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  • LLD

    DAMMIT LEO / CHIVE! I come here to get away from politics. Don't be posting that here, it ruins my Zen moment completely! Do you really want Any of us to begin thinking of theChive as Conservative, or Liberal, or ANYTHING POLITICAL???? Figure It Out and Stop It!!! We are not here to be given "thinking points" about somebody elses politics!!!

  • Majik

    passionate, charismatic, sweet and mental is that a good thing or a bad thing

  • Scott

    Number 6 just made my day! It is more true then funny and it is damn funny! Its like it was written for stuf before he was even born!

  • Ally

    I saw genuine, lovely, dramatic and passionate. Doesn't sound right for me, but I'm probably the worst person to make that call.

  • ME 28

    sweet naive happy restless

  • Yup

    #6 Ha ha ha ha
    It made the Occupiers mad.

  • Nate S

    i found the cat,,,,, damn that took 11 months. lower third, right side, between lady in blue's back and woman in white hat

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