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  • DWSmith

    #1 Where is the FUCKING CAT…or am I looking for a troll?

    • Guest

      pic is too small I keep seeing little blurs that could be a cat.. but need a higher res shot to tell for sure

    • nathan

      yeah. where the f is it??!!

    • DEW

      Lower right, right behind the lady in the blue dress

  • LLD

    DAMMIT LEO / CHIVE! I come here to get away from fucking politics. You DIck! Don't be posting that shit here, it ruins my Zen moment completely! Do you really want Any of us to begin thinking of theChive as Conservative, or Liberal, or ANYTHING POLITICAL???? Figure It Out and Stop It!!! We are not here to be given "thinking points" about somebody elses politics!!!

    • Owen Smithers

      It's important. People need to start thinking about it a lot more, or pretty soon we won't be able to oogle boobs or cat pics or gaps or DARs.

  • LLD

    Dammit I'm so mad about the political thing that I had to post twice. Dammit Dammit Dammit!

  • Meanie

    #28 funny I found FAP

  • Bryan_W

    #1 There's no freaking cat.

    • Rob

      It is by the old lady sitting in the leopard bikini in the bottom right corner.

      • parkatola

        Thanks. Good eyes. I was focusing on what looks like a topless woman about a third of the way from the left in the top row, next to the person in the yellow shirt. Anyone else see her?

  • CP7

    #5 my god.. Tom wasnt lying!

  • Gotta go

    #7 no bathrooms?

    • Paul

      Or kitchen/mess or dining/rec/lounge area. Kinda not believable that a ship designed for long space voyages wouldn't have some of those basic amenities.

    • Underbaker

      First door to the right when you go into 14 crew quarters

    • Joe

      It does have a room named "number 3 hold'. I'm assuming that where #1 and #2 are stored.

    • Tarkin_GM

      You're always within close distance to a rest stop in the Millenium Falcon. I mean you can make the damn Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs, if thats not .5 past lightspeed then I don't know what is.

      • Comet_Hunter

        Well, then you don't know! A parsec is NOT a rate of speed…it's a measure id distance. 3.26 light-years = 1 parsec. Doing the Kessel run in 12 parsecs is sorta like saying you drove the measured mile in 5280 feet!

    • Gravy

      fictional spaceship guys…. fictional……FICTIONAL

      • TitoRigatoni

        No excuse to not design it properly. Fiction is still supposed to be (somewhat) believable. Glaring logical errors make for bad fiction.

    • biggles

      Look closely in the crew quarters. There is a toilet.

      And if you look closely again. the kitchen is in the 11 part. You can see it pointing to the stove, and to the right of that, is the table

      • TitoRigatoni

        And there is a crew lounge, just off the main hold (7)

    • PianoFingers

      I've never seen any reason to misplacing the cockpit so badly

    • Lokobo

      If you take notice of section 4. There is no need for bathrooms, for you cannot defeat the quad-laser.


  • Anonymous

    The kid above the word cat is holding it

  • dirtysteve99

    #3 You're missing at least two more x's there. Hopefully Merkel and Sarkozy will get booted next.

    • Calm

      Berlusconi should be x'd (second from left, bottom row), who else?

      • Calm

        Oh, Gordon Brown (red tie in the background).

  • Shinrahunter

    Couragious, Peaceful and Mental.

  • SmokeyMorgan

    #11 Swing and miss. : (

    "My church takes care of the sick and dying. What does yours do? Oh, that's right. You don't have one."

    -Commander Richter
    Angels & Demons

    • yarr

      Churches are incapable of taking care of the sick and dying. It's the people who do those things. The people who do it without thinking of how it will benefit their afterlife or some higher power, well those are the people I look up to.

    • Jared

      Your church also tells people they're worthless and are going to punished forever unless they accept your religious teachings because a talking snake convinced a woman with no bellybutton to eat a fruit.

      • satchel

        you guys are haters ;.(

  • Irish777

    wrestless, of, caxug, lol….hmmm…i never knew #28

  • Pikesville

    #28 Compass, dramatic, sweet, lethargic

  • dcolbert

    #26 is from the San Diego Zoo when they were getting a lion exhibit.

  • ERRR


  • xaqdank

    #1 Needs to be a wallpaper for my cpu….

  • Doodoo Brown

    You know a website is letting their success get to their heads when they start promoting political agendas. Fox News level stuff.

  • Ashley

    where's the damn cat?

  • thechivers

    #1 ??? anybody?

  • Hapa001

    The Cat is in the Lower Right Section between the Woman in Blue and Woman with Hat in the Bikini

    • dcolbert

      Nope. You found the Ring Tailed Lemur. Keep looking for the cat.

  • JeanCarlo Mendez

    # 28 Dramatic, Passionate, Sweet, & Happy.
    thats me to a T

  • J Byrd

    #6 – That really is a child's understanding of how social welfare programs work. Not at all accurate, incredibly naive, incapable of arithmetic and based on emotion. The argument hasn't changed in 60 years, and neither has the brainpower of the people who make it.

    • Roy1531

      Wow really? That’s not how social welfare works? Please tell us then how it works because that exactly what I see every single time I go to the store and see some woman pull out her Lone Star card (Texas's welfare credit card) to pay for a grocery basket full of crap and then go out and get in a $50K+ SUV!

      • LtMeowMeow

        Wow, your anecdote is soooooo impressive! I never knew such logic existed on the internet!

        Millions of hard working people live below the poverty line; most of them go to work everyday so they can buy their kids clothes, but lets just imagine they all buy Escalades too

      • socialist

        Ah yes, the old "Welfare Queen". Everyone's seen her, as long as they don't have to name names. Well, if that is what you see "every time", then you should report it. The woman is exploiting the system, she is committing a crime. Only because some people try to game the system doesn't mean the system itself is wrong.

        I'd much rather see one person exploiting the system while 99 don't have to go to bed hungry than live in a country where the rich get richer off being rich while some of their countrymen live in misery. Despite of what you may believe, most of the super-rich in this country aren't self-made. They're the children or children's children of these men, old money whose origins often dates back generations. They're in no way superior, nor have they earned their wealth with any kind of effort other than heredity. And even still, we don't want to "milk them dry" – if they make $10mil a year and are taxed 25%, they still make $7.5mil a year – that is a ton of money, and thousands of poor, often still hard working or simply handicapped people are being helped.

        Generally speaking, I believe that charity is preferable to forced aid. However, certain elements, such as health care, etc, just shouldn't be left to chance.

  • Waldo

    #1 Found it!!! …. just kidding, I can't even find myself.

  • Rose3191

    Passionate, outgoing, sweet and insecure. Perfect description!

  • herpaderp

    #6 This site has been getting more and more annoying with the hollow self-promotion and recycled content but this is going to far. For a bunch of do-nothing slackers who found a way to make money off of looking at reddit all day, you have a lot of fucking nerve to think you know anything about economic policy and the complicated nature of a truly free market. Stick to posting pics of cats and slutty college chicks with low self esteem.

    • Yoda

      Plz enlighten us Obi-Wan…

    • Dave

      Don't come here then. Simple enough.

    • lion of syria

      Why does the truth anger liberals so much?

      • Roy1531

        As I have always said, in order to confuse a Liberal simply talk facts and logic!

      • derprima

        because they know it's the truth and they don't like knowing they've wasted their lives

    • Chuck

      #6 Funny, because it’s true. That’s why the libs are getting there panties in a bunch.

      • herpaderp

        It's not any more true than every Republican is a greedy banker who wants to milk you for every person for their entire paycheck.

        The problem is that these definitions of left/right have become so simple and stupid that nobody is actually thinking critically of the impact of policy. Keep stereotyping and over-simplifying. That's what people do when they are confronted with something they are too stupid or lazy to understand.

        • Chuck

          Go to Detroit and just look around. Now tell me who has ran Detroit for the last 50 years or more. Is that simple enough for you to understand?

          • berpidyderp

            Go to San Francisco or Seattle and look around. Nice houses and high paying jobs. Guess who runs those cities. Local government doesn't have jack shit to do with it.

            • Sorbic

              Actually as far as Seattle is concerned there is a good amount of conservative thinking largely from the outlying areas. It's not nearly as blue as some believe. However I do agree that to a decent extent local government gets too much credit/criticism as far as the economy.

    • Owen Smithers

      And the beauty of it is that they found a way to make money providing something people want at a price they'll accept. All without any coercion or government dictate or regulation. All parties are here voluntarily and can leave at any time. Liberty is at work and, once again, it is producing wealth and benefiting a great many people. Can't you see how absolutely amazing and valuable freedom is?

    • herpaderp

      Sorry, it's a straw argument about the Democratic position and it gets half-wits to cheer. The absolutely incredible thing is that you have been convinced that it is in your political and economic interests to allow yourself to be exploited.


      • Underbaker

        So lets put it in simple terms so I can understand it. Worst tax return ever and Gas is to damn expensive. (and don't give me crap about how GWB had high gas prices too, it only lasted for 3 months of his term)

        • herpaderp

          Deregulation of the financial services industry and resisting efforts to bring health care costs under control.

          Hell, here in Ohio the new governor even let a law limiting ownership of wild animals expire in the name of small government and personal liberty. Anybody remember how that worked out last year?

          • Underbaker

            Yes lets bring health care costs under control by making it the law that everyone has to have health insurance (I even feel stupid typing that). It worked so well in Texas to make Liability car insurance mandatory, now we have one of the highest auto insurance premiums in the country.

            • berpidyderp

              If you have the highest car insurance premiums in the country, it is because you have shitty drivers. Every state requires car insurance.

              • Underbaker

                Whatever, if you want to control the cost of health care regulate what the doctors can charge for standard procedures, don't go tell everyone who already are broke that they have to now buy health insurance they can't afford or they are breaking the law.

          • lion of syria

            I can tell you're probably still in college and parrot a lot of crap your prof taught you. I used to believe the same shit. At one point I even thought communism was a great idea. If you're truly a student and decide to explore stuff outside what is rammed down student's throats these days, you'll really do yourself a world of good. There are social parisites on the top and the bottom and they're killing our country. The Republicans and Democrats are absoultely corrupt and the media is spurrious and dishonest.

    • JackDiesel

      Thank you for posting this comment! You've really shown your true colors and you are not alone.

      For all their talk of supporting freedom of speech, Liberals can't stand it when someone expresses an opinion different from their own. And when that happens, they ridicule and demonize them non-stop. Fox News is a constant punching bag for the left simply because they represent a view point different from theirs. To the point where their reporters are threatened and people in the government try to get them off the air. The Chive posts one picture and look how viciously you attack them. It's pitiful and if you weren't such a pr*ck I'd almost feel sorry for you.

      The hypocrisy is sickening.

      • herpaderp

        You seriously have no idea what "freedom of speech" is, do you? It is a right against government regulation of speech, it has nothing to do with not being pissed off when somebody says something stupid.

        That's what #6 is: stupid. The conversation about political philosophies is nuanced and it is frustrating when someone who is incapable of nuanced thought simplifies things in order to pretend that he/she knows what is going on. That is not a left/right thing–there are plenty of idiots on the left who do the same stupid shits and argue that everyone who has reservations about abortion is just some old white guy trying to control women's bodies. Smarten up. Shit like #6 is unacceptable, especially for a site that posts close ups of women's vag-gaps.

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