• ShakeyTheMoyle

    Wow! That was beautiful!!!! Teared right up while laughing!

  • miria

    i've cried…she sent the happiness straight in my heart…god bless them

  • Luis

    did you see the mustache on that one guy?

  • jake

    thats awesome. Welcome home man

  • brian

    America – massive cheese fest plastered all over the internet with shit backing music

    England – Safe! when'd you get back, ?

    • Adam

      Trust me, not everyone from England is as callous as you.

    • nick

      guess your boyfriend doesnt really love you that much. what a shame.

  • awesome...First?

    Charlotte, NC

  • sketchent

    that chic-fil-a was WAY too busy!

  • joshua

    And THIS shit right here is why I will be a chiver for the rest of my life! But there must be a rash of onion truck crashes, cause one just crashed outside my house too.

    • http://www.chunder.weebly.com Will

      gotta be an epidemic of onion truck problems. I think one just crashed outside here too!

  • Chris

    The only thing I have seen to make a woman react like that is the power of love.

    • Alec

      That, or a spider in the bathroom.

  • Edge

    Damn onion trucks.. it must be an epidemic.

  • Dano




  • http://twitter.com/EwThatsGross @EwThatsGross

    that man is gonna get some good sex

  • Underbaker
  • chrisw

    these videos never get old, but the onions get even stronger when it's a child seeing their mom or dad again after a long time

  • Gun_guy

    That dude got some action that night.

  • Casey

    Great video. Does anybody know what song that is?

    • cousineddy

      brantley gilbert- "fall into me" its a great song by an amazing artist

  • CarzyB

  • Morten Friis

    Was anybody at that table NOT wearing glasses???

    • monica

      the little girl

  • Joe

    file:///C:/Users/Bruger/Desktop/426221_10150596651288396_351862108395_8944409_161575522_n.jpg Now i hate valentine even more.. fml..

  • abow



  • Beretta Guy

    cool shit there…. got jalapeno juice in my eyes…..

  • Marvin

    I see what you did there Chive…And It's Ok.

  • taylor luna

    Dude, I used to work at THAT Chick fil a, that's awesome, its in harker heights, tx, near fort hood 🙂

  • guy, guy patterson

    Onion truck drivers must all be horrible drivers…. and dont know where theyre going either one just crashed outside my house as well..

  • etcrr

    that is so freakin awesome, beautiful

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