OKGO has a new music video (Video)

In their newest music video endeavor, OKGO set up 1,000 instruments over two miles of desert outside Los Angeles and rigged a car with retractable pneumatic arms designed to hit the instruments. The video took 4 months of preparation and 4 days of shooting and recording. All of what you hear is produced from what is seen. Pretty epic.

  • Virulent87

    Taht end crash =) Just make video more epic

  • Tallfrog62

    CHIVE ON!!

  • English Jim

    Absolute pony !! Ipso fatso

  • fix

    grammy… now

  • derp

    One does not simply hit perfect single notes on multiple pianos with a pole from a car.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/jpanim8r jpanim8r

    I thought they were going to go through it backwards and play the song in reverse as well…

  • Oscar

    i also sing when i drive around

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  • RAWR

    lame… just… whatever floats your boat i guess… If i had the time and money to waste on that i would have picked something else to do, somthing better you know?

  • Brahma


  • 147689

    how does one make dubstep in a car…. mmmmmm….
    i belive the destruction of the car would be in their somewhere… more than once..

  • Joe

    Talentless hipsters with too much time on their hands.

  • Len


  • Guy

    too bad the song REALLY SUCKS DONKEY BALLS !

  • Sirgallahad

    Gotta admit….

    THAT was cool.


    That was NOT a "Desert outside of Los Angeles"

    I grew up out side of BARSTOW……

    THAT was most certainly NOT a desert.

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