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  • First

    First!!! eat poo

    • Poo


    • MRPOOP


    • what?troll

      "eat poo"? is this what you saw on the last image?

  • Tugger

    #5. Now I can finally get high and actually make a movie instead of stare at the computer screen.

  • Ronnie Reagan

    #2 Commies aren't cool.

    • trotsky

      Some Commies are very cool.

    • truth

      What is Chive's obscession with this moron?

      • John

        He slaughtered people that didn't agree with him.

        • Craig

          And America has never done that…

          • footwear specialist

            I think people idealize Che Guevera because he stood for something. He was passionate and followed his dreams of making South America a better place. Although he was a bit of a dick I think people appreciate his passion and charisma, not his politics.

            • Patches

              That's a pretty terrible reason for idolizing someone – by following that logic, it would be just as reasonable to dig Hitler. He was passionate and charismatic, he stood for something and followed his dreams of making Germany and the world better.

              • gnocco

                Aside from the whole genocidal stuff, Hitler was kinda badass… at least he made a hugely fucking efficient country, scientific progression, nationalism, built an economy from ashes.
                Che didn't do shit or leave a legacy outside of hippy t-shirts.

                • PresCamacho

                  He built it all from the ashes of millions of people mostly Jews.
                  No. He is not "kinda badass". He is nowhere near badass.

                  • its_forge

                    He was an anal-retentive OCD wimp with incredibly severe gas problems.

                  • PresCamacho

                    Really? Thumbs down? So I'm guessing the two idiots who did this don't blink when it comes to millions of people dying for no reason. Wow. What type of mental problems do you guys have?

            • truth

              OR…some poeple are ignorant of what pop-culture has made popular.

              • Norman Borlaug

                I saved a billion people and nobody knows who I am

                • africa

                  I think you're awesome!!!!

                  • andy

                    i see what you did there.

            • gron

              Che is a South American icon because he, at that time, represented the drive towards a united egalitarian South America, the concept of equal rights and opportunities for every one inccluding all races and nationalities. Which essentially is what communism preaches but can't accomplish. There are just some really inherant flaws in how communism is implemented but its ideal isnt one that is completly devoid of merrit.

              • truth

                Yep. Communism only fails because people keep trying to apply it to humans. Now rabbits, probably THE best example of communism. WTF?!?

                • gron

                  Well, thats the stupid way to put it. Another way would be to realize that the natural limitation of most nations resources makes it practically impossible to give everyone equal opportunity, rights and prosperity, unless you lower the standard of living low enough so that every things is equal yet inadequate.

          • thedude325

            Really? Americans slaughter people who don't agree with us? Please enlighten me.

            • Johnc

              Virtually the entire population of North America in one of the largest acts of genocide in recorded history.

              • Johnc

                "Native Americans had an estimated population of 80 – 112 million in 1492, which declined to less than six million by 1650"

                • A_O

                  you realize that the first permanent settlement in the USA was started in 1620 right? I dont think that conquistadors would call themselves american.

                  • truth

                    You are so misinformed if you think 1620 was the first 'permanent settlement' in what became the USofA.

            • Cerb

              At the top of my head:
              Native Americans, Vietnam, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, holding Palestine hostage for the Christian vote and involvement in God knows how many coups in Latin America and Africa. "The war on [whatever's needed here]"

              Leaving Iraq and Afghanistan for now, it has to be mentioned that the motivation behind these campaigns are questionable at best. What does it take for these countries to get on your bad side (Bin Laden had closer ties to the US than Afghanistan)? Did Mubarak, Gaddafi and Ben Ali turn into assholes overnight?

              Not that these things are completely black and white, but that comment suggests a level of ignorance that might make people throw punches if you travel outside the US.

              • 90859

                hell, i'm IN the US and that kind of ignorance pisses me off…..

                • also africa

                  and you're an idiot

                  • dumbfounded

                    no, you're the idiot

              • thedude325

                No, I knew I'd take alot of flak for that. Just trying to question the conventional wisdom. My point being, I really don't think, after we officially became a country, that we kill people just because we disagree with them. National security, definitely, who wouldn't? Nagasaki, Hiroshima -absolutely necessary to the survival of our country. Vietnam, fucking stupid. Holding palestine hostage, are you fucking kidding me! Their primary motivation is trying to wipe Israel off the map. But when one says, America kills people they disagree with, it seems to be comparing America with tyrannys like Germany WWII, Mao's china, and Stalin's Russia. I guess what I'm trying to say is that its kill or be killed. Every country hates us right now and they're dying to take a swing. When we go into Iraq and Afganistan (dont' fucking know why Afghanistan) we should probably remember those people would kill us any given chance.

                • Cerb

                  Hiroshima and Nagasaki were a question of who'd surrender to whom. The war was over and it was nothing short of genocide.

                  I urge you to visit Gaza and the West bank. Israel officialy states it doesn't recognize Palestine and politicians have been quoted more than once saying they pretty much want to wipe out the Palestinians (I can find sources if you want). The extremes on both sides are equally bad, but the amount of brute force applied (through American weaponry mainly) is pretty lopsided when you look at the death toll and number of refugees.

                  Maybe people would be less inclined to take a swing if you didn't meddle that much in their business with your own interests in one hand and waving some sort of bullshit banner of war on whatever in the other.

                  • thedude325

                    I totally agree that America is involved way too far into other country's business. As for Nagasaki and Hiroshima, further invasion of Japan was looking very very grim for both sides. It has been well argued that dropping those bombs saved more lives than it took. Most likely, had we further invaded Japan, we would have been faced with an endless war and a much higher body count. Not to mention, plenty of warning was given. WWII wasn't about saving our own asses as much as it was about saving everyone else from fascism / totalitarian rule. As for palestinians and Israelis, too complicated. That should be between Israel and the Palestinians.

    • Dan

      Che would happily kill all the college kids wearing his T Shirt. Heck, he'd be pissed about it.

    • macrda

      Watch the movie Che………………I apologize for my lack of compasion, but you are ignorant assholes

      • adrcam

        Movies are always historically accurate!!! <FALSE . You're the ignorant fuck.

    • Enri

      He stood for some Things, ending poverty, equal opportunities for both rich and poor. Educating not oppressing a country's people. Basically he stood for everything that third world countries leaders live by today. Basically if you dont know something look it up understand the reasons and you can understand the why. After Che helped Fidel overthrow the Batista, Che left Cuba because his ideological system was not what Fidel was looking to establish.

    • its_forge

      Says you.

    • dennis kucinich

      After reading through the comments it's become my sad realization that the chive is the conservative douchebag cousin of reddit.

      • andy

        doesn't matter because boobs

      • andy

        i do agree with you, but really, boobs.

  • FightOn4Life

    #10 Things to tell my grandchildren? I already tell that shit to my little cousin.

    • myself

      Exactly, my niece still can't believe there was only 150 Pokemon when I was a kid.

      • Brian

        There were 151 when I was a kid.

    • Underbaker

      Yeah already tell my kids about that magical tape that never ends (8-track).

      • Doobie Bro

        Old fuck…

        • Underbaker

          But I am still fucking.

    • benbobbins

      Mostly, I'm going to explain to my grandchildren the difference between "this" and "these."

  • jim

    #22 — Children often come from bad decision making.

    • Dano

      "I'm sooooo drunk!"



    • Rex Hondo

      Sometimes, children come from poor quality control at the Trojan factory.

  • MikeBedlam

    #12 Truth.

    #27 Unlimited ammunition. Everything I need for the impending zombie apocalypse.

    • truth

      #27 Needs a silencer for zombie apocalypse.

  • aaron

    #12 AMEN

  • TWON925

    #9 After Internet Explorer add The Chive App…

    • dcolbert

      Chive iOS app, made, pulled, remade, rejected, approved, already broken.

      Chive iOS app – promised, vaporware.

  • St_Arnold

    When is the app going to get fixed?

    • Santo

      Drink enough of your beer and you'll imagine there are photos.

    • The Chive

      Fuck you, that's when.

  • IICoLt45II

    #5 that's pretty cool

  • Leonel_LyL

    #10 If only my gf would feel like that…

    • Leonel_LyL

      Grr, I mean #12

  • Robert


    Dependent, talented, sweet. 🙂

    • Robert

      And patient.

    • eggnog

      Peace, Loyal, Dove… wtf? i am not a dove.

      • ekewaka11

        … or are you?…

        • I want sweater girl

          he's a dove! Johnny go fetch my shotgun…no fancy dove is going to come into my house and tell my family what to do!

      • Sleepy

        Charming, loyal, caring and lazy

    • Lev

      And apparently unwilling to divulge what the fourth one was…

    • IICoLt45II

      happy, guy… then i stopped looking

    • psully23

      naive, outgoing, fap

    • moXon460

      Naive, dependent, insecure and thoughtful FML -_-

      • Natalie

        friend zone

    • The_Dood

      Dependent, peace, prey, and passion. I also have the ability to count to four…

    • Jeremy


    • Samantha Kristal

      Happy, patient, talented and passionate.

    • Fun_with_Numbrs

      Passionate, sweet, outgoing, love.
      Should I start wearing pink now? or?

    • nemesis

      Elegant, prey, passionate, peaceful

    • Underbaker

      Lazy (so true)
      Happy (why yes I am)
      Patient (are you sure we are still talking about me)
      Elegant (now I know you are not talking about me)

    • EmAychCay


    • Mo'Phat

      Charismatic, Eccentric, Reserved, Secure.

    • some guy

      elegant, mental, passionate, outspoken

    • GernBlansten

      Serial pervert

    • Danielle

      Kind, Sweet, Witty, Prey

      • Jewels

        genuine, sweet, sentimental and passionate.

    • Robert

      Mine were "The first four words"

    • Jak

      Witty, Lovely, Dependent, and Passionate

    • Surgere

      born, caring, race, arming

    • Tomas


    • Parallendicular

      Dramatic outgoing passionate prey.

      I take offense at that!

    • matt

      Love, Patience, Peace, Pray

    • jeff


    • Sean

      Courage, loyal, eccentric, and passionate

    • gron

      If like most people you read top to bottom, you are lazy, happy, patient and elegant. Or it could be that you are just a person who reads things from top to bottom.

    • Psymon Gallows

      Leg, me, going, men. Sounds like I'm going gay, especially for guys with nice legs…

      • shanemcguire88

        lazy, passionate, naive, shy….

    • Frank M


      …Am I awesome or fucked?

    • amandajean

      Witty, Lovely, Naive, courageous 🙂

    • JOEJOE

      charismatic, thoughtful, careful, pees

  • bw11

    Even little kids get it…. #6

    • Derp

      Good lord, you are a fucking idiot.

      • lionel hutz

        Good lord, you're the fucking idiot

        • herpaderp

          Bill Murray is a Democrat, btw. He donated to Ted Kennedy and John Kerry. Deal with it.

          • yoselahonda

            BFM is BFM because of his talent as an actor and a comedian. I don't give a shit who he votes for because I look to him for a laugh, not socio-political comentary.

            • berpidyderp

              No, but you are suggesting that Democrats are stupid people who can be out-thought by a child. Bill Murray is a Democrat. Ergo…

    • dirtysteve99

      lulz at americans

      • truth

        If this is what it means to be American, then I am foreigner living in a foreign land. Nowhere in the founding of the US did all our immigrant ancestors say, 'If you aren't a Republican, then you are a Democrat.'. FU mainstream media and the morons that buy into their hype. America was built by Conservative Independants that didn't need a government to tell them what to believe or how to live.

        • andy

          the founders were not conservative by 1700's standards.

          • truth

            No. But in the mid 1600's, when the first settlers came to the 'New Country', they were considered 'conservative independants'. Anyone that traveled 1000's of miles to an unknown land became pretty damn religious.

    • BType13X2

      As an outsider (Canadian) I have to say I am very amused by politics in the states and how the Republicans have actually managed to get the common man to continually vote against their own self interests. You know what the most patriotic thing you can do is? Pay your taxes to support you country, but why is it that the richest people in your society are able through loops in your tax code capable of getting out of just that? Why are corporations allowed to rape and pillage your country, make all their money selling their products in your country but put all their money into offshore accounts, send all the jobs over see's and get stuff built cheaper because their are no labor laws or those laws are unenforced, and yet to tax them is unamerican because they are job creators. The only jobs being created by those people are sweatshop jobs over seas so sorry if I as an outside observer, find it absolutely stupid to let them not pay their taxes.

      • herpaderp


      • herpaderp

        People cheer their own exploitation. Unbearably stupid.

      • paulhitchcock

        Incorrect. The most patriotic thing one can do is take up arms in defense of his country.

        • BType13X2

          Only if you've been attacked not when your the aggressor. Al Quiada has been systematically destroyed and its been shown that Surgical strikes work far better against groups like that then full scale military actions. If your in the military your job is to defend the ideals of your country, that's not currently how the military is being used and that's shameful. Iraq is a corporate war now and the politicians of your country owe your troops an apology.

        • its_forge

          That's patriotic but it's also kind of pathetic considering our armed forces are made up mostly of kids who didn't have any other choice. Let's see, join the Army and get paid to get shot at by towel-heads, or sit home and get shot at by the Crips from the next block over. Hmm let me think.

          • benbobbins

            No other choice? You're retarded. Believe it or not, there's a large population of the US Military who WANTED to serve their country. I know, it's hard to believe when you're a guy like you.

            • its_forge

              Way to make yet another incorrect assumption, asswipe. I didn't say there weren't people in the military who volunteered because they wanted to, heck, I almost did myself. A fairly large contingent however are there because the US economy gave them no other choice. I suppose you don't think it was kinda funny back in the 60s how poor kids kept getting drafted but the rich kids the same age always managed to avoid that. Nothing's changed not even a little bit – since WWII ended, wars are nothing but poor kids defending the interests of rich old men. Period.

              • cantreadgood

                It's not the fault of the US economy if you do shitty in high school and don't go to college or go to college and choose a shitty major.

                • its_forge

                  It's certainly not and I said no such thing. Now, do you really think that everyone in the entire Occupy movement and all the people who support the Occupy movement "did shitty in high school and/or didn't go to college and/or chose a shitty major?" Because statistically speaking? That's absolutely bar none one hundred percent impossible. Bullshit degrees in fine arts and ninth-century central Eurpoean ethno-politics are a miniscule minority of what our colleges and universities turn out; it's pretty safe to assume that at least 80% of the people out there protesting who *did* go to college went for something useful, like an MBA, or a degree in education or social work, medicine, psychology, law enforcement, what have you. As for not going to college… y'know what, I didn't finish college, neither did my wife, only 2 of her 6 brothers and sisters did and of those 2 only one is actually doing anything related to his education – namely, he teaches college. Yet we're all gainfully employed, in some cases *really* gainfully. College ain't a necessity anymore and that's probably what a lot of those people out there are disillusioned about as well.

                  Now, as to "fault of the US economy." If people "do shitty in high school" or don't go to college or for that matter end up at a shitty college that doesn't score you any points with the people who are interviewing 5,000 applicants for every single position they have open, it's entirely possible and even likely this happened because US education has been defunded at every turn by legislators who think it's far more important to give trillions in bailouts to banks, or contracts for trillions of dollars for new jet fighters to "defend ourselves" against dudes on 20-year-old motorcycles with bombs they made in their bathroom. Our priorities are completely and almost-irreversibly FUCKED UP, and until we slap our legislators around a little nothing is going to change. And guess who's trying the very hardest to do that and to NOT support the status quo? Well that would be Occupy. Next time you see an Occupy protester, you can thank him.

      • Johnc

        As an insider, I agree with you. America needs a wake up

      • Owen Smithers

        Keep going. Think beyond the easy to see surface stuff. The smaller government is the less of a pull it will be for corporate money and loopholes. It's only natural that big business lobbies gov't so heavily. That's where the money and power have centralized. It's business. If the power (and tax money) were decentralized back to the states and the people (as our highest law prescribes in the Constitution) corporations would have less control and the people would have more choices. Any taxes collect must first be earned. If gov't is paying people to work with tax money, that wealth is eventually spent away. All value is stripped and in the process people have been reduced to dependent drains on society rather than potential wealth creators and net contributors to society. Oh, and they remain free. Think it all the way through….

        • BType13X2

          There's corruption at all levels of government probably more so at the state and local levels. The only way to really prevent corruption is to make it 1. Illegal for any one person or corporation to contribute anything more then 1$ to a politician for his campaign. 2. Make it so no member of the Senate, Congress, or Governor can serve any more then 1 four year term. 3. Make it so if you are found guilty of corruption you are charge with the dual charges of Corruption and Treason and make sure it holds the penalty of all of your accumulated assets are seized and auctioned off, and you get 10 years in a real Federal prison.

          *Note I believe that Corruption in Government is an act of treason against your nation because you were elected to serve your common man and instead abused your position for your own personal gain and caused damage to your office, and your country in the process*

      • truth

        Here's the crux of it. The US went through its industrial age in a time that there were not may oversight laws or protection groups to intercede in employment conditions/safety. As a result, the US became a powerhouse for both innovation and production. Now that those same protection laws/groups/unions are in place, it is easy for countries outside of the US to easily compete for our jobs. When it come down to it, the US grew up. Our society has cannot compete with coutries like China when they don't have all the added expenses into production like we do. The only way the US will ever be able to compete is if we institute laws requiring a percentage of products sold here in the US to be made here. Several other countries have these laws to ensure large companies can't get away with the crap we(US) are currently getting pulled over on us.

        • BType13X2

          I read something about this the other day, The US sent jobs to China and they are supposed to have similar labor laws as the states but companies don't follow them and they are unenforced. There's a city of 14 million people in china that produces half the worlds electronic devices where workers are only supposed to work 8 hour days but instead are made to work 20+ hour days and the suicide rate is stupid high. If there were laws in place that stated if you move your jobs overseas you have to atleast maintain your labor laws and pay the workers a livable local wage without the 20 hour shifts it would be much less appealing to move jobs there. Pair this with a law that states if you want to sell your stuff here you have to manufacture atleast 30% of the products here and then you'd have something.

      • Dustin

        Though I have a feeling you just said your Canadian for effect…. Still like what you said.

        • BType13X2

          Proud Canadian I live in Fort McMurray, Alberta my home town was originally Slave lake for the first 4 years of my life I lived in a hamlet called Smith which is 45 minutes away from smith. and about an hour and a half away from Edmonton. Every 3 months I go to a town called Innisfail to take advantage of cheap livestock so I can stock my freezer. Currently buying Land in Sundre cause its a nice small town in the foot hills cheap houses an hour and a half from calgary and I can see the Rocky mountains and be in the mountains in around 3 hours to snowboard. Currently employed as a welder.

          • its_forge

            Wow, that sounds like a real Socialist hell you're living in up there. Yes, that was sarcasm, it actually sounds pretty nice.

          • Dustin

            Okay, no idea what any of that means but I assume it's Canadian. lol
            My bad. I guess I'm a little jaded from my inbox being stuffed with bullshit stories from my "conservative" friends and family.
            Still stands then (-) the "for effect" part.

            Do you have your birth certificate (long form of course) to prove your statement?

      • rls

        The Republican Party is going through some changes, I believe, or at least I hope. As a former Republican, I can whole-heartedly say I disagree with much of how America does economics, however, I disagree with democratic handouts just as much. "Pay your taxes to support you country," that's what I stand by. I want that money to go to supporting schools, hospitals, soup kitchens, etc… NOT to go to the pockets of a population of people who refuse to get a job and support themselves (not that everyone on welfare does this, I just personally know a shocking number of folks who do).

        • its_forge

          Well, remember that the biggest cuts and the biggest accountability modifications *ever* made to the US welfare system were done by Bill Clinton.

      • JOHN

        This was written by some high school or college student buying into the diatribe of their educators. BIG gov't subsidizes these too big to fail assholes so they can continue their shitty business practices. Government subsidies= socialism precursors. Conservatives fight to limit government intrusion into the privatesector. Free markets should have seen goldman sachs and their contemporaries collapse but OBAMA and RINOs like Bush Feed the disease. Follow the corrupt paper trail.

        • BType13X2

          And this was written by someone who drank the kool aid and actually believes the republican parties tag line that lower taxes for the Rich and corporate interests means more jobs. Do you actually know what's happening in your own country? Your paying less taxes under Obama then you were under Bush. What Obama wanted to do but was blocked from doing by republicans and members of his own party was return the tax level for the Rich (250,000+$ a year) to how they were under Clinton you know the man who enjoyed blowjobs and left the cowboy a surplus?

      • Chuck

        Last time I checked, the rich were paying most of the taxes.

        • BType13X2

          when you have your money overseas your not paying taxes on it. When you claim your personal assets as corporate assets your not paying any Tax on it. When I say rich I don't mean Joe Millionaire with 20 million in the bank who lives off a trust fund I mean joe billionaire who makes 200 million a year as a CEO and cries poverty and claims to be a job creator (well he's not lieing he is creating jobs, in China and India)

          GE (General Electric) paid no taxes last year but your expected to work until your 70 cause social security has been ravaged, that fund you've paid into so that you would be able to collect a government pension is pretty much gone now. Its Bullshit to say they are paying their fair share when they pay nothing collect all the money and contribute nothing.

        • Lt Dan

          True.. something like 65% (thereabouts).

          What isn't mentioned is they only pay around 15% of their income (such as it is defined) in taxes. While you (I'm assuming you are not one of the really wealthy) pay in the vicinity of 35%.

          So, my question is…. you and many others work just as hard as, if not more so, than most (if not all) of these wealthy. Yet you have to pay MORE in tax (percentage-wise)? Just because they cover over 65%-ish, thats OK they pay less % than you? How is that remotely fair?

          And don't throw the 'job creators' line out… proven BS. Reduced taxes for the rich did NOT create jobs in the USA. It made the wealthy more wealthy, but no jobs for you and your friends.

          So, what other arguments are there for the middle and lower paid being taxed more per % than the wealthy? Please, any reasonable argument would be welcome…

    • JackDiesel

      If the founders of the constitution saw what our government has become, they'd be sick to their stomach.

      • its_forge

        Wow, there really seem to be a lot more sane, lucid and reasonable people posting on here these days. That was not meant as irony.

    • Pants


  • Tucker


  • Uhhh

    Looks like I was wrong. The Giants smacked the Pats around like the bitches they are. FML.

    • truth

      The better of 2 bad teams won.

    • yoselahonda

      All the Giants should send half of their Superbowl bonus checks to Kyle Williams for single handedly handing them a trip to the Superbowl.

  • wassup?

    Naive, passionate, loyal and sentimental. Pretty accurate, touche internet.

    • whocares?

      elegant dramatic charismatic courageous

    • ekewaka11

      I was thinking the same thing.

      Outgoing, Caring, Naive, Peaceful.

      • interesting...

        passionate, peaceful, polite, talented. I must say this is pretty close indeed.

    • asdf

      They spelled horny worng…

      • pity me i am a fool

        i didnt see sentimental i just saw mental…

      • awesomer

        they spelled 'awesome' wrong 4 times.

    • etcrr

      Loyal, passionate, talented, outgoing, it is right I am all that

    • jeralin

      Prey, bay, glove, wrest… I think I did it wrong.

  • L

    #26. Doesn’t matter, had sex.

    • Ger

      Doesn't matter, had necks?

  • TWON925

    #10 there where these things called Record Stores and you could actually go in and touch see and listen to music all day long

    • TitoRigatoni

      Lol, first generation PS? I remember before Pong and VCRs, when the only thing to see on your TV was… TV.

    • Madden

      I remember when football players didn't get paid millions of dollars to whine like bitches

  • whyme1973

    #12 Agreed.

  • TheMadTexan


    You, too, can now own "The many faces of a Psychopathic Sadistic Racist Marxist Revolutionary, Vol. 1" for $19.95 plus shipping and handling. But wait, act now, and get the second volume ABSOLUTELEY FREE! Just pay for extra shipping and handling charges. And, if you're in the first 100 callers, you can get this sporty, hip, new "Che" T-Shirt as a thank you from us, so ACT NOW!

    Heh…made myself chuckle…

    • Mac_the_Intern

      Wait…you lost me. Where do I send my money to?

      • TheMadTexan

        In Marxist Cuba, you don't need to send money, money leaves you.

    • coco

      Chive, are you sure that it is the same person?

  • lol

    fix YOUR grammar.

  • Sturve

    #25 no way thats false

    • Tava

      So you are agreeing with it? Commas, they are important.

  • Robertmc

    Loyal, outgoing, courageous and naive

  • aciekay

    #23 definitely tried this once… haha.

    • Huell

      Prove it… With your shirt off.

      • 1zmaj

        That's reasonable … boobies verifiability is foundation of science.

  • Digs

    #28…damn, Lazy

    • dcolbert

      I got happy, lazy, in that order – then I decided it was too much work to keep looking.

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