This man earned $200 million by drawing graffiti (11 Photos)

  • 80's Baby

    I dont see 200 million worth…

  • jeff


  • ST33

    #1 Winning. Lucky bastard

  • Bob27


  • Phil Mckraken

    #12 Ha ha Bronson! Awesome!

    • JDB

      Just watched that last night. What a coincidence.

    • paul

      such a good one

  • Phil McKraken

    Also yeah pretty nice graffiti, cool story

  • Unfkngblvbl


  • Phil McKraken

    No one paid $200 million for it

    • Greg

      You should check out his travel show Thumbs Up on He is a pretty interesting dude.

  • Steve

    That Hendrix mural is Epic…good for him!

  • schnizz

    this dude sucks

    • yousuck

      And you could do better right? Moron

    • Morgan Freeman

      hater gonna hate… hes rich and youre just a douche commenting on a website.

      • schnizz

        u were great in bruce almighty!

      • AdamBaldick

        Better in Shawshank Redemption

      • TommyD

        This artwork does suck. And yes, I can do better.

        • Dave

          pics or gtfo

  • ruslruslrusl

    Dear Facebook,


    • chappy

      the company is valued at just shy of $100 Billion… don't think it's hurting them much

      • ruslruslrusl

        You're bad at math. $200 million is still $200 million. It's true that they couldn't have predicted the shares being valued so high. Whether or not $200 million would adversely affect their bottom line is not the point. The fact that they, in effect, paid $200 million for graffiti wall art is the point.

        • Peter


          • ruslruslrusl

            Good point dickhole.

            • Randy


  • Armed Ann Dangerous

    I wonder if he is married?

  • Sylvain

    Well one thing is for shure, if your patien enuff you will eventualy find someone crasy enuff to buy your creation for a *fair* price =P

    • yrestpid

      You need to go back to school

  • teilzeithippies

    lucky bastard is lucky!

  • Username Taken

    Cool story Bro

  • @McBeastie666

    For a site so intent on viewing graffiti as "street art" and purchasing and selling Banksy related items they sure sound demeaning when talking about Mr. Choe.

  • 4nbstd

    Chive, will you be interested in having a bunch of stick men with penises and stick women with boobs on your wall? I'll do it for $50.

    • r356

      I'd like to see this happen

      • the other OTHER Jen

        i lol'd.

  • jpp407

  • Yo Momma

    He was given stock WAY BACK WHEN you morons. He sat on it and it ballooned into what it is now. I swear you have to spoon feed some of these dumbasses the information so they’ll get it…

    • llort

      what i dont get is, who paid him $200 million dollars for that

      • ruslruslrusl

        No one. It's based on the value of the IPO. When FB goes public, he'll be able to sell those shares for cash on the market. The estimated value of his total allotment of shares (were he to sell them all) is $200 million. He will likely sell a handful for cash and sit on the rest and wait for them to appreciate in value even further. His gain from this decision doesn't stop at the IPO since the value of FB stock will more than likely rise even higher.

        • plezexplan

          So how did they afford the $200 million? I don't get it…

          • plezexplan

            What does that even mean?

            • Nishtai

              Dude, Zuckerberg gave that guy a lot of stocks as payment, probably when they weren't worth the paper they are printed onto. Now, Facebook is a fucking giant and those same shares are worth $200M. Do YOU get it now?

              • I Like Turtles

                So can I print those same $200M shares on my printer?

              • Dave

                wut r stocks?

                • CB!

                  Dave and Turtle Boy…please go play in traffic.

      • PasserBy

        I paid him $200 million with your money

  • @ #12: Charlie Bronson- "Prison was....BRILLIANT!! I LOVED IT!!!"

    201, NJ

  • Scott

    Check out a show called "Thumbs Up" on Netflix. David is pretty funny guy.

  • Guest


  • Are E

    so from what i learn from "the social network"
    Eduardo Saverin's share were taken away from him to make room for new investors and that is why he sued zuckerberg… is this what zuckerberg used Eduardo Saverin shares for?

    • john doe

      just to piss him off lolz

  • fogarty

    #12 Bronson is amazing

  • Anonymous

    He should be the one paying people to look @ that shit!

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