        • Maytrix

          "Captain Obvious"? No, my name is Maytrix.

    • Guest

      Actually if Brady had thrown a good pass, one he's done hundreds of times, instead of behind and above Welker, the game would have been over. This one's on Brady.

      • Jimmy C

        Granted it wasn't the greatest pass, he still had both hands completely on the ball. Back in high school they used to give the receivers shit if they only had a pinky on it, so I assume at the professional level it would be the same. Anyway go Giants.

  • Alexis

    #8 I must go! My Speedos need me!!!
    #17 I have the Imperial Theme song playing on repeat in my head when I look at this picture…..DududuDAdudududuuuu

  • Just Sayin'

    #20 Mario Kart Double Dash IRL

  • TonyM

    #1 No funny, no awesome.

    • Cornfused


    • Yea Yea

      That road gets a lot of people. Tail of the Dragon 318 curves in 11 miles. Great to ride though.

  • Collin

    #10 Hold up….see those tits

    • 1zmaj

      Is that a … bear claw?

  • caleb

    eat shit patriots, now I have to teach tomorrow down a hundy…

  • derp

    #13 Lip sync'd

    • Benny

      Nickleback not looking so bad now, huh?

      • The Andychrist

        Actually, yes, they still suck.

        • DrROBOTO

          black eyed peas learned last year what happens when you dont lip synch and try singing w/out talent..

        • Jenny

          You would rather watch Madonna do the can-can, than Nickleback? Lameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..

          • Intellect1618

            I would rather watch a naked fat bastard do the can-can than Nickleback.

  • MattKL

    #3 First world problems

    • JWTX

      Anyone know the mix of this dog or the original poster? Looks like a puppy version of my dog who's a rescue mutt.

    • Intellect1618

      Third world solutions. Dinner.

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