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  • Kimmy

    2 more are gone from this pic, Gordon Brown & Berlesconi

  • captain thunderbolt

    #1 i dunno where is the freakin cat………?

  • Poopy

    I like #6. It’s a pretty good damn poem. And funny that they had them same problem in 1949 as today. And Stuf – go eat shit.

  • Syd

    Genuine, elegant, dramatic and outspoken.🙂

  • Emi

    I don't get #1 !! I couldn't find the cat!

  • Nemesis D

    #28 – Prey, Peace, Elegant, & Courage.

    I don’t know if the first one should concern me or not?

  • Anonymous

    thoughtful, lazy, passionate, talented.
    Damn, the wife find that scary accurate

  • jhf60

    This post was quite entertaining and thought-provoking. Thanks, Leo.

  • swankeymonocle

    pass, full, mental, happy

  • Ali

    Found the cat in #1 woot!

  • slayer

    The Cat is right behind the woman in blue with the scarf in the lower right hand corner. Hard to see on a phone but I think I found him!

  • Cam

    #15 It was awfully nice of Kurt Cobain to help plan Nirvana's music video…

  • 1zmaj

    #28 Elegant? 30 year old with PhD in theoretical physics who still lives with his mother? Elegant?

  • Beluga

    Reserved, Mental, Outgoing. Seems legit! One would have to be mental to be reserved and outgoing – all in the same person…

  • stumeister

    #17 insignificant level 100 – #24 Please someone turn it on

  • beaver fever

    #1 I can`t see a freakin cat anywhere

  • Lou

    #6 Too bad it worked out the other way around.

  • Caab

    #28 quit after lethargic

  • king_Leonidas26

    #28 charismatic sounds right.

  • king_Leonidas26

    charismatic passionate restless outgoing

  • @CerealFede

    #28 lovley wrestless outgoing

  • @AllynGR

    The guy behind Gadhaffi is Nigeria's deceased president, Yar'Adua, who died before either of the other two #3

  • Brian

    #28 Passionate, pear, elegant, fap.

  • mimi

    #1 wtf there is no cat

  • DingoShep


    Don't know that I would call it religion… sounds a lot like Facebook to me!

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